A few perks of being aro:

  • Think how much money you save on Valentines day like seriously go buy yourself your favorite candy bar yay
  • No messy breakups (glad I avoided that one)
  • Think of the puns
  • So. Many. Puns.
  • If someone invalidates your orientation you can just shoot an arrow at them (don’t do that I’m kidding please don’t shoot someone with an arrow and then say I told you to do that)
  • You have an excuse to make everything the color green (don’t tell me you don’t like green, everyone likes green ok just pretend)
  • You won’t have to spend your life searching for “the right one” instead you can search for “the right flavor of ramen noodles”
  • Just being aro in general like wow you’re so cool you don’t even need romance see you’re like a lone wolf and everyone likes wolves cause they’re so majestic and shit

So yeah don’t feel bad about being aro because wow so many cool things isn’t it amazing 

i genuinely cannot believe i’m saying this, but i’m super close to 1000 followers, so i wanted to do something nice for y’all! and since my broke ass can’t do a traditional giveaway, i’m gonna write a fic for one of you cuties hell yeah


  • you gotta be following me, since this is a thank you to all you lovely people that put up with me on your dash after all
  • reblog this post so more people have the chance to enter pretty please
  • that’s literally it
  • it helps if you have an idea for a fic though tbh


  • a follow back if we aren’t already mutuals because friends are cool
  • probably a shoutout or something because i’m extra as hell and love all of you a lot
  • a fic of your choice! (see below)


  • literally any pairing except shardo (i just don’t get it so if i tried to write it i would fail miserably sorry fam)
  • i’m the best at writing kent probably so like if you want him in it that’s a plus, but i’ll write any characters you want yay
  • no irl hockey boys please i adore them but i don’t wanna go there
  • you can choose any au you can think of except for alpha/omega or steampunk
  • if you want smut i will give you smut but i am not the best at it also it has to be consensual, much like real life thanks
  • yeah that’s pretty much it i’ll do whatever the fuck you want
  • oh and it’ll be a oneshot probably, at least 2k, but depending on the prompt you give me it may end up way longer than that 
  • who knows? not me. maybe you do

okay have at it kids i’ll choose a winner randomly a week from now, on january 6 at 12am utc. till then, good luck!! you can find my writing here to see if this is even something you want, and if you have any questions hmu x