Wanna One Hwang Minhyun Father+Husband AU

Put these two requests together for a couple anons, enjoy! (You + Hwang Minhyun)

  • Well before getting married, you two dated for a while obviously so we’ll start there
  • He wasn’t the most… experienced in love (lol.) and even though he did date some people before, he was pretty innocent with the whole thing
  • Basically a kid lol
  • But even though it was kind of shocking to you, when he honestly and directly confessed to you, you could see his intentions were good and pure
  • You liked how genuine he was, not just with loving you, but with literally everything else he does: a hardworking, respectable man
  • Even though he has the appearance of a literal god, he didn’t seem to realize it or take much advantage of it LOL
  • His eyes were only on you
  • He’d get shy a lot and just giggle, but as time passed he got more used to being in a relationship/skinship/etc.
  • His marriage proposal to you was an attempt to be romantic
  • You can imagine a lot of internet searching went on because it was cliche as fuCK LOL
  • It was in private, but there were roses and candles and stuff like that
  • You couldn’t help bursting into laughter at his gestures that were just so soft and cheesy but you loved it because you loved him, and he was happy that you were happy
  • You two had a quiet ceremony with just close friends; he was embarrassed the whole time but it was super cute
  • He STILL got shy even when innocently kissing you at the ceremony
  • Soft whispers in front of everyone:
  • “Hwang Minhyun, we’ve gone farther than this what’s your problem”
  • “STOP I’m nervous leave me alone”
  • Life before and after marrying him was pretty much the same, except for the fact that he’d do cheesy things like call you “wifey”
  • OKay so we all know Mr. Emperor here is a clean freak
  • He would drive you crazy with all his dusting and mopping and scrubbing and organizing blargh
  • Like it’s nice to be clean but he takes it to another level LOL
  • But being clean is better than being dirty ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • So you helped him out, leading to cute domestic times washing dishes together and doing laundry with each other
  • Life overall wasn’t that eventful for quite a while other than the occasional vacation, but then wow you found out you were pregnant congrats ! !  !!
  • You were wondering how to tell Minhyun, like if you should make an event out of it or something
  • You decided to put the pregnancy test in a little cute box, but while you were preparing the box with a note and baby booties, Minhyun walked into the room you were in and saw the test that was just sitting on the counter
  • You barely noticed him walking in lol; he picked up the test and walked behind you
  • “What are you doing? Are you packing something? What’s this thing?” he asked you, holding out the test in front of your face
  • … bruh
  • You were taken aback at the fact that he destroyed your plan, but you were even more shocked that he didn’t know what a pregnancy test looked like
  • “Minhyun. Seriously.”
  • “Seriously what?”
  • “Do you really not know what that is? Minhyun that’s a pregnancy test.”
  • “What? Why are you packing this?”
  • “Minhyun. I’m literally pregnant. Do I seriously have to spell it out for you, you totally ruined the moment dumbass”
  • “wAIT WHAT??!?//?!?! YOU’RE PREGNANT?!??! DOES THIS MEAN I’M GOING TO BE A DADDD WHAT NO WAYYY” Minhyun ignored your exasperation but his freakout just made you smile anyway
  • He immediately sat you down and started asking if you needed anything and put his ear on your stomach to see if he could hear things
  • “You’re so weird”
  • “Do you want pickles? I heard pregnant women like pickles,” Minhyun asked you, a completely genuine and concerned expression on his face
  • thiS BOY…. 
