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“Bad Idea?” or “The one where Steve and Tony fondue in a shared bed at Clint’s farmhouse”. by spideybaby (me!)

This is totally canon I promiseeee. Okay so I’m doing more of this comic strips because it’s TIME. So follow me if you want to see more marvel/avengers stuff!

Extra because uhhhhh I don’t know what I’m doing anyways:

Justin Foley | I am alive

Count of words: 767

Warnings: they maake out, that’s all really…

A/N: ok sooo I don’t know what this is… Honestly I had a completely different idea in mind but then I saw this dream and I don’t know I just wrote about that. Also I fell asleep when writing this yesterday so I finished it today to post this so yayyy ♥




Moving. That was what you were doing once again. Moving. It wasn’t really the traveling or the fact that you had to decorate another room that made you hate this; you actually quite enjoyed the later. It was the feeling of being the new student everytime that set a silent, yet agonizing, alarm inside your head. It was that feeling of anxiety and embarassment; or potential embarassment, when every teenager, girl or boy, would look at you up and down with their million eyes. (a/n defenitely thought of Loic Nottet here lol)  Honestly it scared you and repelled you but you had no choice.

So, here you were now, walking through the doors of Liberty High. the only thing missing was going to be liberty, truly. The corridors of the school were full and everyone was starring at you. You begun thinking about it just like that classic movie, Mean Girls, lebeling everyone to get your mind of. You turned you head on the side where a team of people were looking at you; they looked like the loners. Then there were the mean girls, the cheerleaders, the ‘Donny Darco’-like kids and last, but not least, the jocks. While looking at them for a second, you got a glimpse of a very handsome boy. He looked so breathtaking, a gracious smile upon his face, but you had to remind yourself that you had to stay away, in fear of getting your heart broken, mostly.

You were hesitant when this jock, Bryce, walked up to you and invited you at his party. I mean, who wouldn’t. You were in this school for about a week, you didn’t have that kind of familiarity with anyone, not like you wanted to. However, you did agree to go. One party will not hurt you, right?

By now you were sitting next to the handsome boy from your first day there, he was flirting but honestly he looked like he needed a friend. But he looked like a absolute player, a heartbreaker. You were afraid. You were afraid of the potential heartbreak that would lead you to insanity. You had promised yourself you wouldn’t let it happen again. That moment, the smartest thing to do, in your mind, was to just be cold and distant towards the boy, staying away from the feelings that you developed towards him in that one, short week you had already been in this town. 

Although, you were trying to avoid the boy, that turned out to be named Justin, he was porminent, he wouldn’t let you. He would buy you coffee every morning and bring it to you at school, saying he only wants to be friends. And, even though you kept the facade up for too long, you eventually had to drop your walls. So, you did. You instantly became best friends. You did everything together. He would teach you basketball; sometimes placing you on his shoulders so you would throw the ball into the net with ease, you would help him with school and, after you found out, with the situation at his home. It was inevitable that he would fall in love with you, but the same fear that overwhelmed you, did the same to him.

You remember that day like it was yesterday. You, Justin, Zack and Jeff were hanging out at school. The boys were mocking you constantly and you did the same, never breaking that goofy smile on your face. Everything was going smoothly, until you grabbed a bottle of water and poured that over Justin’s head. He stood there shocked for a second but then he started running after you, catching you a second later. He picked you up, your legs now wrapped around his waist, his delicate hands on your ass, ‘to keep you steady’. He begins to walk and you really have no idea how, but you end up in the back of the school, where no one usually was. Still holding you, he slightly pushed you against the wall. For a second nothing happened, you just stared at each other’s eyes. No words could describe that feeling, even if you tried. It was a comforting silence. The look on your eyes were full of love for the other. Looking down at your lips for a second and then back in your eyes, he attacked you lips, the two of you engaging in a, not lustful,really, more like, full of love and passion kind of kiss. It was comforting, taking all your worries away. It was as if a weight was taken of your shoulder. And you loved that. Because that moment was the time you finally felt alive. 


A/N: here’s a new one shot! Yayyy! I finished it at 2 in the morning because that’s when my mind is fully active. Lol. Also, thank you guys so much for liking my last one shot. The feedback has been incredible. :’) Hopefully, you guys love this one just as much. It’s quite silly and fun and happy. So, enjoy reading! xx

Word count: 2772


“How’s this?” Harry comes out of my narrow bathroom, dressed in a banana costume, with a real banana in his hand.

“No! I can still see your face. Everyone will recognize you since you’re Mr. Banana boy.” I tap my pen on my chin in thought.

Harry peels off the banana, and takes a big bite. He hums. “True true. You’ll wear this one, then.”

“No, I’ll wear your granny’s clothes, remember.”

“Why don’t I wear those?” Harry pouts.

“People have seen you wearing granny clothes before.”

“I’ll go naked then.” he smirks at me.

Hmm. Tempting, tempting. “No.”

He groans, taking the last bag on the floor in his hand.

“This is the last outfit.” I’m laying on my stomach in the middle of my bed, my feet are up, swinging in the air. Harry’s hand grabs my foot midair, leans down and pecks my toes with his lips. I yelp.

“If you don’t want another kick in the nose, I’d rather you leave my foot alone.” I warn him, giggling. The last time he did this, his nose ended up bleeding. I accidentaly kicked him so hard when he tickled his nose up my foot. I felt really bad after it.

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