yayyy i finished it


please note that this is a guide to my revising system, not a note-beautifying how-to! im sorry for my absence and lack of updates~ I’ve just not been doing a lot of mp and printables-making~

*sobs* thanks to that anon that say such nice things ilu too.


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I’m finally doing it yayyy even though school finishes for me this Friday. Better late than never?

I have a hard time writing introductions so please bear with me

My name is Ailyn, proud Mexican, my first language is Spanish (obviously) and English is like a second language to me and I like to believe I’m not so bad at it hahaha My current hobbies are reading (please please please recommend me books!), artsy stuff {painting, drawing, dancing, discovering bands/songs (please please please recommend me songs/bands!)} and discovering new places.

Some school related random facts:

  • This year I took eight clasess, some were Integral Calculus, French IV, and Philosophy
  • I SUCK at French, not even near exaggerating, like, I’m better at Japanese than this beautiful language
  • Currently trying to learn French and Japanese
  • I want to study Psychology
  • All of my notes except math are written in bullet points

I guess that’s about it, I love being asked questions, reading rants and people’s opinions so feel free to drop by my ask box~

Take care please, xo


“Bad Idea?” or “The one where Steve and Tony fondue in a shared bed at Clint’s farmhouse”. by spideybaby (me!)

This is totally canon I promiseeee. Okay so I’m doing more of this comic strips because it’s TIME. So follow me if you want to see more marvel/avengers stuff!

Extra because uhhhhh I don’t know what I’m doing anyways:


A/N: here’s a new one shot! Yayyy! I finished it at 2 in the morning because that’s when my mind is fully active. Lol. Also, thank you guys so much for liking my last one shot. The feedback has been incredible. :’) Hopefully, you guys love this one just as much. It’s quite silly and fun and happy. So, enjoy reading! xx

Word count: 2772


“How’s this?” Harry comes out of my narrow bathroom, dressed in a banana costume, with a real banana in his hand.

“No! I can still see your face. Everyone will recognize you since you’re Mr. Banana boy.” I tap my pen on my chin in thought.

Harry peels off the banana, and takes a big bite. He hums. “True true. You’ll wear this one, then.”

“No, I’ll wear your granny’s clothes, remember.”

“Why don’t I wear those?” Harry pouts.

“People have seen you wearing granny clothes before.”

“I’ll go naked then.” he smirks at me.

Hmm. Tempting, tempting. “No.”

He groans, taking the last bag on the floor in his hand.

“This is the last outfit.” I’m laying on my stomach in the middle of my bed, my feet are up, swinging in the air. Harry’s hand grabs my foot midair, leans down and pecks my toes with his lips. I yelp.

“If you don’t want another kick in the nose, I’d rather you leave my foot alone.” I warn him, giggling. The last time he did this, his nose ended up bleeding. I accidentaly kicked him so hard when he tickled his nose up my foot. I felt really bad after it.

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Here is my first bullet journal! I’m so excited to do this and it’s been working great so far. I’ll break it down if you don’t mind.

  1. Cover thing and key: It’s so dull but I didn’t want to ruin it trying to do something else.
  2. Index: I thought I wouldn’t stick to this but so far I have and I think this could be useful when I’ve used more of my notebook.
  3. Future log: I currently don’t have many things but I love to have the next six months at a glance. The “coming up” part is in case I need to note something even later than October.
  4. I tried to be more creative/decorative with this June spread thing but I suck at art. Also I reaaally need to use colours other than blue and yellow lmao.
  5. The I have a challenge that I want to make and my habit tracker.
  6. The daylies have been amazing because now that I don’t have a schedule (I finished my exams today yayyy), every night I sit and think what I want to get done the next day. And so far I’ve been doing almost everything, so it makes me feel so productive too.
  7. Two lists that I added were “books to read” and “books read in 2016″. I’ve barely read this year so I really want to fix that this summer. Also I spaced it out too much and needed a post-it on my to-read list. I’ll probably end up making a “part 2″ or something.

Aaaaand that’s it! I don’t know how much I’ll stick to this during the summer. With my family, making plans is useless because they like to decide things on the spot, but I’m sure this will be a great help when I start uni again in September. Hope you like my shitty blue and yellow attempt at bullet journaling!!

Note: I didn’t want to spend too much on a good agenda to then get tired of it after a couple of weeks, so I literally bought the cheapest notebook I could find. 0,90€ lmao