  • Basically your entire pregnancy process was filled with this nonsense (but it was sweet nonsense), and he really was helpful; his sweetness usually brightened your mood
  • He was always there for you; reliable af
  • When you first had your baby he was literally too scared to even touch it at first but once he held on to it for the first time he couldn’t let go
  • When you took your child home, he wouldn’t stop fucking staring at it LOL
  • Anyway in the process of raising the kid, Minhyun never failed to attempt to inflict his influence of cleanliness
  • He wanted the kid’s first word to be “clean” no joke
  • And when the child was old enough, he would always clean with them and teach them his ways: most effective techniques to dust and keep the living spaces spotless
  • “Remember. Dust is the enemy. Repeat after me: Dust. Is. The. Enemy.”
  • There was no stopping him, you just let him do his thing. There was no way Minhyun would let his offspring be any less neat than he was
  • welP you can expect chaos ensued when the “uncles” came over
  • Whenever Minhyun invited his friends over, some of them (cougH JAEHWAN) would make it a point to eat as messily as possible and influence your child LOL
  • Minhyun had mental breakdowns every time jfc
  • All the other moms you knew (and just other female friends) expressed how much they adored Minhyun: he was just so darn handsome
  • But little did they know how much of a weirdo he was lol
  • Overall though, Minhyun was an extremely caring dad yay
  • You two are always helping one another out, in general life and emotionally as well
  • Is the kind of partner and dad who never hangs up first when you’re on a call with them; the kind of dad who makes sure everyone else is settled and eating properly before he even touches his meal
  • Would always sing and play instruments with and for the child
  • Is a totall fluff for being a parent and treats your kid like royalty, giving them the highest praise when they clean up while eating or after playing with their toys
  • “I have done such a great job as a parent. I feel like I can die satisfied, (Y/N), you know what I mean?”
  • “No, but whatever humps your camel man”
  • He never watched chlidren’s programs on TV, instead watched cooking shows and musical performances. it was weird
  • Doesn’t read bedtime stories to the child, but instead deep poetry and song lyrics… lol.
  • Is a total pushover when it comes to things you or the child want
  • If you even jokingly say you want something completely ridiculous, he’d be like “really?” and you’d have to clarify that you were kidding
  • Because if you or your child ever even gave the hint of wanting something, he would always be paying attention; and you bet that will be a gift for the nearest holiday
  • He’s incredibly intelligent and practical (except with relationships), and his advice always helps you think clearly when making decisions, or when your child needs help on something
  • For example, when you two were deciding what car to buy, he’d have done all the research possible, so that when you two went to the dealership he bargained clearly and efficiently to get you the best deal
  • You honestly had no idea what he was talking about most of the time during that experience, but he just had printouts from the internet and flyers and there was no way he would pay more than he needed to for the car
  • that seems random but he’s just really smart for most things it’s incredible…
  • But then after all that he can’t manage to get romance-y with you without getting all mushy and embarrassed LOL it’s like he turns into different people, but you’re glad you can make him feel that way ;) heheh
  • Minhyun is self-described “conservative” and even though he’s confused or strange sometimes, he is just one of the most sincere, kindhearted people you’d ever met and it inspires you to be your best self :’)
  • A happy family full of love and smiles it’s adorable im crying

