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Tag Game: Post the First Line of Your WIP!

Been tagged in a couple of ‘post a line’ games - and this is the FIRST line one!

Thank you to @tcstu​ for the tag, yay! :D

The rules are simple: Post the first line of your WIP (or a line you’re particularly proud of) without context, then tag as many people as there are words in the line–or until you run out of people to tag if it’s long! If you don’t have a WIP, share a line from one of your favorite books!

First line of my WIP, Wensergutted:

It had been an otherwise slow and uneventful Fishersday, on the afternoon that the unsuspecting food stand, Steamy Buns, very suddenly went up in a ball of fire.

I would like to tag: @elenajohansen @scripturient-manipulator @christinawritesfiction @merigreenleaf @hklunethewriter @elisawinther @ava-burton-author @eggletine and @fashionablyfyrdraaca! Just picking a few names from my dash. :) I’m sorry if anyone has already done this one!

Sneak peak of a little short comic I’m working on for @blueandgcld! Hopefully I’ll have the other pages done in a week or so! (first time making gifs, so I’m hoping to work on better resolution)

She wrote this super cute au of Adrienette and I adored it so she’s letting me make a little project based off of it for her! Read it here and love it like I did ^-^

Also, thank you to everyone for all of the sweet messages…it’s been a rough couple of weeks but I’m back on tumblr and feeling much more like myself!:D So yay! You guys rock<3 Thanks~~


Yay, I got an ask~ :D   Thank you for asking anon!

At first Saeran would actually be glad that Saeyoung finally shuts up for once and Saeran doesnt really care much.But after days passed and those days turns into weeks,Saeran started to get worried,as its not like Saeyoung to not make jokes and doing silly stuff. Saeran noticed that Saeyoung only acts like this towards him,while he acts normally towards the rfa and this makes him feel….at lost. He started to think that Saeyoung is angry at him or he did something wrong as  it was Saeyoung whom usually initiates conversation which goes on to a long pointless humour-filled story. But now,he only talks when he is spoken to and usually every reply that comes out of his mouth were short and straightforward,there is not even a single hint of humour in his words. Saeran then gets upset because it seems as if Saeyoung avoids talking to him, and  he just blurts out asking if Saeyoung hates him .

omg saeran,u silly boi of course he doesnt hate you lol

anonymous asked:

Hey! Welcome to tumblr!! Can you do headcanons + scenario with keith as your boyfriend? Thanks!!

Yay! My first request! :D

Hopefully you like these, the scenario is kinda long so I put it undo a read more. It’s a bit angsty but has a happy ending, enjoy :)

Headcanons for dating Keith:

- He wouldn’t confess his feelings for a long time; he’d be convinced you probably didn’t like him back; that even if you did, it was a bad idea to start dating, after all they’re busy trying to save the universe. So you probably had to be the one to confess and take the lead in your relationship.

- Isn’t super comfortable with showing affection, especially in public

- Generally better with showing how much he loves you with actions rather than words, like bringing you back thoughtful gifts from the planets he visits.

- Takes you on rides in Red where you stop on random planets or just out in space, cuddle up and watch the stars/planets

- Is protective, if someone says something bad about you or does something to hurt you he’ll defend you instantly and rip into the person verbally, if not physically, depending on the severity of the situation.

- When he finds out he has Galra blood is slightly afraid you’ll reject him for it or view him differently

- After Shiro goes missing gets super paranoid about losing you too

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Hope you’re all doing well! I’m glad to say that my hiatus is over and I have some time to play again :3

If you follow me for a long period of time, you might probably know that I have a tendency to dissapear from time to time, haha. You know how real life can be tricky sometimes. Just a little job and health issues. But don’t worry. I’m fine. I’m soooo excited to come back playing. So many things to download, so many blogs to check. Ah! 

In the next few days I’ll be reorganizing my downloads and trying to properly come back to basic simming schedule. I’m not sure that I’ll be open to requests soon because currently I’m like this:

Anyway, just can’t miss this opportunity to tell that I love you, my wonderful followers. Thank you for sticking by me! ♥