starryflan  asked:

Do you get along with any Precure team the best?

Since they helped me so much before, it would be Miyuki-chan and her friends! I get along the best with Miyuki-chan herself, and Yayoi-chan.

Lately I’ve been speaking quite a bit with Hime-chan and Inori-senpai as well. But in concerns to overall teams I get along the best with, that would have to be the Smile team!


A dream isn’t something that you can just make come true. After all, a dream is about who want to become. So.. you should work hard on your own merits! The real world isn’t all fun and games. There are many awful and painful things in life. But I believe if you were to avert your eyes to such things, it wouldn’t be right. You may not to do so well, and you might slip and fall. You might feel sorry for yourself, and ever cry… but even so… If you can overcome your tears, you’ll definitely become stronger for it! Even if you worry about it, it’s okay! It’s okay if you have to try again. No matter how many times. I won’t lie to myself! This dream… this passion of mine… I won’t let anyone take it away! It’s a dream I painted myself, so I want to soar with my own wings! It’s important, so I’ll put up an honest bout. I have to use my own legs to run there! The only one who can grow the seed of your dreams is yourself, right? I want to let my melody ring in everyone’s hearts! I want to smile and laugh with everyone! There will be painful experiences and frightening ones I’m sure. But I have friends with me. Even if it’s difficult by yourself, if you have friends by your side, you can overcome it.