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dating would include's // ezra miller

request by anon– Hey guys, not sure if you’d do this but could you write some headcanons for ezra? Like maybe dating him or liking each other and realizing you’re falling in love? I’d love it if you could write these yall :’)


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  • You two would meet because you were a new photographer and was supposed to work with him on one or two projects
  • (Ezra has so many swoon worthy model pics in existence but Wikipedia and IMDb doesn’t say he’s a model?? so imma just assume he did modelling)
  • You had a different style from the other photographers he’s worked with before, and had different instructions to how he should pose and stuff. He finds out he likes your style over the others.
  • He also noticed your great looks /personality /character /attitude /intellect /(your best features). Drawn to it, he would try flirting constantly, but because it was your first time working with a real model, you thought they were all as playful and happy-go-lucky as he was.
  • Besides, he seems so cute and genuine and lovely… so you flirt back.
  • You two would call each other cheesy names, like him calling you “buttercup” and you calling him “honey” or “darling.”
  • Then there’s the smirks and wriggle of shoulders and eyebrows, before you two snap out of it and laugh.
  • Yes, laughter. There’s so much laughter between you two, it makes flirting  much easier and keeps the conversation light and casual.
  • He realises he likes that. But any guy who is interested in someone would like to take it up to the next level of ‘flirting’. So, taking a bold move, the following day you receive a single red rose from him, with a note and a cheesy pick-up line.
  • The pick-up line would be a Harry Potter based one, (because we all saw that interview ;) ), and after he sent it, he immediately regretted it because if you didn’t get it, it would be awkward on both sides.
  • He thinks that he might have very well doomed your relationship if you didn’t get the reference, and you might think he’s an ultimate nerd.
  • So the next time you guys meet to complete the photoshoot, he awkwardly asks if you got the Harry Potter reference.
  • Little does he know, you had almost swooned from the pick-up line, because all your exes never got the point of Harry Potter, and you were a big big big fan.
  • So very enthusiastically, you squealed and almost tackled him with a hug when he brought it up, but clumsily tries to redraw at the last moment, so you kinda crashed into him instead, knocking over a lot of lights and backdrop equipment as both of you fall.
  • Very cliché–ly, your lips crashed together, with you on top, and the entire studio goes, “OOHHH” because your flirting hasn’t gone unnoticed by them for the entire project.
  • When you get off him, scrambling to your feet and stammering non-stop, he blushes too, but then very romantically cups your face and kiss you again gently.
  • Imagine his lips though. He would be soft and hesitant, wondering when you would push him off until he realises you won’t, then he would deepen the kiss by tilting your head and oH MY GOD WHAT HAVE I DONE.
  • Cue the “AWWW” from the other cast.
  • Then he pulls off, grinning so hard he thinks his face would spilt from it all, and you blush and make weird stuttering sounds. You try to shut up and stop your face from burning, but he finds it really cute that you’re flustered.
  • Then he clears his throat and officially asks you out to dinner that night, with a deep bow and everything dramatically because EZRA IS A CUTE GENTLEMAN AND WILL MAKE EVERYTHING LESS EMBARRASSING FOR YOU
  • You laugh and of course say yes.
  • Then you realise that the entire studio was silent since the kiss, and that the guys were staring and the girls were almost swooning from the whole romance of it.
  • (the girls of the studio would have very high expectations on how guys would ask them out ;DDD)


- whenever you two need either a model or a photographer, you would automatically get each other, so he helps you out with your individual projects and you help him take nice photos


- when Ezra becomes globally known for FBAWTFT, he constantly asks you if his performance was OK and if anyone likes Credence or anything, you would assure him that it was brilliant, going as far as to threaten him with the search results of the gradence tag on Tumblr (whoops)

- also, the entire HP fandom would just die of fluffness when they find the photoshoots you two do together




fucking Kang Daniel has a crush on you

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A/N: hey i’m here again and yep i’m still sad and i still love him so much that i can’t so yeah enjoy buddies

  • again he is a fluffy cute ball k
  • probably you would meet at a cafe or some place like that

  • you work there and at some point you’re like

  • “why is this guy coming here like three times a day?”

  • “but he cute”

  • he’s too shy to talk to you at first so he just keeps coming to the cafe

  • “hey i will take one cappuccino and a chocolate muffin”

  • “sure, that’ll be $4-”

  • “maybe we can go out sometime if you want to”

  • you notice that as he says this, his cheeks were getting red

  • a cutie

  • you were pretty shy too so your cheeks were also getting kinda red

  • you said yes of course (who wouldn’t tbh)

  • three days had passed and the day of your first date arrived yay

  • you two decided to go grab dinner at some place like mc donalds and go to the cinema after that, nothing too fancy

  • while you are having dinner, he wants to know more about you, about your favourite shows, your favourite places, your favourite food, etc. stuff like that 

  • you start to feel really comfortable around him 

  • like you can feel that he really wants to know about you and idk there’s something about him that makes you feel happy

  • omg he would try so hard to make you laugh

  • because even if you just met he already fell for your smile

  • and you would laugh at his lame jokes because come on

  • “Hey Y/N ,What do you call a fake noodle?”

  • “…”

  • “An impasta!”

  • the jokes are so bad, so bad that you can’t help but smile

  • “Kang Daniel why are you so stupid?”

