A summary of the things that have happened on sims in the half hour I’ve been on:

  • Roxy entered her second trimester
  • Eggsy broke the toilet and made Roxy’s pregnant ass fix it
  • Merlin proposed to Roxy next to the pile of garbage and the toilet water puddle, in PJs
  • I took snapchats of Harry and Eggsy at the dining room table, in their respective spots (Harry had his robe on and everything<3)
  • Eggsy got upset because Harry went upstairs to work out and left him all alone (that jealous trait, bro)
  • Merlin tried to elope, and Roxy walked away from him three (3) times
  • Merlin and Roxy finally eloped, in Merlin’s tech room. It was very romantic. Eggsy walked out halfway through, bored.
  • Eggsy swam laps in his pink speedo
  • Merlin glitched and stood nude in front of the bathtub for an awkward amount of time
  • Harry proposed, and Eggsy is currently eloping with him in the hallway, pink speedo and all.

I’m melting, lover, For your scorching heart turns mine into a dark sludge That crawls, leaking from my ribcage. It dribbles down my legs and hardens at my feet. My fingertips still have blisters from the last time we touched, And my lips are bleeding. My heart heard your name and refused to beat slowly, But yours beats for another. I poured my heart into a jar so you could keep it forever, but you poured me out and crushed the glass, Downing a bottle of her. Now I’m drowning in black filth, Because no matter how much you resist me, My heart keeps beating for you. And I hoped that when we kissed I had kissed more than your lips. I was trying to kiss your soul, I apparently didn’t, because All you could taste was her leftover lips. And maybe I’ll never be what you want, But I hope you know that once my heart hardens, I will have so much love to give. And darling, I hope one day you’ll at least know that I tried. 21 May, 2015 -Montana Lorente-