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walk-tall-my-fr1ends  asked:

Who are your favorite Hakumyu actors for each character and which is your favorite cast overall?

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^ my initial, wordless response to this question bc nobody’s asked and I absolutely love talking about and/or swapping HakuMyu preferences

  • Hijikata: Yazaki Hiroshi (Saito-hen – Kazama-hen)
  • Okita: Hirose Daisuke (Saito-hen – Toudou-hen)
  • Saito: Matsuda Ryo (Saito-hen – Kazama-hen)
  • Heisuke: Ikeda Junya (Saito-hen – Toudou-hen)
  • Harada: Higashi Keisuke (Reimeiroku – current)
  • Nagakura: Miyazaki Shuuto (Saito-hen – Toudou-hen)
  • Yamazaki: Takasaki Shota (Kazama-hen – current)
  • Kazama: Suzuki Shogo (Saito-hen – LIVE 2)
  • Amagiri: Gomoto Naoya (Kazama-hen – Shinsengumi Kitan)
  • Kodo: Edogawa Manji (Saito-hen – LIVE 2)

Any characters I don’t mention, I don’t have a clear preference for and/or have only been played by one actor. But anyway, based on the above, Kazama-hen is almost my dream cast; the only one I’d really change is Harada. One of many reasons Kazama-hen is my favorite musical~

Thanks for asking!! <3


Hirama Soichi as Mercutio in the musical “Romeo&Juliette”.

Pictures from the program (stage pictures version) and visual book.

(Scans from my own programs. Please, credit the artist, the musical and my tumblr if sharing. Thank you)


@kento_leo9 I went to see Hakuouki Harada-hen. Sanosuke was cool. I had flashbacks with various memories of when we were performing it. Sano might just be #1 when it comes to roles I’d want to play again. That Sanosuke was shining so much that I felt the leader of the troupe was really amazing. There’s nothing that could make me happier than this ^ ^ I hope the day will come again someday that I can do it again…




THIS IS NOT A TRANSLATION!!! This is me, with no subtitles for this scene, 100% guessing what’s going on based on context… and my own stupid “wouldn’t it be funny if” sense of humor. I know this is probably a far cry from whatever is happening here, but I’m not here to be accurate.

…Anyway, if you guys get the chance to watch the actual scene, subtitles or no, all the nuance of expression is priceless and in all likelihood much funnier than this, so get out there and find it if you haven’t seen it already! (½)


Hakuouki x Touken Ranbu (Musical Edition)

Shinsengumi Members and their Swords

Scan/Image credits: masayume85 and aonodreamland