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A - age: 18
B - biggest fear: Heights and not knowing what happens after death
C - current time: 11:58pm
D - drink you last had: An iced chai from work, which was made way too strong!
E - every day starts with: I basically get right out of bed and eat breakfast straight away, I can’t not eat in the morning
F - favourite song: I never really have a favourite song, I like too many
G - ghosts, are they real? I don’t want them to be but I’m too scared to completely deny their existence
H - hometown: Australia is all I’m gonna say hahha
I - in love with: My family, my little kitty, and something not living: staying home and reading and/or doing absolutely nothing
J - jealous of: People who have nice legs and those who are completely happy with who they are
K - killed someone: In my mind, yeah
L - last time you cried: A couple of weeks ago out of anger cause I was trying to get something important done that was time sensitive and then the power went out hahah oops
M - middle name: Katherine
N - number of siblings: Two older half sisters
O - one wish: To meet someone who won’t do my head in ever
P - person you last texted: My mum, but idk if it counts cause I was using siri as I had just dropped my phone and the screen wasn’t working
Q - questions you’re always asked: “how are you?” everyday, by someone, even customers at work who I know are just being polite
R - reasons to smile: I know that I am considered a very lucky person in this world with the things I do have
S - song last sang: ‘Ultraviolet’ by the Stiff Dylans cause I was watching Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging heheh
T - time you woke up: About 10:30am
U - underwear colour: Pink
V - vacation destination: If I had to pick one place; Santorini.
W - worst habit: Picking at my nails and peeling at hang nails, and biting my lips while bored
X - x-rays you’ve had: I’ve had mouth x-rays to check out my wisdom teeth, and one on my left wrist when I broke it at school camp when I was 11
Y - your favourite food: I love love love those Yogo cups with the mini M&M’s, as childish as I know Yogo is
Z - zodiac sign: Virgo

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Better Than Words

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(In which certain words are hard to say.)

“People say I love you all the time – when they say, ‘take an umbrella, it’s raining,’ or ‘hurry back,’ or even ‘watch out, you’ll break your neck.’ There are hundreds of ways of wording it – you just have to listen for it, my dear.” – John Patrick, The Curious Savage

word count: 4,124

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  • su fandom: oh this episode is super lovely oh look at peridot hahaha love
  • me: ooh lovely how are the other fandoms doing
  • me: um k
  • me: welp can't get any worse
  • phandom: yeah we are the worse because daN THINKS WE ARE HIS BSHHHH IT IS NOT OKKKKKKK #PAHN FOR LIFE YAYAYAYA
  • me: ok hello su help me
027; prince!jimin

“Try some.” (027)

“Prince, the baked goods are ready for your favor,” A voice snaps Jimin from his reverie as he situates by the window, high above as he has a view of the courtyard and he smirks, heaving his weight from the tailored cushion seats to face one of the maidens. He nods in gratitude, mumbling a soft thank you, maiden and quickly makes his way out, hearing the door close behind him as he finds his way to the dining hall.

As expected, when he reaches, there’s a banquet of pastries ranging from soft, fluffed cakes, homemade cookies baked to perfection, custards and pies with various flavors known to mankind and just that one thing Jimin’s been looking forward to. He reaches for a cookie, dark chocolate and almond, popping it into his mouth. The head chef stares nervously and jerks back to reality when Jimin smiles warmly, giving a praise, “It tastes amazing,”

The said man bows in relief, nodding in appreciation, “T-Thank you, Prince.”

Jimin then steps to the side and reaches for a plate, rather big to begin with and starts piling up almost each of everything. One of the maidens gape at the sight, voicing out her thoughts, “With all do respect, Prince, may I speak?”

Jimin pauses as he reaches for a strawberry custard, dusted with sugar icing to look at her with a raised bow, “Yes, you may,”

She straightens her back and smiles crookedly, “The Queen said not to fill your stomach up before dinner. There’s a ball later tonight,”

Jimin smiles at the reminder, but continues to reach for it to place it on his plate before he says, “I know, maiden. But these are not for me,”

At the realization that who Jimin might be referring to, she quickly steps back and bows her head, “My apologies, Prince,”

He only waves a hand with a hearty chuckle, “Don’t worry about it! Anyway, I will be taking my leave to the courtyard. No one shall come out unless I call for assistance, understood?”