  • After the dinner you would go to the cinema 

  • he let’s you choose the film

  • (insert random film bc i’m too lazy to actually think of a film)

  • he also buys popcorn because you love it

  • and when the film starts you’re just there so immersed, because you have been wanting to see that film for a long time

  • so you don’t notice that Daniel has been staring at you pretty much half of the film

  • he was staring at you with that cute smile like he didn’t need anything else at that moment

  • even if you just were paying atention to the movie

  • he enjoys seeing you happy

  • after the film ends you are going home and he insists on going with you

  • you two get in the bus and as soon as you sit down you start to feel sleepy

  • so you can’t help resting your head on Daniel’s shoulder 

  • he dies of cuteness because he thinks you have such an adorable face when you sleep

  • at some point you feel a little peck on your forehead but you’re not sure if that was a dream or not so who knows

  • when you wake up you notice that Daniel also has fallen asleep and you stare at his cute bunny face 

  • until you remember that you’re in a bus

  • and that you should have got off the bus like two stops before
fallen angel! hwang minhyun


minhyun x you


floff n angst

other members: woojin | daniel | to be cont..

  • “i can’t believe i’m finally in my own house!” you said excitedly to yourself as you unlocked the door to your new place
  • it was the first time you were completely on your own
  • you were ecstatic to say the least about not having to wait forever to use the bathroom or having your hard-earned snacks stolen by your roommates or etc.
  • the place you bought already had basic furnishings so you spent the rest of the day unpacking and putting up decorations, putting away groceries, setting up your internet you know, all the necessities in life
  • after a long day of putting everything away, you were happy to be able to get ready for bed
  • thrilled, you quickly throw on your new comforter, climb inside, and pull out your book to read to help you get drowsy-eyed before sleeping
  • as you opened your book, you finally could let out a relaxed sigh
  • that is, until you were interrupted by the ceiling above you suddenly giving out
  • the plaster and drywall crumbled around you, kicking up a thick cloud of dust that made it hard to see
  • as the dust settled, you saw a
  • ??? man ???

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College AU! Ong Seongwoo
  • Group Member: Wanna One Ong Seongwoo
  • Type: Fluff
  • Style: Bullet
  • Summary: Seongwoo meets film maker in a university coffee shop :)

a/n: permission granted by Imagineproduce101 to reference her mafia AU! She inspired me to write some small scenarios. I’m nervous about posting, feedback is welcome! 

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Okay so I actually know how to use pose mode now

I made a new banner oof

Everyone isn’t a carbon copy yay

You can’t see but Supana’s hands are in the default sit position and Kokuma’s are resting on her knees unfolded

The material arts girls’ hands are different

So are the occult club boys’

Inkyu and Sakyu are giving each other bunny ears

Saki and Kokona look badass

You can actually tell Midori’s on her phone

Pippi and Ryuto are in a smoother position rather than just jutting their hands out and holding them oof

Yui is planning something

Haruto is flipping us off bc same

Everyone is actually looking at the camera

The heights are where you can actually see them

Also this took me like an hour less time than the first one and this one looks better plus took more effort so yay improvement

Oh heeeell yeah \o/

maybe this is not much for you, but for me 200 is pretty much!
So I’ve decided to make a Giveaway! yay

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Here you can get another view of my art.

Good luck!

Good Morning (Luke Smut)

