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Libra: A secret society of supermen who work in the shadows to preserve the balance of worlds within Hellsalum’s Lot. Their full scope is unknown, and it is said that precise information on them is worth billions to the underworld.


Shisui Week day 1: Relationships

Shisui Uchiha and Sarutobi Hiruzen


“Only because you’re like a fragile little Bunny lost in the woods searching for adult help and companionship.”

“HEY! I am practically an Adult™!”

“But do you look like one?”


The Emotion They Call Love [Rp With Bluemoonlove1999]

[ @bluemoonlove1999

Approximately two months ghosted by. During those two months, Izaya gradually healed, his leg getting back to normal and finally getting off those damned crutches, which he quickly got annoyed with the first few weeks he had them. 

He had not traveled to Ikebukuro during those two months, instead worked out of his apartment and basically laid low. He could not let his many enemies find him in such a wounded and vulnerable state. Oddly enough, Miro, another information broker hung around. They got to know each other better and Izaya found that he didn’t mind the other broker hanging around so often. He even helped him work. 

Their relationship changed from being simply business related to that of almost friends…..and on one particular night, their relationship skyrocketed to that of lovers, but only because of the large sum of wine they had consumed before hand. They didn’t ever go passed making out though, since both had passed out while attempting to go further. The morning after, the two had been sprawled across Izaya’s couch and when they had both awoke, they laughed it off and Miro cursed, jokingly saying he had “missed his one and only chance to sleep with Izaya.” 

Now-a-days, Miro would catch Izaya off guard and lightly kiss the informant anywhere he could, whether it be his cheek, forehead or lips. Izaya was oddly comfortable with where they were at, wherever that was. Miro seemed to be comfortable as well, so the two never  questioned what their relationship was. 

Winter was just around the corner, so Ikebukuro was growing colder and the skies threatened either rain or snow. The winter months made Izaya feel particularly lazy, but only because during the winter months, people stayed inside more often, therefore there wasn’t much excitement brewing. 

So, currently, Izaya was sitting at his usual computure chair, sometimes spinning around in it as he waited for something exciting to pop up. The chat rooms were dull, people hardly logging on ever and the Dollars site had been quiet. Speaking of the Dollars, the whole incident two months ago blew by. The city talked about it for a while and then it disappeared like it never happened. Neither Izaya nor Mikado were mentioned at all. 


Izaya placed his elbow on his desk and rested his hand on his cheek. He hadn’t seen the boy since that day at Russia Sushi after they got discharged from the hospital. He often thought about him, he didn’t know why, but he did and when he did…..a sullen feeling came over him, so he pushed Mikado away from his thoughts. 

Sometimes she laughs until her stomach hurts, sometimes she drinks too much in the name of fun, but sometimes she’s the polar opposite – sometimes she spends the whole day in bed, sometimes she wonders if she’ll ever smile again, but no matter what anyone says, Romee Chandler promises that she is truly and positively okay.

A story of unfinished business, unfortunate accidents, and a girl who is undoubtedly not as okay as she seems.

This is a Romee story.

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