I have now passed the 100 follower mark guys!!! To my first 100 followers thank you so much for following me! And for those that followed after omg!!! Special shoutout to the first 10 blogs that ever followed me!!! You’ve been here since the beginning!!! How crazy is that?!?!

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I have been kind of inactive for some time and it will be halloween in a week so I just wanted to post some more halloween icons!

  • reblog or like if you save any
  • 100 x 100 icons
  • please do not claim as yours or edit
  • find them all under the cut

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Winners for my spooky art raffle

There are four winners. Three of them art tumblr users and one is an Instagram user so I will not say the Instagram one on this post.
Thank you all for attempting to do this and thank you to the ones who did it correctly.
The winners of the 300+ follower raffle are @fnaffandom2098
@wheatu and @sparklecupcakesthings
Congrats to you guys .
Your prizes are a free drawing, digital or not, message me for more info and thank you for attending

rhere are people????????? who enjoy????? and look forward to their birthday???????

sounds fake