Plot Twist:  The True Believers ARE the real Baddies!

Whee its end of arc theory time!  HUGE shout out to @fitzsimmonsavengers and @jessiecrimefighter

This is what happens when a lot of pieces fall into place in thanks to an ah ha moment from @fitzsimmonsavengers on Robin’s picture and my gut/looking at the Press Releases.

All season I’ve been worried about the True Believers, after all they orchestrated the teams kidnapping from the past.   Then as the season progressed and we learned more about them.  They survived the Kree taking them out, they survived on the surface and the roaches are afraid of them.   

Lets start with Robin’s infamous picture.   Enoch wasn’t going to send Fitz to the future until he saw it.  

So the hooky hand dudes there ARE the True Believers.  Those are the hooks they used to save May and Enoch from the gravity storm.  Enoch told may “I’m trying to get you out of this mess,” so when he saw the picture he also realized he’d been duped if you will and committed himself to making it right.   The lengths he went too to get Fitz there and in position to get the girls out was very impressive.

  • At some point if we see Robin or Jemma with a few True Believers, Daisy, and May…that is when a betrayal is coming.
  • Robin will fall before the end of 8.

Then today we just got the press release for 10, and there were none of the True Believers among the guest stars, which really struck me as odd.  All the build up to getting to them and they all die within a couple of episodes.  So here was my ah ha moment.   

The team does manage to figure out how to get home either in the next episode or 9, however when they go to make the jump, the Papa Deke (Voss) and the True Believers pull a double cross, going back themselves (likely planning to interfere with history or just have a better life) and leave the team trapped in the future.  Unable to stop them.   This would explain the wording with ‘final chance’ and the fact that Deke comes back to the past with the team, he’s come back to settle the score with his father.  

The other thing that has been puzzling me is that Tess is back.   So…hides behind my computer…..Tess faked her death in order to get the team to the surface.  She’s working with the True Believers as part of the grand plan and has been manipulating the team/keeping the others in the loop of what they are up too.  Also, we didn’t see her die, I know better than to trust a death they didn’t show happening by now.

  • Happier option since she is pretty beloved in the fandom is she’s back via flashbacks, which doesn’t really seem to fit since no one else is back.

I’ve also had my eye on Sinara totally pulling one over on Kasius at some point, she was the enforcer, she was the one doing the ‘killing’.  Again, the Kree are more than capable of killing the humans with a flick of their wrists, so why bother with the whole banishment to the surface thing.  She was the one sending people to the surface…she is in on the plan too!  At the very least she’s communicating with someone on the surface.

Fitz is the possible x factor for the True Believers.  Robin said he had to save them.  Virgil was aware of him, “he’s always thinking about you” but gave no indication he knew Fitz was coming.   If Robin realized either by hearing the plan or her visions, she left him out so he could save them down the line.   I’ll know for sure when I see how the True Believers react to him being there.

The True Believers not only took the team to help them get back but likely to get the team out of the way for when they go back to the past.  They are perhaps behind the set up that made Daisy take the blame for destroying the world in the first place.

There are still lots of holes to fill in this theory but I think I’l be able to do a fair amount of that once the team is able to talk to Robin and I see the True Believers in action.  


So I’m realizing it’s pretty easy to give pictures of canon!Keiko a haircut, of sorts, that makes her more closely resemble NQK with her shorter hair style. Just remove that weird bottom fringe thing and she winds up with a tamer/less floofy version of those poofy punk bangs I envision for NQK. It’s nice to see a version of NQK in official artwork alongside the boys, even in chibi form!

I’m a Reylo shipper, like my father before me

Watching Logan Lucky with my parents

*Adam Driver’s character wakes up and walks into the kitchen in boxers and a band T-shirt*

My dad: It would have been a funnier reference if he wore a Star Wars shirt with that pretty girl Rey on it.

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Little Birdie

​Prompt from @magicalmonsterhero​: “Critical failure! Bendy ignores your offering and attacks you instead!”

I read the thing and this popped into my head, so here we are. Just a cute little bit that doesn’t necessarily take place in any particular AU. 

“Critical failure! Bendy ignores your offering and attacks you instead!”

Scowling, Sammy peeled himself off the wall. “No one asked you,” he growled. 

Of all the toons Joey tried to bring to life, the most successful one to date just had to be the annoying parrot from an episode with pirates. Even worse, the parrot’s main gag was spouting off narration when things went wrong.

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✧・゚: *✧・゚:*  Mean Girls  *:・゚✧*:・゚✧


  • Charlotte “whatcha got there?” Pudding
  • Charlotte “a knife! :D” Anana
  • Charlotte “I’m not affiliated with these people *likes new post of Katakuri within .32 seconds*” Flambé

and a very stressed Streusen, somewhere.

Happy Birthday to my really cool, sweet, awesome dude, mi amigo, @cro-kunart thank you for being there for me. Seriously! You’re really fun to talk to and I hope ya feel the same way about me ^^ I love our little jokes we have and I’m glad- you supported me from then to now! Thank you so much Cro-kun! You’re one of my coolest tumblr best friends ever! I hope you have a wonderful birthday today!

Today is going really great and it’s pretty much all because of Marilyn! First there were some new rare pictures, and now this book arrived!

I FINALLY own ‘The Essential Marilyn Monroe’ book! I’m pretty sure it came out in September and I’ve constantly been reading how amazing and beautiful this book is. I didn’t get it because my birthday is in November and then there’s Christmas, and I was told not to buy any books. I didn’t end up getting it as a gift so I made sure to order it online right after Christmas. It really wasn’t easy - seriously!

But here it is! I’ve flipped through it and, as everyone has been saying, it looks gorgeous!

I’ll likely write more about this book once I’ve finished it - a review type of thing.

Can’t wait to look through the entire thing!

I think my dad was a fanfic writer in a past life

I swear, my dad might be more of a Reylo than I am. We came up with the idea that since Rey is pretty and saved the Resistance, the soldiers would be flocking to her. In respose, my dad did a one man show acting where Rey got asked out by a (foolish) Resistance soldier and Kylo yelling being insanely jealous:

Rey: Stop choking the Resistance soldier!

Kylo: He asked you out! HOW DARE HE?! DON’T YOU KNOW SHE’S MINE?!?!*holds out hand mimicking force choke*

Rey: Let him go!

Resistance soldier: *gasping* N-no! I would never! She’s…ugly?

Kylo: HOW DARE YOU CALL MY QUEEN UGLY!!!! *clenches fist in force choke*

Resistance soldier: No! I lied! She’s beautiful!

Kylo: A-ha! So you admit it! YOU DO LIKE HER! *tightens force choke*

Rey: *smacks head against the wall* I don’t want either of you idiots.


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Petition to have my dad as a guest star of Whose Line Is It Anyway? Because that was talented improv material in my biased opinion.

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