Alex was your -abusive- boyfriend. You guys had be dating for 2 years. Not long ago, Dean saw bruises on you. He noticed them and spoke about it to you.

“Where did you get those?” he asked firmly.

“On our the latest hunt,” you lied.

He shook his head. “That’s a lie y/n. Tell me the truth.”

You sighed, “Alex. He hit me. He didn’t mean to! I-it was an accident.”

He softly grabbed your hand. “That’s no accident.”

“Please don’t tell Sam! He’ll kill him!” You begged. Sam overheard as he walked in the room. “Kill who?” he asked. Dean sighed. “Nothing. We are just-” You cut him off. “Planning our next hunt.” You pulled away your hand from Dean. “I must go.” You glared at Dean, as a sign not to tell Sam about the bruises.

Months later, Sam saw a few cuts on your neck, bruises, scars, and etc. You kept saying it was the hunts, falling down a lot, and any other excuse you can make up. Dean didn’t say anything. Until the day Alex gave you a black eye. You wore sunglasses that day. It was raining but you didn’t care. You just hoped Sam wouldn’t ask. But he did. As Dean left to get food because he knew Sam was gonna ask. And what good he can do? Anyway Sam grabbed you into the kitchen.

“Why are you wearing sunglasses? It’s raining and we’re inside y/n!”

You stood quiet. “Take them off,” he asked. You shook your head and looked to the side. Sam quickly grabbed them but you covered your face in time. He sighed deeply. “Let me see…” You shook your head, softly crying. He slowly took your hands off your face. He was shocked as he growled slightly. “Who did this y/n?” he asked, harshly. You didn’t answer as you continued to cry. “Who did this y/n?!” he yelled. “Alex? He did this?” You nodded softly as he ran off. He took your car as he drove to where you and Alex lived together. Moments later, Dean found you crawled up against the wall. “What happened y/n?” You began to cry all over again. “Sam went to beat up Alex for all the harm he has done to me.” Dean and you quickly gotten into the Impala and gotten there in time before Alex and Sam killed themselves.


What do you guys think? This is my favorite. -Princess

I am finally done with this! 3 weeks and it is done! This is the longest thing I’ve ever written. Sorry for the mistakes, but Someone kept bothering me. So, without further ado, the Chemistry Partners Au.

Nico was actually excited for Chemistry class. He enjoyed seeing how different chemicals mixed together and what to look for, along with the fact that a single slip up could end up in an explosion

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#LadyHades wig test! 💀💙 This looks super creepy right now because of the no makeup/demon eyes combination but I’m super happy with how the wig turned out! 🎊🎉 Never thought I’d be able to do these gravity defying spikes with just hairspray and teasing! #WonderCon #wigs #ArdaWigs #suzi #genderbend #disney Also FUN FACT: I a basically inept at putting in and taking out contacts and usually make someone else do it for me. (Usually @chrisvillain or @bdprods. Lol) 😘 Proudfully and painfully got these in and out myself! 😭😂😁 #yayme

Castiel usually knew your fears. Espically about thunderstorms but last night he was busy…? So you called up Dean.

“What’s up y/n?” Dean asked.

“I can’t sleep…” You sighed.

“Oh don’t tell me big, strong, brave y/n actually is afraid of thunderstorms.” He chuckled. “Alright. Come over here. Sam’s gone. And Castiel is…. somewhere.” He looked around and nodded.

“Dean, I’m not gonna grab a cab and go over there. You pick me up.”

“Get your teddy bear to protect you. I’ll be there in a bit.” He hanged up. 

Next thing you know, Dean walked into your home. You hugged him tight as the rain gotten worse. “Come on let’s go,” he said softly. But your legs were shaking and he noticed that. Dean slowly picked you up and carried you into the car. He drove you to his place and carried you inside. Once he let you down, you saw his bedroom door open. There were tons of blankets and pillows. “Dean, why is there a lot and I mean a lot of pillows and-” He cut you off. “Your sleeping with me. I’m not leaving you alone in the dark. Especially during a thunderstorm.” You smiled as he made you coffee.

He gave you one of his big hoodies since you didn’t bring your pjs. You laid your head onto his head as he stroke your hair. You guys cuddled until you both fell asleep. 


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Who held crow pose in yoga for the very first time tonight?????

Just wanted to brag a bit :) 

I’m doing a lot better, and I cannot even tell you how much all of the support I received here last night meant to me. It helped so much and I am truly grateful. I will try to answer as many questions as I can tonight but I also have a bit of a side project that demands my attention as well. 

✌🏽️out 🇲🇽 its been mucho loco, thanks @mel_anne_ for taking this bday adventure with me love you! Next stop ✈️ #lax for some of that #westcoastweekendlove ☀️ #yayme #dirty30 #ridindirty #noreally #sorrythecarisfilthy #notblanco #notnickiminaj #jlo #riri #peligrosas #nightmaretacos #hibiscusspells #cuidado #brokethefridge #dontopenthecloset #savetheimmigrationpapels #nexttime #nonexttime #iliveatsubway #suitcasemattresses #cerrado #cerritos #bcs #lapaz #alan #hashtagsfordays