If I fall forward, you fall flat

And if the sun should lift me up, would you come back?

So I’m in love with Kim’s Gob mix and in particular I’ve been addicted to C'mon because of how well its verses match up with Tony and Gob (and also the fact that the title doubles as Gob’s catchphrase doesn’t hurt) and then I started doodling and then cheesy stuff happened forgive me


Nat Wolff Appreciation Week, Day Seven: Favorite Thing(s) About Nat.

It’s impossible to choose but I’ll pick one. And that one would be his passion. Nat is passionate about acting, whether it’s a big blockbuster or an indie film. He’s passionate about music and is constantly writing and putting content out there. He’s an artist and always has been. He’ll always choose art over success, and that gives him all the success in the world.

This week was fun! Thanks to fyeahnat for the idea!!


FrostIron || wake up now and live (full version)


 Side A ; Roxas ♚ 

It’s salty… but sweet, too.”

  1. Summertime Sadness - Lana Del Rey {x}
  2. All Time Low - Remember Sunday {x}
  3. The Fray - Look After You {x}
  4. Bon Iver - Skinny Love {x}
  5. Shinedown - Crow Chasing A Butterfly {x}
  6. Metro Station - Kelsey {x}
  7. Dexys Midnight Runners - Come on Eileen! {x}
  8. Coldplay - Paradise {x}
  9. Aerosmith - I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing {x
  10. Relient K - Must Of Done Something Right {x}
  11. The Click Five - Just The Girl {x}
  12. Bowling For Soup - Almost {x}
  13. Simple Plan - I’m Just A Kid {x}
  14. Boys Like Girls - Hero/Heroine {x}
  15. Rob Thomas - Her Diamonds {x}
  16. The Cab - Endlessly {x}

♚ Side B ; Xion 

“I’m going to wreck everything… What’s the right thing to do?”

  • NeverShoutNever - Robot {x}
  • Saosin -You’re Not Alone {x}
  • Creed - My Sacrifice  {x}
  • A Fine Frenzy - Almost Lover {x}
  • Switchfoot - This Is You Life {x}
  • The Smiths - Asleep {x}
  • Buckcherry - Sorry {x}
  • Hoobastank - The Reason {x}
  • Paramore - All I wanted {x}
  • Andrew Belle - In My Veins {x}
  • Jason Walker - What If I Told You {x}
  • Death Cab For A Cutie - Transatlanticism {x}
  • Regina Spektor - Samson {x}
  • Avril Lavigne - Innocence {x}
  • Christina Perri - Distance {x}
  • Florence + The Machine - Never Let Me Go {x}
Now My Troubles Are Going To Have Troubles With Me

“I have heard there are troubles of more than one kind. Some come from ahead and some come from behind. But I’ve bought a big bat. I’m all ready you see. Now my troubles are going to have troubles with me!” ― Dr. Seuss

//this is an extension of “Birth of BBLoki” - read this first if you haven’t already//

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Emrinn Evenlight, priestess of epic healing.  Her eyes were supposed to be PURPLE! ;w; but then…the moonstone happened…  Well, this is what she looks like right now.  I’ll have to fix up some purple for those eyes, I guess.  

(Thanks so much to you guys who suggested an eye color! ;w;  I think I’ll keep #10 as her normal eye color.  Maybe this crazy moonstone thing can be when she casts a spell.)


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sooo here are the doodles!! this took forEVER but i finally did it yeayy!! hope you guys like it!! (and sorry if it’s weird). thank you for reblogging + liking + following me! i LOVE u my lil sugars, you’re the bestest!!!

p.s: i’m sorry if some of you got 2 exact doodles bcs i lost track :( 


Eyy FT voice meme finally.

Tumblr is a bitch and i had to put it on vimeo…