yaya pls



Anyways, I did a screencap redraw! Idk why I liked that little picture he held up but yeah, thought I’d redraw that. 
Also because I really like Grunkle Stan

I’m planning on drawing more grunklefuckery soooo yeah, hope I don’t lose motivation ;w;

Edit: Wowzas, thanks guys for 1000+ notes! I’d really appreciate it if you guys checked out my other Stan art, too ;o; I was proud of them ahahhhh

5sos album artwork + favorite lyrics

(click images to enlarge)

Somewhere New EP - Unpredictable
She Looks So Perfect EP - She Looks So Perfect
5 Seconds Of Summer - Social Casualty
Good Girls EP - Long Way Home
She’s Kinda Hot EP - She’s Kinda Hot
Sounds Good Feels Good - Airplanes

(Inspired by this incredible post)