William Pratt, Captain Peroxide, Blondie Bear, William the Bloody, The Slayer of Slayers, Spike: The character everyone hates to love, and loves to hate.

Spike is my favorite male character (Buffy Summers being my all time favorite, but I’ve already written like 50 posts on that, so). I used to call him trash, I used to love him apologetically and shamefully. But the more time I had with my thoughts, and the less time I spent around other peoples opinions, I realized how much I actually love him. And while I’ve been unapologetic about it for a while now, I would like to make it crystal clear exactly how great I think Spike is.

The “story of Spike” is a very feminist one, and being a raging feminist myself this is a topic of great importance. It’s also a topic that can lead to heated arguments, since so many disagree on what “feminist storytelling” actually is. When in reality it comes in a huge spectrum, with one kind not canceling out another. The “story of Spike” is simply one particular flavor of it, not more right or wrong than any other - just different. It’s also a very thought provoking (and anger inducing) one, which in my eyes is even better. So why is it feminist?

  • Spike’s a metaphor for a meninist turned feminist ally. It’s a long and messy road of making a decent, functional person, out of a misogynistic, sociopath.
  • The rape attempt is treated as the worst thing you could possibly do. So vile that it makes even a soulless, murderous, monster, question his ways.
  • He takes on the stereotypical role of “naive, love-sick, secret mistress”, which is almost exclusively reserved for female characters in entertainment.
  • The content is very self aware of his flaws, making it clear that his behavior is unacceptable.

Also, I’ve never seen such a drastic, yet organic, character development.

Spike would take baby steps in the right direction, then huge strides in the wrong one, getting beat down, built up, and torn back down all over again. And it all made it feel so very authentic. He didn’t better himself on a steady curve - he was flying all over the chart, making massive mistakes on his way, which took the viewers on a very intense emotional roller coaster of not knowing whether to hate or love him half the time. Other times hating him with such sheer intensity that you just knew it was beyond repair, then growing to love him again against all odds, crying rivers when he sacrificed himself in Chosen.

There are many more reasons why I find this character so wonderful, but to keep this post relatively short and to the point, I’d like to conclude with this:

The character “Spike” is art. Everyone wont appreciate him, everyone will interpret him and his story their own way. But the vast array of raw emotions he evoke in so many of us, the soul searching and questioning he forces us to do, is what makes him not only art - but a masterpiece, worthy of going down in history as more than just your “problematic fave”.

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Raptor daddy Bilbo and his girls. (◡‿◡✿)

Based off a small little minor part in this lovely fic The Lonely Isle which fueled my intense love for this AU even more gosh I have so many ideas to draw out for this I really want to but schoolwork!!1!!11 ANYWAY, PLEASE CHECK THE FIC OUT IT’S AMAZING. MY ART DOESN’T DO ANY JUSTICE TO IT. 

So in celebration of Troyes new album I drew him… (that sounds weird) I finally figured out how to colour skin in photoshop and this was the first time I actually used it so it looks kinda weird. But yeah, it took me ages!!! Hope you like it troyesivan (and I AM SO PROUD OF YOU TROYE, YOU HAVE ACHIEVED SO MUCH AND I AM SUCH A PROUD FAN RIGHT NOW, tbh i cried when I watched your announcement video. <3)


Happy birthday Andy Samberg

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Okay okay so. Hanleia, space vigilante outlaw AU. Like Robin Hood but in space. With Han and Leia. Extra points if Luke and Chewie are snuck in.

I’m finally finishing those three-sentence fics from ages ago!

The crippled Imperial cargo hauler drifted slowly through the vacuum of space, trailing a small cloud of debris and listing to one side as if it fell through an empty abyss, while the stars that glittered in the infinite distance beyond its scarred and scored hull laughed coldly at the ship’s broken demise.

The graying captain of the cargo freighter knelt on the floor of the cargo bay, hands fastened behind his head, his uniform rumpled and stained with sweat, and looked up at the ragged band of pirates that had somehow successfully crippled his ship, and taken over the crew–the Wookiee stood tall and imposing over the captured crew, while the four humans (two men: one short and blond with heaven-blue eyes, one tall and dark and who carried himself with a distinct swagger; one woman: short (even shorter than the blond-haired man), but whose features were obscured by a hood) rifled through the cargo, sorting the bins and cataloging their finds on small datapads–and somewhere deep in the recesses of the captain’s mind, he thought Just our luck, to be struck by these pirates–these pirates, who had surfaced soon after Alderaan’s destruction, the christening of the Death Star, the destruction of the Rebellion; these pirates, whose names and faces were as unknown as the wild, outer reaches of the galaxy, but who never seemed to fail at their strikes, and who always slid like smoke through clutching fingers when the Empire tried to seize them…

“We’re done here,” the tall man said, pushing the last of the cargo bins through the door, where his two companions waited to shepherd their haul off to the battered Corellian freighter docked against the conquered Imparial ship, “let’s go Chewie.”