Requested: Yes

Warnings: Smut/Swearing

Request  Masterlist

fluffy morning sex with Luke yay

You stirred and groaned as you felt several sloppy kisses being pressed against your neck. “Wake up princess” A raspy voice whispered from behind you. You turned in his arms so you were laying on your back and hummed contently as he continued to suck at your neck. You smiled tiredly and weaved your fingers through his soft blonde curls. “Mm I love you princess” Luke mumbled as he lifted lifted his head to nuzzle his nose with your yours, making you giggle softly as you flipped yourself so you were now sitting on top of him straddling his thighs. You slowly started to grind yourself against him making him smile and let out a small moan as he grabbed a hold of your hips. You began to slowly unbutton the flannel of his that you had on, when you got it all the way unbuttoned you went to shrug it off, but Luke quickly grasped it and pulled it back to rest onto your shoulders. “Keep it on princess, you looks so damn good in my clothes” He rasped as he lowered his hands from your hips until they were ghosting over your core through your panties. You moaned softly as he began to rub slow circles against your clit. “Stop teasing” You breathed and giggled. He smiled back at you and hooked his fingers in the waistband of your underwear, pulling them down your thighs, he gradually inserted a finger into you and began pumping slowly. You whimpered and ground your hips into his finger trying desperately to create more friction, making him chuckle. “So eager princess, do you want more?” He cooed and you nodded your head rapidly. He quickly added another finger and quickened his pace. “Fuck Luke” you moaned out as he started to rub your clit with his thumb roughly, making you moan and throw your head back. “Cum for me princess” He whispered as he started moving his fingers at even faster pace. It didn’t take long until you were releasing all over his fingers, and moaning his name loudly. He pulled his fingers out of you and brought them into his mouth. “Mm you taste so good baby” He murmured as you stood up off the bed and slipped your panties all the way off of your legs and kicked them off, before quickly climbing back on top of him. You began to palm his hard on slowly before you tugged at his boxers, pulling them down just enough to make his dick pop out and slap against his stomach. You grabbed a hold of him and rolled your thumb over his tip, collecting his precum before moving your hand down, spreading it all over his cock. You pumped him with your hand a few times before lining him up with your entrance, running his tip through your folds. He groaned impatiently and thrust his hips up impatiently, making you giggle softly. But you quickly got tired of your own teasing and finally sunk yourself down onto him, letting out a load moan as you began to grind your hips down slowly.You let yourself adjust to his size before you began to bounce on him at a fast pace. You kept up your pace for awhile before you started to get tired slowed down a little, Luke noticed this and quickly flipped you over so he was on top and started pounding into you. He kept up his quick pace for little, but eventually changed the speed, grinding his hips down into yours slowly, making him hit a new angle inside of you. He nuzzled his face into your neck and peppered kisses across your collarbones. “Shit baby, I’m gonna cum” He moaned as he quickened his pace inside of you slightly. You felt the familiar pit in your stomach start to build for the second time, making you clench around him. “Come on princess, cum for me again” He groaned, his words encouraging you. “S-Shit Luke” You breathed as you released around him, triggering his own orgasm. He moaned loudly as he filled you up with his warm liquid, riding out both your highs before pulling out of you and collapsing next to you, breathing heavily. You cuddled up to his sweaty chest as he kissed your forehead lightly. “Good morning princess” He whispered, making you smile. “Morning Lukey”

A/N: All my smut is literally exactly the same and this sucks ass, lmfao. Theres also probably a bunch of typos but I’m so tired, I’ll fix them tomorrow xx

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Guardehn is turning two!!!

Hi there beautiful angels! My blog aka Guardehn is turning two on July 23rd! This celebration is screaming for some Tumblr awards, right?? :D It feels so special to know I have this blog for two years now! I have so much fun here, I still adore this blogstyle and the lovely people on here and I’m glad I made so much amazing friends! ♥

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Hi there lovely people of Tumblr! We’re Julie (guardehn) & Tinn (ferudeh) and we’ve decided to do an awards together. We both have a passion and love for fashion and that’s why we chose to use Iconic Models to disguise our awards. 

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  • Christy Turlington  - sweetest personality (2)
  • Heidi Klum - best playlist (2)
  • Tyra Banks - best colour palette (2)
  • Claudia Schiffer - new discovery (2)
  • Natalia Vodianova - best overall (1)
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ships ships shiPS

hello hello i haven’t done ships in like over a month which is ages for me so here i am with more ships and blogrates yay

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you get: 

  • Ship: Michael / Calum / Luke / Ashton
  • Best friend: Michael / Calum / Luke / Ashton
  • Drinking buddy: Michael / Calum / Luke / Ashton
  • Cuddle buddy: Michael / Calum / Luke / Ashton
  • Secretly likes you: Michael / Calum / Luke / Ashton
  • Who’s more punk rock: you / him
  • Who likes cuddling more: you / him
  • Who always stops to take pictures with fans: you / him
  • Who’s always late: you /  him
  • url: /10
  • theme: /10
  • posts: /10
  • overall: /10
  • 3 song playlist:
  • Compliment:

pls i’ll cry if not 

ships yay

ik i do ships all the time i’m sorry but i’m v sick and want to distract myself a bit so yay

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pls bc i’ll cry forever if not