yaycon 2013


Me (left, Calmasis) at yaycon 2013, standing next to one of my favorite artists, Hamletmachine (on the right). She was amazingly sweet and modest and I somehow managed not to collapse from excitement during the panel or when these pictures were taken. The photos got posted online today I believe and I’m very grateful for the photographer! I’m very grateful for a lot of things and people I saw that day, actually!

Emotional Penis. Emotional Cage.

We are back from YAYCon in the Netherlands now and I am completely disordered now.
We met HamletMachine and she was so friendly and cute I was overwhelmed by such a kindness. Also I would have never imagined to meet her some day because america is so far away and at the moment I just don’t have the money to visit a Con in the US… but we got this chance and we took it and I regret nothing!

But first things first: Here is the full summary of 3 days fun! <3

Friday Praxis catched me up from work and we tryed to finish the Starfighter costumes. Gucci, Deimos and Phobos arrived close after we reached home and also Abel joined us for Dinner <3 we worked of various things until 3:00 a.m and catched some sleep until… 5:15 a.m cause we had to leave early to Netherlands. 
So we catched up Silk and were on our way to YAYCon! hurray! 
The trip was nice, weather was good and the streets were empty. We reached the Con in time and even had enough time to dress up at the car and I can’t repeat to often how much I love my Starfighter cosplay-group, I love you guys! It’s always fun with you.

When we were reaching the conventionhall I got more and more nervous, everyone was mean and laughing at me……… but i just couln’t help it. I never were THIS out of character at a convention before… 8’“D but this is me in one of my sheldom fangirl moments.
My nervousness was over 9000 when we were standing in the queue at the Starfighter booth. and then… 
WE MET HER. oh god… I’m still kind of blushing …
and Hamlet liked our costumes and presents and we took photos together and a=sfgzrehv$tg§jrez?}t²gjt!!!

After that we calmed down, checked the convention, put the prints in the car, I got my earring which I forgot the first time… haha 8’’D
Then the Starfighter-Panel started and finally Chrissi, Rita, Teddy, Patrick and Feder reached the Con!… just in time guys… just in time! my~ my~ 
The panel was short but awesome… I didn’t dare to ask something and were just enjoying the moment. Deimos got another print in the "quiz” for me… just a fine little mousie <3

Rest of the day we spend taking so photos and talking to various new persons <3 

Then my end came nearer and nearer …. after the SF lifestream on last friday I had an agreement with KashinoRei (Chrissi) to do something related to that biting thing……. I was freaking out about it the whole week and didn’t thing we had the balls to do it. …. okay I really didn’t have them… offcourse not but Chisi dragged me to the booth and I tryed my best……… and lost my ballz. True story. 
But in the end I think it wouldn’t have been my kind of thing to do and hamlet looks better without biting marks from me I’ll leave that to her cute boyfriend (?) who was also at the con <3 
Now I got a really stupid video of myself clinging to Hamlets shoulder and then hiding my face in shame. 
I really feel strange … I’m always telling people that nobody has to be shy in front of me and that everyoe can just speak to me at conventions and there is no point in fangirling and now this. hahaha! 

We also took a gig group shot with all the german SF cosplayers and Hamlet in the cold wind wich smelled like weed, oh netherlands. 8D 

Now I have signed comicbooks of chapter 1+2 on my shelf, 3 prints and uncountable fangirl memories. <3

So~ THANK YOU Hamlet for beeing such a stunning artist and personality I hope I can see you again sometime somewhen somehow somewhere…. <3 

PS: the pictures we took will be uploaded later this week. <3