Na na na na na I’m gonna start a fight.

You know I thought that since this was booklr and all, I figured people knew how to read and understand what they read. But I guess not.

When did tagging people in posts become associated with calling people out? I got two separate anons telling me I shouldn’t “call people out” because I tagged them in a post. Even though I explicitly stated that I’m not calling anyone out, but in fact tagging people who I know love the series so that we can have a discussion. I also don’t remember twisting anyone’s arm to answer.

Since I’m not allowed to “call people out”, I’m going to be all passive aggressive about this just like they are (because this is high school) and say: Some people are very quick to reblog posts that support diversity and calls for justice because of all the news. Yet, when it comes to actually reading diverse books and supporting POC authors, AND owning up to that kind of bullshit in our own community, suddenly no one wants to talk or be put “on the spot”.  Well, I’m calling bullshit,  and if you not going to call problematic things out in the books that you read or worse – ignore it and still hail the book as end all and be all – then well  ain’t that fucking hypocritical?

Worse of all, whenever someone gets called out their posse instantly jumps in and starts defending them and  telling people to be nice. You know what? People don’t need to be nice to you when calling out your bullshit. Especially POC bloggers who are tired of white bloggers silencing them and policing their tone. I also remember that some of you pride yourself on being bitches? And saying how you don’t have to be nice to haters?

Also, a little advice: if you don’t know what you’re talking about when it comes to issues, it okay not to respond. It’s completely and totally okay. It’s also really easy to ignore haters to avoid “drama”. But don’t excuse yourself later saying you shouldn’t be held accountable because you didn’t know what you were talking about. 

This passive aggressive note brought to you by someone who’s tired of hypocrisy. I’m also at work, so I shouldn’t be doing this, but please allow me a couple of hours to answer your hate. Thank you.

Here's my outside-of-the-tag "Ben's Letter From the Refuge" rant

-just based off of the audio okay

-It’s in a different key. They transposed it up like a whole step(?) for his squeaky lil voice.


-He was not stoner Race in the refuge. Far from, my friends. FAR FREAKING FROM.

-He’s so young. That’s the main thing I’m gonna say. You get like a babbling/chatty child thing off of him and he’s younger than Zachary.

-Okay, he tried to put on a bit of vocal flair where Zachary just kinda talks it. I feel like it’s written to be a talky, honest song. Just a letter. But maybe that’s just because that’s how Zachary sang it in the first boot. And Ben sounds AMAZING on it, vocally, but yeah, I expected just a liiiiittle more honest emotion? (I know it’s his first night these are opinions so fight me you’ll probably win)

-But like it might have worked in his favor a bit. His Crutchie reminds me of Andy’s, because Andy’s would be such brightly painted-on optimism because he seems like he’s physically not used to frowning. He sounds so optimistic, or at least in a hurry to make Jack think so (he might be nervous but he’s nervous and stuttering at the top of his lungs like “ITS GONNA BE OKAY I PROMISE IM DOING GREAT”).

-The moment where he breaks. THE MOMENT WHERE HE BREAKS. Can I please just listen to “Damn this place” on repeat for the rest of my life because it’ll slowly deprive me of all other emotions. LISTEN TO HOW DIFFERENT HIS VOICE GETS.

-Did they change/modify/add to the orchestrations because damn??? It sounds gorgeous good lord

-you can hear Ben breathing and at first I was like “isn’t that a liiiiitle overdramatic??” but then it started kinda working for me idk I guess I need the visual

-how many times do you think he’s sung that in the shower

-But yeah. Zachary is kinda more “tired” but keeps revving himself up to say something inspiring before going back down. More honest. More talky. Ben is a rambling child singing a song and the weight of everything doesn’t even hit us until almost the end of the song. My heart hurts so fucking bad and I haven’t even listened to Prologue yet.