I read today that Freak Show is loosely based on a book called “geek love.” I love freaky weird shit so obviously my interest was piqued right away. But I have so many books to read! Here are the phases I went through today while struggling with this dilemma:

1 pm - read the article. Tell self I’m already reading a bunch of books and I don’t need another one.
2 pm - look up book on library website. They have it! Remember I already have one book out and a hold on the way.
3 pm - remind self that I told self to stop buying so many books
4 pm - add book to goodreads. Tell self I will remember book later at some magical future point where I don’t have any other unread books in house. Know, deep down, that I am lying to self.
8 pm- think of book again while doing freelance work. Realize freelance money can be exchanged for book.
9 pm - check used prices on Amazon
9:05 pm - compare to new price
9:07 - feel briefly guilty about environmental impact of shipping book and worker abuses at Amazon warehouses
9:08 - remind self again I told self to stop buying so many books
9:10 - buy book on kindle
Now (11 pm) - could be the two glasses of wine but I am feeling pretty good about the book.

Moved some of my books down to the fourth shelve. 🙌🏻 Still have a ton of room for some new books, yay! ✨ 3 posts in one day? Oh my, yes it is a good photo day. 😎

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