// Donna Noble Appreciation Week

(Slightly Belated) Day 4: The DoctorDonna

“I was going to be with you. Forever.”

This is way waaaaay overdue and I promised myself I wouldn’t make another one but like I said this was way overdue and I wanted to do something nice so…

So first off, thanks for the 5.3k followers! I never thought someone like me would get that many since I’m a lame blog that just reblogs anime gifs like seriously why. Second, I guess this is sort of a milestone since I had this blog for like two years and I’m still here on tumblr i have a love hate relationship with this website hahaha. So here it is! And featuring Zankyou no Terror as you all already know I’m totally obsessed with, are my attempts to do graphics. Yay. 

I wanted to make this before I leave tomorrow for LA (if you’re in Disneyland on Monday or Tuesday hit me up!) and also when I go back to college I won’t have this freedom to talk to you all on a regular basis because I’ll be really really busy. So if you want, add me on line and we can chat more since I’ll always be on the go then! It’s kissa67.

Anyway here are the blogs! I’m sorry if I didn’t include anyone I can only put so many since I follow SO MANY OF YOU JFC I’M ALMOST AT 400 BLOGS. Anyway for those who are looking for new blogs to follow here you are! Please follow them! (not in particular order because yeah fuck it follow them all)

akahito aisuro akashis amerabu aratass9 arumis ayan0-tateyama akahshi autorita altonen aichirou atenaku akihitou atsurokihara 0kaerii 0takugirl 27kb bisshamon baelum basedminyoongi byakuuran bakamura bentous bowl-0f-rice bear-sonas binayo chissaki chitouse chizuyus chigiris cynical-rookie caydia crookedexpectations damnastja darkerthanblack daikiaomines ellodin fujoshibabe frac-t-ures frac-t-ures faicchi fuyukoi fuyu-no-gymnopedie frozensekai flourites fuckyeaharuchan gurrenlagging gurrenlaganns gyouseki glaciaca hoeism hanamaiya hhiyorin hikaruyo hiyocchi harudatta heichuus hentaiis himitsuri hayasakas houtarouh hiyoris hyakurai hakuryus iromeki jakrar judalz japanlust kitsuiii kazuunari kagune kuurikaras kirisshima kagari-kisechikirishimma kageyamastinyshorts kurummi kurehas katochu kagiris kurokucchi kigeky kamikyoku koutone kyoncchi kokonoseharuka karumeya kiritopls kirokito kakurei kinkydere lelouuch lovelysickness lesbianfang mikasayeager miyamuuras mammura milkhunnie mikoshibamomotardo maruw mangastories mawaruu makotosharuka mokacheer my-kokoro-just-brokoro myuun myukun maguilty mamotte mazusu m0chizou mirukiikissu maiyru mangastories midorimas nazois n0rio nannase nadehikos nisekoi nami-mori orusama oniisann pixelgardens phamtonhive phantonhives prince-alibaba pohtaytohs pandora-tears phontes pkmn-master-red rinedee raiidens rovaille ribrhyme rikiokamamotos shuuya shotapls shizayukis shidanohana shizuuku salujas shvtoku seicchan seiruns sekai-ichi shokugekis sebby-kun shinkanos starkana starukos shokuchi sexpai satsukikiryuin sakimorimi teriyakis taikos taeshimuras tsukishimaz tsumidere tsuihe tetsurouz toujouh tsumikis tsunemoori teppeiis tinybakaa toudouji ulquioras utachi usuis ukiiyo utsu-tsu watashi-akuma whippcreame worldofglass yashiros youkas yukious yoshiiwara yamakens yamaken-chi yamaguchi-kenji yutoakama yuujinchouu yukariis yumiikyo yatogami-kur0h zetsuuen zetsueen zoehanjiis ziga-experientia

 Edit: I didn’t have enough time to message everyone before I left so I’m going to do that now. Anyway it’s not 5.3k anymore. I gained 200 followers in a week. Thank you so much guys ;;

Hey you all :) in order to celebrate my tumblr’s birthday (two years on the 5th May…. yes I’m late) I decided to host you with my own tumblr awards :) This is the first time I do this and I’m actually really excited so yay.


  • Must be following me
  • Must reblog, likes will not count
  • Must reblog TVD
  • Must reach at least 30 notes
  • Reblog until 20th May
  • 3 runner-ups in each category when/if the 50 notes are reached


  • Best TVD url award
  • Best Elena stan award
  • Best Damon stan award
  • Best Katherine stan award
  • Best Stefan stan award
  • Best Bonnie stan award
  • Best Caroline stan award
  • Best Shipper award
  • Best fanfiction writer award
  • Best graphic maker award
  • Best gif maker award
  • Most creative award
  • Best multifandom award
  • Best icon award
  • Best sidebar award
  • Best posts award
  • Most organized theme award
  • Best overall award
  • Nicest shipper award
  • Best delena blog award
  • Personal favourite award
  • (and some more surprise awards)


  • A follow back from me
  • Promo to 5k
  • Gifset/Picspam of your choice
  • Link on my Tumblr Awards page 
  • My eternal love and friendship

since it’s my birthday today (yay!!) i figured i’d celebrate with my first ever tumblr awards !!


  • must be following me
  • reblog this post (likes count as bookmarks)
  • must get 30 notes or this never happened 
  • the number of winners and runner-ups depends on notes !
  • ends June 6th


  • Steve Rogers Award: best url
  • Bucky Barnes Award: best desktop theme
  • Clint Barton Award: best mobile theme
  • Wanda Maximoff Award: best icon
  • Natasha Romanoff Award: best marvel
  • T’Challa Award: best multifandom 
  • Scott Lang: best original content*
  • Peter Parker Award: nicest blogger
  • Sam Wilson Award: personal favourite

*includes gifs, fanart, fanfics, and graphics; send me a link to your creations !



  • +f from me (if i’m not already)
  • icon pack (8) of celeb/character and colour(s) of your choice
  • unlimited promos for the month of June


  • +f from me (if i’m not already)
  • icon pack (5) of celeb/character and colour(s) of your choice
  • 3 promos for the month of June

if you have any questions, send me a message ! good luck !

  • mbf Lydia Martin
  • reblogs only likes can only be used as bookmarks
  • this has to get a decent amount of notes or I’m not gonna do it cause that’d be awk.
  • this will end on June 6 because first day of summer for me yay!
  • There will be two runners up for each category
  • fandom blogs only please
  • also ignore my horrible graphic my ps program has horrible fonts:(
Categories stolen from this amazing chick
  • Best URL
  • Best Theme
  • Best Icon
  • Best Edits/Graphics
  • Best Gifs
  • Best Posts 
  • Best Teen Wolf
  • Best Multifandom 
  • Nicest Blogger
  • Kayla’s Favorite
  • Best Overall
Prizes for runner up
  • promo from me at any time
  • my love and friendship
  • a follow if not already
  • one edit/graphic
Prizes for winners
  • My love and friendship
  • a follow from me
  • promos at any time
  • a graphic
  • an edit
  • a fanfic drabble
  • a spot on my blog for a month