yayyy i finished it


please note that this is a guide to my revising system, not a note-beautifying how-to! im sorry for my absence and lack of updates~ I’ve just not been doing a lot of mp and printables-making~

*sobs* thanks to that anon that say such nice things ilu too.


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“Bad Idea?” or “The one where Steve and Tony fondue in a shared bed at Clint’s farmhouse”. by spideybaby (me!)

This is totally canon I promiseeee. Okay so I’m doing more of this comic strips because it’s TIME. So follow me if you want to see more marvel/avengers stuff!

Extra because uhhhhh I don’t know what I’m doing anyways:

i want a fake/pretend relationship proposal!au yuwin fanfic with alpha!yuta and omega!winwin. Yuta needs an omega plus 1 or something for some reason like his parents r pressuring him to get mated/bonded idk (i literally … do not know why but anyway lmao) and so he bribes winwin into pretending to be his omega for a bit while he gets his parents off his back (aka he promises lots of ice cream dates and trips to the amusement park all paid for ). at first winwin is apprehensive about being used which is why he doesn’t really respond when yuta is super Extra about PDA in front of his family. and also in the beginning yuta is tsundere when they’re alone but as he gets to know winwin he gets really clingy and affectionate even when no one’s around and then they fall in love and actually do bond and stuff. yuta realizing that winwin’s scent and presence is actually super attractive and makes his heart hurt cause winwin’s so precious and lovely. as for winwin being around yuta makes him soft and tender and sleepy and cuddly

Also yutas family immediately dotes on winwin and adores him and he is Loved by everyone and also all of yutas friends (((((nct))))) and becomes friends w everyone

Here is my first bullet journal! I’m so excited to do this and it’s been working great so far. I’ll break it down if you don’t mind.

  1. Cover thing and key: It’s so dull but I didn’t want to ruin it trying to do something else.
  2. Index: I thought I wouldn’t stick to this but so far I have and I think this could be useful when I’ve used more of my notebook.
  3. Future log: I currently don’t have many things but I love to have the next six months at a glance. The “coming up” part is in case I need to note something even later than October.
  4. I tried to be more creative/decorative with this June spread thing but I suck at art. Also I reaaally need to use colours other than blue and yellow lmao.
  5. The I have a challenge that I want to make and my habit tracker.
  6. The daylies have been amazing because now that I don’t have a schedule (I finished my exams today yayyy), every night I sit and think what I want to get done the next day. And so far I’ve been doing almost everything, so it makes me feel so productive too.
  7. Two lists that I added were “books to read” and “books read in 2016″. I’ve barely read this year so I really want to fix that this summer. Also I spaced it out too much and needed a post-it on my to-read list. I’ll probably end up making a “part 2″ or something.

Aaaaand that’s it! I don’t know how much I’ll stick to this during the summer. With my family, making plans is useless because they like to decide things on the spot, but I’m sure this will be a great help when I start uni again in September. Hope you like my shitty blue and yellow attempt at bullet journaling!!

Note: I didn’t want to spend too much on a good agenda to then get tired of it after a couple of weeks, so I literally bought the cheapest notebook I could find. 0,90€ lmao


so i’m watching this and i shall write my commentary

1rst of all the first seconds were freakin adorable

and now hes talking about the real things ahh

yeah i cannot watch for more than 5 secs without getting overly excited ahhh

oh and leothegiant is in the background haha

ok i am gonna go and try to watch and not just listen hahaha

and omg his singing is shown ahh — side note thatsthat24 i sing alot too haha like literally when i’m annoyed i sing hahaha

omg thomas you have amazing tv show taste

oh my gosh thomas you are so wise ugh i love you

this video is so great and i am only half way thru

more thoughts:

thomas you are an adorable geek and we are all geeks really haha

no YOU thomas are so darn cute!!!!!!!

oh my gosh noo its ending

yayyy he spoke about lelah 

well i just finished and can i just say 10 m ins is wayyyy to short hahaha

i guess i need to watch it 5 more times then huh? haha