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Kusanagi and Awa wedding! And sarumi are their best man and muna walking her down the aisle. Ana as flower girl. Sarumi not together yet but they confess to each other. S4 and Homra getting along! The silvers are invited too. Maybe the greens show up too as an effort to get along since each group knows how it feels to lose someone cause of the slate. Lots of feels and happiness!

I’m imagining this being like the big deal wedding of the century as far as the clans are concerned, like Homra’s super excited and Scepter 4 is super excited and everyone’s working hard to make sure everything is perfect for Awashima and Kusanagi’s big day. Imagine Yata dragging all the Homra guys to a fancy store that sells suits and being like okay assholes we’re all renting nice shit for Kusanagi’s wedding, they all mock him when he initially tries to get himself a suit that comes with shorts. Anna takes her position as flower girl very seriously and Kusanagi and Awashima take her shopping to buy the perfect dress. Anna also insists on accompanying Awashima to buy her wedding dress, along with Yayoi and Neko and they make a big girls day out of it (somehow Kuroh gets dragged along too, because someone needs to carry the bags). Munakata uses his government connections to rent some really amazing property for cheap and then he sets the rest of Scepter 4 to the task of decorating it to the exact perfect wedding specifications. The alphabet squad all work together on the décor, like Akiyama and Benzai buy the flowers and Kamo prepares the menu, Enomoto’s in charge of any kind of recording or video work and Hidaka hires the DJ for the reception. Awashima personally requests Fushimi to act as her best man (sure the bride usually has the head bridesmaid but Awashima works mostly with dudes so she’s going with the wedding party she wants rather than what tradition dictates). Fushimi acts like this is no big deal and Captain’s going to make him go anyway so he may as well agree to it but really he’s all embarrassed and touched that she asked him.

The wedding itself goes off without a hitch and everyone’s very happy with how it turns out. Kuroh actually manages to get in touch with Yukari, who shows up to do Awashima’s makeup flawlessly. Kusanagi gets a few manly pep talks from Yata and Kamamoto (Kamamoto’s advice is considerably more useful than Yata’s). Also imagine the Homra guys make Kusanagi something small like a lapel pin or something that invokes the memories of both Totsuka and Mikoto, like even though it’s a happy time everyone knows that for Kusanagi it’s a little bittersweet because his best friends aren’t there to see it. Anna gives him two red flowers as she prepares to lead the procession, telling him that Mikoto and Tatara are very happy for him right now, and then before he can even reply she hurries out to start the wedding. Anna looks adorable and happy as she scatters blue and red flower petals, Neko cheers quietly for her and waves in the audience. Then slowly the rest of the wedding party arrive, Yata and Fushimi stands side by side and try not to poke at each other the entire wedding (though imagine them trading whispered comments, like Yata’s tearing up and Fushimi quietly teases him and Yata glares and shoots back that Fushimi’s crying too so shut up you stupid monkey and Fushimi’s all I am not except he is so choking up). Munakata gets to walk Awashima down the aisle and she looks stunning, Kusanagi goes from laughing and talking with the rest of the Homra guys to totally speechless in half a second flat.

Afterward there’s dinner and dancing, Yata and Fushimi sit together and Yata tries to force Fushimi to eat some damn vegetables (Kamo was given specific instructions by Yata to make sure Fushimi got some vegetables on his plate). The cake is a total masterpiece that Kamo is justifiably proud of, Akiyama in particular keeps going back for another slice and Benzai has to limit him for his own good. There’s probably a bouquet tossing at some point and of course Fushimi catches it, the alphabet squad tease him about being the next to get married and maybe Hidaka or Akiyama are looking a little too close to Fushimi which is when Yata breaks in and blurts out that Saruhiko will be getting married to him got it. A second later he realizes what he just said and goes bright red and tries to be like okay wait let me try that again but Fushimi’s already all red himself and trying to act like Yata’s being stupid. They run off by themselves for a bit and are spotted making out behind a tree later that evening. Anna gets the first dance with Kusanagi and Awashima manages to drag Fushimi away from Yata for a bit so he can have the first dance with her, she and Munakata also have a really lovely dance together and Awashima is very impressed by her King’s skill. Then the couple have their first big dance together while everyone else just watches, Anna nudges Yata near the end and he and the rest of the Homra guys start to use their powers and manage to make like hundreds and hundreds of Totsuka’s flame butterflies appear, floating all around the happy couple as they finish their dance and kiss.


Zombie Fido plushi is done, yaay!
He’s about 14 inches tall and it took me a couple months of satin stitching/embroidering and hand sewing between projects.

I luv the movie “FIDO” so damn much, it was my fist time satin stitching and making a doll, had so many pokes into my finger with the needle too, ouch.

Hair, eyes, mouth, brows, wrinkles in clothes and collar are all embroidered/satin stitched.

Benicio del Toro as the cursed Lawrence/Larry Talbot in the movie “The Wolfman” (2010). WHY I had to draw this, I dunno, it was bothering me today so I drew it.
I’m not even a big fan of the film, I only watched it once for goodness sakes (4 years ago) thought it was okay, and the damn thing never came to mind until last night.
I don’t get it…..(」゜ロ゜)」

Been chatting with druxykexy, and have been shoving my obsession in her face gently encouraging her to get into Frankenstein … I've  suggested she start with the 1818 Rieger edited text, and Bernie Wrightson’s illustrated Frankenstein to get a really satisfying hold on the story.

Then I figured I’d share my Frankenstein collection … not pictured is Junji Ito’s Frankenstein, and Wrightson’s Frankenstein Alive! Alive! #3…both of which are actually en route, heh …

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Post rok where the coffee table alliance doing some get together activities like sakura viewing or smtg and abc boys of homra + kamamoto and scepter 4 are having some interactions whilst the three kings are just chilling together maybe they play poker? xD

Imagine post-series Munakata and Shiro especially have decided that all the clans should be more friendly so they keep scheduling all these fun outings. Munakata maybe decides to host a giant sleepover at Scepter 4 (since they’ve got a lot of room and all) so it’s like Scepter 4’s top three + alphabet squad, Homra’s top members + alphabet squad and the Silver trio + maybe Hieda since he’s kinda technically a Silver clansman now. Munakata is totally into the whole thing, he flagrantly wastes Scepter 4’s budget on buying sleeping bags and ordering lots of pizza and everything. Awashima, Neko and Anna have their own separate sleepover in Awashima’s dorm – maybe Yayoi comes too, Neko invites Kukuri and Douhan just shows up with some anko and sushi pizza for everyone. They drink tea and do each other’s hair and everything (imagine like Anna, Kukuri and Yayoi braiding Neko’s hair together, so cute). Meanwhile the boys have their sleepover in the main office of Scepter 4 which was probably a bad idea because people keep having to drag Fushimi away from trying to do work. There’s also a lot of alcohol so most of the alphabet squads get drunk and start telling lewd jokes while Kuroh glares at them and makes pointed comments about impropriety. Yata and Fushimi both have like one drink each and promptly pass out in a cute cuddly heap together and no one can bring themselves to separate them (everyone is totally up for taking pictures of it though. The Homra alphabet is all for drawing pictures on Yata’s face but even drunk the Scepter 4 boys value their lives too much to even touch peacefully sleeping Fushimi). Shiro and Munakata spend most of the night in the corner locked in the world’s most strategic game of Go Fish ever.