CARTINELLI WARTIME AU: Miss Margaret ‘Peggy’ Carter falls in love with a waitress Angela 'Angie’ Martinelli just before being shipped out to fight in the war. Although she doesn’t look it, Angie’s Italian heritage makes it difficult to play any role to help the war efforts, but she does what she can to help her family. It’s only with Peggy’s time with the S.S.R. that help Peggy keep Angie and her family out of camps, but Peggy’s safety isn’t guarenteed.

Hello everyone! 

So yesterday I attempted cake making for the first time ever. That picture up there is how it turned out! Hahahahah I was pretty reluctant to post a picture because as you can see, it’s not exactly looking very appealing. Why is there only half the cake you ask? That’s because while transferring it, my mum carried it the wrong way and it crumbled into two. 

So the process started out fine. We got the ingredients and everything and I did take pictures but halfway through I stopped because it honestly was getting too messy. I made the cake with my little sister so obviously, there was quite a lot of screaming, and lots of ingredients ended up on the floor or table.

Then came the creaming. We did that quite well actually to be honest. Then we put in the eggs and mixed it more. That was a huuuuuge mistake because the butter ended up melting waaay too much and the mixture became oily { ugh ew }

It turned out to be alright and so we popped it into the oven after adding the flour and folding. Hahahah but it was long after the cake had been put in that we realised we forgot to put in the vanilla extract!

In the end, the cake ended up tasting quite good actually and it was a pretty fun experience altogether! As you can see though, I don’t seem to be very skilled at it but the process is good fun so I might try my hand at making something again. Perhaps an apple pie? I don’t know. What do you reckon?

I hope you enjoyed reading about my adventures in cake making! Hahahah if you guys have baked or made anything in the last couple of days, go ahead and share them with me! I’d love to see them! And do tell me if you enjoy these kind of posts so that I can do more of these or if you have any suggestion, go ahead and drop me a message here!

See ya~

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mozythehealer asked:

HI! I am in need of armor-making help and you're super cool. At the beginning of the summer(before I got too busy) I started making the Rogue Hawke armor from DA2. Not only is it my first time making a legit armor cosplay(stuck to sewing the last 4 years) but I've never had to make something with that many buckles and belts on it. 'Cause I'm a perfectionist, I want the belts and stuff to look legit, but at the same time, I'm a broke college student. Thoughts? Suggestions? Thank you! - Mozy

Yay, welcome to armor making!

I feel you on the belt thing. Real leather is so expensive and tedious to work with. You’re in luck though because I faked leather two ways for my own mage Hawke outfit.

The first way is plain craft foam or EVA foam. It’s roughly the same thickness as belt leather and if you strengthen the back with cloth scraps, it can be strong enough to be a wide belt or other leather armor. There’s also clever ways to make it mimic leather texture. I use the method of ironing crumpled aluminum foil onto the foam and then painting it, like this: http://youtu.be/xfe7JM_kQGw

The second method I used was synthetic leather + craft foam. When I needed something a little stronger that I was positive wouldn’t tear for Hawke, this was the method I used. I cut my belt shape out of craft foam, cut a length of fake leather a little larger than that, and then E6000-ed the fake leather around the foam. So you end up with a thick belt with a foam core and no chance of breaking because of the fake leather. There’s a wonderful tutorial on how to do this somewhere on tumblr but because I’m on mobile for the next few days, I can’t find it. I’ll keep an eye out for it though and send you a link if I find it again!
Also when I use synthetic leather, I always weather it to make it look less shiny and fake. For brown leather, I use a watered down wash of black and brown acrylic paint it all over my fake leather to give it more realistic texture and depth.

Hope that helps! Good luck with all your belt making!

I finally joined the future and I bargained with my parents to purchase me a new laptop in exchange for cleaning, organizing, hauling things out of their cluttered basement (because it’s so bad). And we went and picked it up today and I’m like so happy right now. I got the hp stream 360 so I can finally get into digital art. I still need to purchase a stylus, that’ll have to wait till next month. But it’s been so long it seems since I had a laptop especially this snazzy. And this one doesn’t weigh 20lbs. Wow I feel like I’m with the times again. So this weekend will be filled with hauling things out of their basement and making my mother realize she doesn’t need a thousand baskets and dishware. And also making things for my shop. Yay!!

patrickstumpys asked:

hey! everything alright?

Hi there! I’ve calmed down now. Someone else asked me if I wanted to rant to them but my computer glitched and it got deleted.

I’ll just explain and post what happened here because it’s important and it’s an issue that still goes on.

My grandpa was over because he needed me to make a playlist for his ballroom dance party (YAY..) and usually things like this go on fairly fast. But this time it took a wrong turn and I got heated. I was just doing what he had asked me to do and we were having a normal conversation. And we kept talking and during one of the conversations, he said the word fa***t ( I freaking hate the word and it should never be used to discriminate anyone whatsoever). I straight up asked him if he was homophobic. And he responded with “I’m not a HOMO!” I clarified that it meant to fear homosexuals or homosexuality in general. He said yeah I guess I am. He had the nerve to continue with “I really blame god. It’s all his fault to make people like that. Those f*gs are crazy and messed up. I really don’t like them. Sometimes I just want to shoot them in the head.”

(AT THIS POINT: I just wanted him to leave.) The fact that he said that he would possibly shoot my friends in the head because of their sexuality; I couldn’t fathom it. I strongly support gay-rights (the LGBTQ+ community in general). I believe everyone should be treated equally no matter what. I am a straight 16 year old girl, I may not have all the knowledge in the world but I understand and stand by that everyone should have equal rights and love who they want to.

He’s my grandpa, he’s family and I love him unconditionally. However, stuff like this bothers me to the point I don’t care about the blood; but more about the person’s values. And I did not like what he had to say.

I pretty sure there are people who have been in the same or similar position I have been in just an hour ago. If anyone has any advice to how to deal with stuff like this, please message me thanks:)

ok I fully support all digital artists on this site like yay go u do ur thing make ur tablet art!!! i’m seriously HERE FOR THAT
but y do no one talk about the artists who r too poor to be affording tablets etc to do their art?? u know we still exist right.??? U know some artists r still painting with watercolours and crayons (in my case) and idk there’s just so little support for us on here so can we just ??????? idk

So I was browsing around imdb and saw that apparently Wentworth Miller is dating Luke Macfarlane, this sexy mofo. Now I honestly don’t follow actors private lives so I don’t know, or care, if it’s true.  But it did make me think of how amazing a Killjoy/Flash AU would be.

Team Flash would be one team of reclamation agents, the Rogue would be another.  Hell you could add in Team Arrow as a third and cover all possible ships.

I mean you could keep or discard most of the plots, like Harrison/Eobard could be either Khlyen or Haardy, Cisco and Caitlin could be killjoys or the bartender/backroom doc.  Mick would make an excellent Alvis.

Or you could toss all of the fusion out the window and make it a straight up timetravel based crossover.  Have Barry go forward to whenever Killjoys take place relative to the present and get stuck there (possibly having taken Len with him, because being fish out of water together is an excellent method for pairing people up).