The Mustang Unit + Chess Metaphors
My pawn, my bishop, my rook, my knight and worse of all they’ve even taken my queen. But i’m still not in checkmate. Not yet anyway. ~Roy Mustang~ 

“I’m not going to kill you, I’m just going to hurt you really really bad.” 

Okay so that Lumen Histoire theory does sound good to me and I’ve been wanting to draw the Dragneel brothers in a dramatic scene for so long, there, I tried. 


Dangan Ronpa Seiyuu Jokes: Sailor Moon Edition ~Ver. 2~

We are champions of justice. In the name of hope, we’ll punish you!

Ami Koshimizu becoming new voice of Sailor Jupiter has gotten me super excited, so I decided to remake the two sailor moon sprite edits I made way back in December with Ibuki now in the mix~!

Please click on the images to find out who their seiyuu are and what role they played. (✪ω✪)

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    Japanese Tavern 


          by dominationkid

first of all, please don’t ask me where i get the name from… i actually just googled the names of famous japanese taverns. LOL…xDDDDD

this build was actually such a pain in the ass… and i made so many recolors that my hands are so sore now. -__- but if you enjoy it i will be very happy!! :)

i’m so proud of the zakka(grocery) store part. it’s my masterpiece….(whaaa?)
*being all excited and shxt*


so i just realized that the “rising sun flag” symbol can be really offensive to Korean people. here i want to apologize to all of you who feels uncomfortable because of this post. *bows  90°* 

as usual here are some extra photos


the toilet XDDD

all of my CCs included in this download


THE FOOD … you must be hungry now, aren’t you? ;)

OKAY i know that’s a lot of stuff…
and this is why i feel so tired this time. i was like “i need more! more stuff! mooooooore!!!!” ( my personality sometimes just kills me =_= )

P.S. the potato chips are NOT sellable..sorry!

ABOVE CCs credit to the following simblrs, I LOVE YOU ALL!!!!  ♥ ♥ ♥

kardofe, imadako, thenumberswoman, simplestudio404, pilar, misaki0218, lina-cherie, simcredible, 333eve333, jomsims, aroundthesims, grilledcheese-aspiration, buffsumm, sg5150, moxxa and ladesire. 


and specially thank you budgie2budgie​!! now i finally know how to create a new clone for CCs…xDDDD can’t believe it’s so easy!! 

And really appreciate the creators who made other CCs I use in this build!

a3ru, aachan, ab, ajoya-sims, anbs, angela, bls, budgie2budgie, cool-panther, dba, fayesta, grannyzaza, inabadromance, jools-simming, jsboutique, mangosims, mts, mutske, natatanec, notegain, omorfi-mera, puresims, severinka, shinokcr, simmightsay4, sims4luxury, simsplex, terry, tinkle, ung999, veranka-s4cc and youn-zoey. :D

and another thing, THE CRAPPY UNIFORMS lol

why are they crappy? cuz they only took me 10 minutes to make…-___-;;;
only hats, male top and female top are included. the male cook hat cannot be placed in mod folder with aroundthesims’ american diner hat. 

male apron by s-sac
female tied tee accessory by pickypikachu
female jeans by inabadromance



please activated bb.moveobjects on bb.showhiddenobjectsbb.ignoregameplayunlocksentitlement before placing down in the lot!!

however, things might still appear overlapping each other, please check the whole lot and adjust those items position. *_*  (like beer cases, japanese sake…etc.)

- - -

○ you will need the following CCs for this build ○

✓  various drug clutter by a3ru
✓  pw-sidingblack1 + pw-koshikabe by simmushi 
✓  fabric wall by 천사빵
 get to work add-on items by ajoya-sims
✓  rustic living set by anbs
  kanto living set + kanto garden by angela
  coke bottle + ikea kitchen set by aroundthesims
  canisters (both small & big) by budgie2budgie
  deco boxes by buffsumm
  nms cage conversion by cool-panther
  sara new bedroom double bed by angela
  shoji wood lattice by fayesta
  fuzukue + zabuton by misaki0218
  roe + summer gifts(not found online, included in DL) by granny zaza
  aizome noren + deco boots + postcards + tissue(p type) by imadako
  cupcake store items + kitchen clutter by inabadromance
  bistro set by jools-simming
  shoes for sale part 1 and part 2 by jsboutique
  emerald dining room by kardofe
  bread set by ladesirecreativecorner
  climbing wall plant + kitchen clutters + more kitchen clutters(not found online, included in DL) + misc ts3 conversions + ts3 odds and ends by lina-cherie
  set boston by mangosims
 restore dining set + fruit bowl by msteaqueen
✓  milk crates tv by g1g2
  clutter anywhere mod by plasticbox
  sf modular window set by mutske
  aquarium decor(not found online, included in DL) by natatanec
  ambient Lights by notegain
  string of inspiration(wall 50%) + farmer’s market by omorfi-mera
  living mediterranean painting by pilar
 bed and bath clutter deco set by puresims
  bicycles + animals converted part 2 + asia bathroom and bedroom + provence living two apples + pineapples by severinka
  motel clutters + protector pack by sg5150
  monaco living side table by shinokcr
  granny’s glasses(not found online, included in DL) by simcredible
  retextures (2nd from the bottom) by smsmcr
  家呑みCCセット日曜雑貨 +  japanese misc cc set + random decorative set by simplestudio404
  wood floor set by sims4luxury
✓  smoking clutter by simsplex
  wood paneling(not found online, included in DL) by terry
  outdoor project  + book with glasses by thenumberswoman
  country milk by tinkle
  bedroom simplicity end table by ung999
  bodkin laptop + nabu coffee table + beckoning cat by veranka-s4cc
  wall coat rack 01 by youn-zoey

- - -



- - -

* if you use my CC or build in your photo, please tag dominationkid so i can reblog them!! :)

* if there are CCs missing or any problem plz let me know!  

If you are ever forced to take a chemistry class, you will probably see, at the front of the classroom, a large chart divided into squares, with different numbers and letters in each of them. This chart is called the table of elements, and scientists like to say that it contains all the substances that make up our world. Like everyone else, scientists are wrong from time to time, and it is easy to see that they are wrong about the table of elements. Because although this table contains a great many elements, from the element oxygen, which is found in the air, to the element of aluminum, which is found in cans of soda, the table of elements does not contain one of the most powerful elements that make up our world, and that is the element of surprise.
—  Lemony Snicket - A Series Of Unfortunate Events: The Ersatz Elevator


I took a ton of shots, and I’m bending my “if I get it done by midnight” by just… 40 mins, but whatever.

YAY I FINALLY FINISHED TEREZI. First time I’ve ever made a pair of… crocs. uhh. (detail shots will follow later). Everything’s made by me, from scratch, blahblah. Check out my sewing tag if you wanna know/see more!

the scalemate is like, two inches tall. Itty Bitty Pyralspite