I’m really not sure where to begin with this story but here it goes. So I got invited to travel with a POT (for a his business meetings) I met a while back when I first started sugaring. This POT is by no means as refined as the men that I’m used to. In all honesty, I dislike him as a whole but I can get stuff out of him hence him still being in my life. Everything about him annoys me. I had a few moments where I had to scold him severely because he behaves in the most embarrassing and uncouth manner. While he was in his business meetings, he left his credit card and some cash for me to go shopping but I was too sleepy from all the drinking we had done the night before so I didn’t really take hold of the shopping opportunity till later on in the evening. I also took the liberty to use his card to change the location of the hotel he had booked because quite frankly, I just didn’t like it. I used his card to book a room at the W Hotel and texted him saying that I didn’t like the hotel he picked so I decided to stay elsewhere. He had no problem with me making that decision so yay me, I got what I wanted. Although I dislike him as a person, I like that he knows not to expect anything sexual from me. Even after using his card repeatedly, he begged me to give him a kiss which I declined because personally I don’t feel that I owed him anything besides a thank you for the flight, hotel, and shopping–which by the way, were all his suggestion. Oh and one more thing, I have a cute little story than goes along with this whole trip and a gentleman I met while sitting in first class.

I am finally done with this! 3 weeks and it is done! This is the longest thing I’ve ever written. Sorry for the mistakes, but Someone kept bothering me. So, without further ado, the Chemistry Partners Au.

Nico was actually excited for Chemistry class. He enjoyed seeing how different chemicals mixed together and what to look for, along with the fact that a single slip up could end up in an explosion

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#LadyHades wig test! 💀💙 This looks super creepy right now because of the no makeup/demon eyes combination but I’m super happy with how the wig turned out! 🎊🎉 Never thought I’d be able to do these gravity defying spikes with just hairspray and teasing! #WonderCon #wigs #ArdaWigs #suzi #genderbend #disney Also FUN FACT: I a basically inept at putting in and taking out contacts and usually make someone else do it for me. (Usually @chrisvillain or @bdprods. Lol) 😘 Proudfully and painfully got these in and out myself! 😭😂😁 #yayme

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Did one sit-up… and I’m done 🐱💤 #shrampton #scottishfold #caturday #yayme #currentmood #flopbod #floplife

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