I only have 100 calendars left, so I’m offering them for 40% off, until they are gone!!!

Each calendar is only $14.99, FREE shipping in the US and Canada, and $10 flat rate shipping worldwide! Grab them while you can!

They will be pre-autographed by me and shipped out by my team 3 times per week! I’m going on tour so I won’t be around to personalize them.

Thank you all SO MUCH for the amazing support on this calendar project! I hope you are enjoying your calendar!


Aaand we are LIVE!
My 2015 Limited Edition Calendar is officially available!


- this is my 3rd calendar, self-produced, coming directly from me to you
- a collection of some of the best images created as collaborations between Yaya and skilled photographers
- all costumes hand made by Yaya, with shout-out & credit given to any collaborations
- printed on high quality paper (thicker than last year even!), 11x24 size fully opened
- Exclusive photos featured in the calendar, not available as prints elsewhere. 10 out of 12 of the photos were special photoshoots just for this calendar.
- Monthly anecdotes from Yaya 
- FREE Bonus Print of Heartseeker Ashe - 8x12 size for the first 300 online orders
- FREE shipping within the USA, flat rate worldwide shipping
- Calendar and print will be signed and personalized upon request by Yaya!
-estimated shipping date for Pre-orders is End of July!

I’m super proud of this one! A huge THANK YOU also to Benni of Kamui Cosplay for designing the layout for this year’s calendar.

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Check out the Limited Edition Yaya Han 2013 Cosplay Calendar

Eeeeeh! I am so excited about the sharing the images from the photoshoot I recently did with Bryan Humphrey! More coming soon!
Character: Catwoman from Arkham City (video game)
Costume made by: Yaya
Model: Yaya
Photography: Bryan Humphrey

How I made this: This costume was made in 50 hours, but only takes 5 minutes to put on lol. To match the hexagon fabric in the video game, I had the pattern designed by my friend Jinyo and printed up at Fabric On Demand. The secondary fabric is a rubber coated spandex. Cathy of GSTQFashion saved me hours of work by graciously letting me base my bodysuit off of the pattern she had made already for this same costume for a customer. I had to redesign most pieces of the pattern to fit my bodyshape and height, but it was nice to not have to make a full mock-up from scratch, and with my tight work schedule, I appreciated every second of time saved. I sewed the costume entirely myself, as usual, making sure to triple-stitch the seams (100+ of them) and also top stitch all of them. I also made the matching accessories such as gloves/hood/ears/sculpted metal bits/altered boots etc. I re-used the goggles from my other Catwoman costume because I kind of hate the design of the Arkham City goggles, and I already made perfectly usable Catwoman goggles before. :)

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<p><strong><a class=“external” href=“http://www.deviantart.com/users/outgoing?http://yayahan.bigcartel.com/product/yaya-han-2013-calendar-pre-order”>Pre-order now</a>! The Yaya Han 2013 Cosplay Calendar - Limited Edition</strong></p>
<p>For the past few months I have been hard at work with designer David Terres and photographers such as Anna Fisher and Paul Tien, to produce this 12 month collection of my favorite and best costumes. This is the cover image, shot by Anna Fisher!</p>
<p><strong>Calendar info:</strong> For the first time ever, Yaya’s best costuming and cosplay photos are collected in this Exlcusive 2013 Limited Edition Calendar.<br />Printed on high quality glossy paper, you will receive a collection of 12 mostly new and never before seen images of Yaya’s favorite cosplays at 11x17 display, with a personal quote accompanying each month. The full calendar opens to 11x24 inches.<br />Each purchase will receive an autographed and personalized calendar by Yaya. Just note the name to be signed to in the payment.<br />This is a pre-order for the calendar, which will ship beginning of <strong>July 2012</strong>. <strong>Domestic USA orders</strong> will receive <strong>FREE SHIPPING</strong>! International order only pay $10USD shipping.<br /><a class=“external” href=“http://yayahan.bigcartel.com/product/yaya-han-2013-calendar-pre-order”><strong>Click to order!</strong></a></p>

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Check out the Limited Edition Yaya Han 2013 Cosplay Calendar

Character: Psylocke - Marvel’s X-Men
Costume made/modeled by Yaya
Photography by Anna Fisher
Psychic blade made by Volpin Props
Photo location: Otakon

This is a brand new Psylocke costume! I cosplayed Psylocke back in ‘06 but wanted to make a new version, more grounded in Reality. I drafted my own patterns for the bodysuit, arms/legs, boot covers etc, and sewed everything in a day utilizing two contrasting fabrics, heavy duty spandex & stretch pleather. The only piece I re-used from the old Psylocke costume is the sash.
My wig is sponsored by EpicCosplay!! It is incredibly thick, heat resistant, smooth and soft. You can see more of Epic Cosplay’s wig line at http://epiccosplay.com/!

*When we hit 50,000 Likes on my Facebook Page, I will give away lots of free stuff as a Thank You, including a hand made corset by me!*