yay~ thank you~ :d


I was tagged by the lovely @nottooldforthisship to make a personal moodboard from pictures on my phone, thank you, love!

My aesthetic didn’t change much through the years, its my bun bun being the cutest, hiking, my wall I hand-painted for 3 or so months, boat-trip, writing, Slovenia, Pride, Slovenia again and my crazy dog. <3

I’m gonna taaag @tempolarriefix, @iris-the-asparagus, @shanelleo, @partyboylouis, @tomlinshawpie, @itjustkindahappened, @clairdeloune

IT’S STILL CHRISTMAS WHERE I LIVE anyway merry happy everyone! Thank you so much for this past year and the outrageous support folks have shown; it’s been very appreciated. See you in 2016!

happy birthday @amazingphil !!!!

i hope you have a wonderful birthday, and to celebrate this occasion, i asked people to send me words and phrases that come to mind when they think of you. these are just a few of the numerous amazing words.

also, some messages from other phandom members :)

“Phil, along with Dan, has made me realize many things that i wouldn’t have realized if i was just left to live. He’s made me happier, brighter, more knowledgeable and i can’t ever say thank you to him for this & other things he’s done for me and many other people” - @phanshaircuts

“Happy Birthday, Phil! I hope you have a wonderful year, thank you for making me smile again! I hope this year brings you the best times of your life!” - @dilisinlove

“thank you so much for constantly making my days brighter” - @petrichordan

“Thank you for being such a wonderful person and brightening up the days my demons try to get to me. Happy Birthday Phil.” - @dianalunaknight

“Whenever I’m sad, lonely, or feeling just generally down (which is quite often), I turn on Phil’s videos. He just brings a smile to my face every time. Hearing him being so cheerful and happy and unapologetically himself makes me a little happier, and I wish there was something I could do to repay him for all the times he’s lifted me out of sadness without even realizing it.” - anonymous 

thank you to all the wonderful people that sent me words and messages :)


“Sometimes, someone comes into your life so unexpectedly, they take your heart by surprise and changes your life forever.”

IH Holiday Exchange to Tierney! I know we haven’t really spoken with each other much but I feel like I’ve known you for a long time since we share the same love we have for these two dorks, just like with everyone in the fandom. Hope you like it (forgive me for the simpleness) and thank you for bringing so much to our fandom with your edits c: