Yayoi Kusama

Give Me Love

Obliteration Room

Every Yayoi show here at Zwirner is epic. So cool that they brought the Obliteration room from Australia to NYC. Day one, and the white walls of the suburban tract home are already getting covered with dots. The staff is a little controlling in the process, but such a cool and fun execution of her work. I feel like she is so much of a better conceptual artist than an executional artist. This show rocks. Bring your kids, they’ll have a blast! Through June 13th 2015.


“A dream I dreamed” - Yayoi Kusama

One of the luckiest thing when I was in Taiwan is her exhibition, Yayoi Kusama. The world’s most popular artist. But who doesn’t know her?

To be at the exhibition was also a dream i dreamed since I know her, so that was kind of a fairy tale in Alice’s wonderland. I didn’t even expect it happened in the first place until I got to the museum. It was cool and neat to get to know her more than just polka dots.