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Hi, I'm in need of good Drarry fics right now and, as I like your recs in general, I really (really) would love to know which Drarry fics are your absolute favorite ones.

YESS. Thank you, it’d be my pleasure! These are in order. Kind of.

• Turn, by Sara’s Girl (306k)
One good turn always deserves another. Apparently.

Reparations, by Sara’s Girl (87k)
Harry is about to discover that the steepest learning curve comes after Healer training, and that second chances can be found in unexpected places.

He Who Must Not Be Normal, by lettered (40k)
Potter has fame and fortune and posh clothes and all he wants is a simple life. Draco has a flat and a cat and a steady job and all he wants is a complicated life. Which makes you think this story has something exciting like body-swapping, but it doesn’t. Instead it has Indian takeaway and a blue jumper and people wanting a whole lot of what they can’t have, discovering themselves as they discover each other.

Tempus Fugit, by Poison Pen (93k)
A monumental cock-up in Potions means that Harry and Draco have more to contend with than mutual enmity. A journey of discovery, self-reflection and love.

The Light More Beautiful, by firethesound (81k)
Thirteen years after Draco accepts Potter’s help escaping the horror of his sixth year, he returns to England where he makes the unfortunate discovery that Potter is still as obnoxious as ever. And worse, more than a decade overseas hasn’t been enough to dim Draco’s obsession with him.

The Way Down, by lettered (65k)
Harry is overwhelmed by his own power and fame and angst, so he’s become a hermit. Draco Malfoy is tired of the melodrama.

Chaos Theory, by Tessa Crowley (102k)
Chaos: when the present determines the future, but the approximate present does not approximately determine the future. One gene varies, one neuron fires, one butterfly flaps its wings, and Draco Malfoy’s life is completely different. Draco has always found a certain comfort in chaos. Perhaps he shouldn’t.

All Life is Yours to Miss, by Sara’s Girl (114k)
Professor Malfoy’s world is contained, controlled, and as solitary as he can make it, but when an act of petty revenge goes horribly awry, he and his trusty six-legged friend are thrown into Hogwarts life at the deep end and must learn to live, love and let go.

Nightcall, by femmequixotic & noeon (116k)
A hideously mauled corpse is found sprawled across the paving stones of Brick Lane in the East End of London. Inspector Harry Potter–widely believed to be the lead candidate for next Deputy Head Auror–is called in to investigate a possible magical crime. To make matters worse, his occasional lover and former school-nemesis, Viscount Draco Malfoy, now billing himself as a consulting criminologist, shows up at the crime scene to aid in the investigation of the suspicious death.

Running on Air, by eleventy7 (74k)
Draco Malfoy has been missing for three years. Harry is assigned the cold case and finds himself slowly falling in love with the memories he collects.

A Thousand Beautiful Things, by geoviki (104k)
Draco Malfoy struggles with changed fortunes, shifted alliances, an ugly war, and an unusual spell, with the help of a concerned professor, an insightful house-elf, and an unexpected Gryffindor friend.

Unhook the Stars, by jad (72k)
“Love is like a Rubix Cube: there are countless wrong twists and turns, but once you get it right, it’s perfect no matter how you look at it.” Seventy-thousand words of pornographic discourse between two boys-turned-men that still haven’t learned how to communicate like normal people — with words.

Right Hand Red, by lumosed_quill (73k)
Harry felt Malfoy’s breath on his lips as they came together over the bottle, hands firmly planted on the floor as though they each needed their familiar soil, refusing to cross into enemy territory. Except that Malfoy no longer felt like his enemy. Malfoy felt inevitable.

Only For The Lucky, by SunseticMonster (63k)
Things seem to be going well for Draco Malfoy after the war. He’s working as a professor at Hogwarts and makes the papers all the time for his charitable contribution to Muggle causes. But when Malfoy is rushed into St Mungos hospital for a psychotic break, Healer Harry Potter realizes that Malfoy’s success is not all what it seems and sometimes luck can have more than one meaning.

Stately Homes of Wiltshire, by waspabi (57k)
Malfoy Manor has mould, dry rot and an infestation of unusually historical poltergeists. Harry Potter is on the case.

Secrets, by Vorabiza (411k)
Beginning with Draco’s unexpected arrival at the Dursleys, Harry’s summer after sixth year becomes filled with activity and many secrets. As his summer progresses, Harry generates several unexpected allies as he finds himself actively becoming the leader of the Light side.

Little Red Courgette, by blamebrampton (31k)
When this season’s purple courgettes are woefully thin, Draco Malfoy thinks it amounts to small beans. Next thing he knows, the Department of Standards is over-run with leeks, Brussels sprouts all sorts of legislative difficulties, and somebody appears to have put a roquette under Harry Potter. Can Draco seize a marrow victory? Or will his plans for peas be squashed?

Azoth, by zeitgeistic (88k)
Now that Harry is back at Hogwarts with Hermione for eighth year, he realises that something’s missing from his life, and it either has to do with Ron, his boggart, Snape, or Malfoy. Furthermore, what, exactly, does it mean when one’s life is defined by the desire to simultaneously impress and annoy a portrait? Harry has no idea; he’s too busy trying not to be in love with Malfoy to care.

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could you explain those stick figure things that you use to draw out chemicals? Sorry if it's a stupid question, I don't get them :(

Yes of course! Not at all a stupid question, chemistry is hard.

The ‘stick figures’ are called skeletal formula, and it is essentially a short hand way of drawing organic (carbon-containing) compounds.

I drew out an example using a chemical called propane:

As you can see, in skeletal formula all the hydrogens are stripped off, leaving you with the just the carbons. Every point on the skeletal formula represents a carbon; propane has 3 carbons so it’s skeletal formula has three points to represent them. 

But the carbon chain isn’t always that simple, and in most of my infographics, the molecules can get quite complex. Other groups/elements may be added in various places, represented by their chemical symbol- I’ve used an example from this infographic of the neurotransmitter GABA:

You can still see the basic carbon chain in the skeletal formula with the 4 carbons, just with the extra add-ons. I hope this explained it enough! If you still need clarification this video goes into more depth.

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Judai and Yubel interaction? Why not Judai and Yubel interacting with the family?? Most of them hardly notice them (except for Yugi, who can see duel spirits), but Yubel’s got their back without them knowing! And of course they’re there to keep an eye on Yuri.

PS. Happy Birthday Judai~


I’m feeling great. Being under anesthesia was incredibly weird–apparently I tried to hug the surgeon afterwards–and I did almost throw up as I was getting home. But from the time I got home to now, I’ve been very alert, all “here” mentally… I’m on Vicodin and Acetaminophen along with Ibuprofen on a rotating schedule. I’ve never taken narcotics and I’m taking the low side of the prescribed suggestion, and I’m thankfully not getting sick. I have a huge appetite and I’ve eaten (well drank) a ton. My jaw is still numb but earlier my entire face was and its coming back slowly, so we’re getting there. Taken some naps, played some Pokemon, watched some TV… Chewie and Tali have figured out something is going on and they are constantly lying on me or checking on me. I’m icing, even though I feel alright, just to stay on top of the swelling. All in all, I’m doing alright I think! I just can’t wait to eat French fries or something really salty. Mmmmmm.