The three maidens lined up along with the head chef and one of his sires nod knowingly; having a hunch of where Jimin might be going. Jimin smiles brightly and uses his free hand, gesturing to the long wooden table covered with tasty delectable, “Help yourselves. This is an order, not a request.”

Jimin only makes his leave when he sees them growing comfortable, letting loose and trying out the pastries. He’s swift with his feet, hurrying if that’s the most important thing in his mind and he sighs just as he steps out to the open. The sunlight that grows weak welcomes him, the same time an aura of a lady that’s smitten his heart is in his peripheral.

“Maiden,” You were so close to dropping the cloth you were about to hang up, gasping as you manage to catch it before it does because this is silk and you can’t afford to risk that. You spin around to see a face you’re quite familiar with. Instead of greeting him with a warm smile he had expected to, you’re glaring at him, “Prince! You—you can’t be here!”

He pouts, managing to hide the plate behind his back properly, “But I missed you… Plus, I came here to let you have these,” He reveals what he has and you’re going wide eyed at what he has. You hesitate to say what you want that you turn your attention away, hanging the last blanket up, clipping it into place before dealing with him.

This boy never learns.

“Try some,” His eyes point at the plate he has up and you sigh, shaking your head, “Prince—“ he tuts, cutting you and you relent, “Jimin,” the smile appears on his face, “You can’t be out here! You’re going against the King and Queen’s word!”

“Oh please, how much of trouble could I really get in? The real trouble is that you’re letting all these good food to go to waste!”

“Jimin you can’t just—mmph!” Your words are limited when Jimin slyly puts a piece of cake, allowing the thick chocolate coat the walls of your mouth and melt warmly that you can’t stay mad. You chew in protest while he takes a step further, pinching your cheek, “Aw, look at you! So cute with your puffed cheeks!”

When you manage to swallow a lump, you open your mouth to—“Jimi-!” He stuffs in a cranberry pie this time, watching as you only take a full bite before he takes the remnant and now you can’t help but laugh despite the amount of food in your mouth. He laughs discretely when you try not to look at him, covering your lower face with a hand whilst looking away. He continues to stare at you with adoring eyes as he tastes the berry kiss his tongue. And he finds that all these pastries are only as sweet when they’re taken with you.

woohoo!! being lovestruck sure is fun, and definitely not a first for loverboy over here. also, everyone is like op as shit, and then there’s prompto.

  • i’m gonna go and say that the one he sees in the succubus is his best pal, noctis, the crown prince. other than that guy practically changed his life, prompto has a duty to perform as part of the prince’s retinue, so. yeah. ( prompto voice ) pls don’t hurt him he’s just doing his best :(
  • he’s not…how do i put this, aggressive? he’s not out and about looking for any fight, ignoring any lovestruck trying to hit it off with the succubus-slash-noct ( because he has no right to tell noct who he should bang, ya kno? ), and he’ll definitely try to weasel out of any possible fight if he can. anyway, noct can freaking summon gods. how is he supposed to compete with that? he’s more likely to beg you to leave noct alone than to bring out the guns and start shooting.
  • unless, you bring out the guns anyway, then he’s bringing out the guns, too, with a very sad look on his face ( you won’t resist it. just give up, man. how could you? :C ). he’s a good shot, and one of his current ability at the moment ( piercer ) is able to shoot through any armour and weaken your defense. watch out for that.
  • he also has this ability to manipulate gravity on a small area for a short amount of time, thanks to his amazing HacKinG $killz on his machinery. because he’s alone now, he’s most likely to use it to pin you in one area before running away, or, you know, going trigger happy and unloading his entire clip of bullets on you. i doubt that, though.
  • here’s the best part: he’s not an amazing fighter! he’s easy to bring down. probably the easiest out of everyone in the lovestruck list. he’s only good at ranged combat, but once you get close to him, it’s easy to put him down. but, he’s a quick runner, and, of course, he still has combat experience. it might not be that easy to take him off guard, but once you do, he’s just a quick work.
  • you can bait him with chocobos