Imagine librarian!Woozi always looking around the library to see if you’re there because he has a slight crush on you. 

New work friend!

One of the local breweries is holding a postcard writing happy hour–so cool! Also, it’s book fair week at Conner’s school! Time to get my mandatory volunteer shifts in! I’m leaving early to do that and will volunteer every day this week except Friday! I have tons of change saved for all those adorable kids who forget to account for tax! Can’t wait! I love book fair!

Ok, now I should really get to work since I’m leaving early…happy Monday, friends!


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I forgot to post about bikram yesterday. My friend Chase came with me, his first yoga class ever. He does Krav Maga and think he was surprised how intense yoga is but in such a completely different way. He liked it enough to sign up for an introductory month, so hopefully he will keep going. Best news of today is that my copy of Norse Mythology by Neil Gaiman I ordered in December is finally there for me to pick up!! Yay new Neil book!! If you haven’t read anything by him you really should, he’s amazing.

I got a new phone case! The colour options were Mozart, Beethoven and Debussy and I chose Debussy :3

Does anyone recognise the piece? 

  • Me entering the bookstore: yay! Let's buy new books that I've been dying to read!
  • Me leaving the bookstore: I definitely needed to buy two more copies of Romeo and Juliet, it's not like I own this play 7 times already.

anonymous asked:

so i'm going to the bookstore today to pick up some new books (yay!) and i'm wondering if six of crows is worth reading? what are some of your favourite YA lit? or just lit in general?

YES YES YES YES YES!!!! six of crows is amazing please read it! other ya i like are carry on by rainbow rowell (harry potter but gay and super fluffy, like the fluffiest and cutest thing you’ll ever read, you srsly won’t stop smiling after reading it), the song of achilles by madeline miller (iliad retelling from patroclus’ perspective but focuses more on his and achilles’ relationship from when they met to the war, one of the most beautiful books i’ve read ever, will break your heart but it’s so fucking worth it), every day by david levithan (anything by him tbh, this is such an interesting book and it addresses some very unusual but certainly important topics concerning gender and identity. another book by him is two boys kissing which is also an incredible book. it’s very weirdly formatted but it’s so so good and if you’re interested in reading about different lives and struggles of gay teenagers please read it. it’s short too, it took me like three hours to read). lastly, the foxhole court by nora sakavic (gay sports, what isn’t there to like about it? but seriously tho it has the most beautiful romance and it’s about a boy who has lost everything and finds a new life with a sports team. all the characters are interesting, seriously this trilogy is life changing, you won’t get over it quickly trust me. it’s very triggering tho it has a lot of abuse and trauma and stuff in it so please read at your own risk). check my /tagged/book-recs for more, i’m on phone so i can’t link srry

Yay! I got some new books as a birthday present to myself and they got here WAY faster than I thought they would! I’m happy I finally have a proper reference book specifically about crystals, I’ve been wanting one for a while. And the spell book I hope will inspire me to do more spells and write more. I can’t wait to crack open these books! ☺️✨📚


2016.5.9 [57/100]

Sorry for accidentally giving you guys the finger, haha! Today was a day for Korean~ I did some reading (started a new book, yay!) and wrote the journal above, about a dream I had last night. Maybe if some of you guys actually read the journals I post, you’ll realize that I talk about some sort of weird stuff sometimes… haha.


BOOKS MEME | (1/9) otps.
Louisa Clark and William Traynor from Me Before You by Jojo Moyes.

But I had promised.
So I held him, Will Traynor, ex-City whiz kid, ex-stunt diver, sportsman, traveller, lover. I held him close and said nothing, all the while telling him silently that he was loved. Oh, but he was loved.