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stranger things meme: two/three episodes → the body 

I know it sounds crazy. I sound crazy. You think I don’t know that? It is crazy! But I heard him Jonathan, he talked to me. Will is calling to me, and he’s out there, and he’s alone, and he’s scared, and I don’t, I don’t care if anyone believes me! I am not going to stop looking for him until I find him and bring him home. I am going to bring him home!

Okay but can ppl stop saying stuff like this “unlikely kiss” nonsense is going to happen between Jake and Holt and be ~jakes discussion of his bisexuality ~ bc like boy oh boy lgbtq representation is absolutely wonderful but romantic/sexual experience within AN ESTABLISHED PARENT/CHILD RELATIONSHIP is NOT!!!!!!

On top of that they’re both in committed relationships and knowing Brooklyn Nine Nine they wouldn’t go down the road of either Jake or Holt consensually kissing someone else outside of those relationships??? It’d not only be character assassination for the sake of a lame joke it’d also just be plain gross if it was with each other and i trust b99 to Not Be Gross so please please please I’m begging can we

Stop bringing that concept into the speculation

Gillian Anderson: Young women still come up to me and say that she has had an impact on them when they need to feel strong for an interview. They think of her and what Scully would do….

Gillian Anderson: It is amazing. It is not a lot to do with me, it’s lot to do with the character that was created

Samira Ahmed:That’s unfair. It’s your performance as well.