I’m sorry for being so nervous in front of camera ^^; And hope you’ll understand at least 70% of what I’m saying there (English ain’t my first language XD)

So…1 year since Connor! Yay! ♥

Now I really regret the fact that I haven’t discovered him when the game was launched. But…better late than never :D

@themohawkassassin‘s edit started it all (thank you):

I gotta say the journey through Connor’s realm was really enjoyable

I have to thank the fandom, even though I haven’t found you all yet, for liking & reblogging my posts, my art, and also for the good times ♥

Oh, and of course I’ll thank @thenoahwatts (Noah Watts) for his fantastic job in bringing Ratonhnhaké:ton to life through his calm and warm voice. You’re the best!

To be honest, I don’t have any other word to say, other than thank you all for everything in this fandom! It’s such a great one, keep it up! :3

And now…tag time!

♥ Awesome friends that I’ve made:

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I can’t take them on my own, my own
Oh, I’m not the one you know, you know
I have killed a man and all I know
Is I am on the run and go.

Twenty One Pilots, Run and Go

hennesseekid asked:

So my 5 year old has been so excited for Zayn's new song - and as you can imagine there's no way I'm letting him listen to it with those lyrics! Any idea if there is a radio edit? I imagine there must be but I can't find any reference.

First of all, I want you to know how hard I cackled imagining trying to explain this song to a 5 year old.

Secondly, here is what I hope is a functioning link to the clean track on Spotify. I use the term “clean” here lightly because the content is still very much just about boning, but the bad words are out.


Hope that helps! If not I know Grimmy has been teasing the track on the Breakfast Show so there will be a radio edit soon!

xoxo Cassie

January 2016 - 366 Project | Facebook

Well, January is over and my first month of my Photo A Day project is done!  See the full month of photos easily by clicking the link to the Facebook album above.

I didn’t miss any days in January - yay! - but I also didn’t adventure very far in my theme of coffee.  Just a whole lot of top down shots of my coffee mug in various places.

 For future months, I want to get more creative with my themes and daily photos.  Fun angels, interesting themes and subjects, playful photo editing are all things that I want to explore this year during my project.

And speaking of exploring and fun themes, my theme for February should be a fun exploration.  February is Adventures with Joe month!

I try to take a walk or leave the apartment at least once a day with the little big man, even if it is just to go downstairs and check the mail.  For the month of February, I will be photographing something we see or do during these daily excursions.  (I hope we do not get too much rain or snow and end up house bound for long stretches, or I am going to have to get really creative on our trips to the mail box.)

Bonus (for me at least): since I wanted to do something extra special for February 29th, and #AwesomeHusband just happens to have the day off, we are going to be planning a little family day trip somewhere yet to be determined for our adventure with Joe (weather permitting, of course!).  Any Suggestions for things to see and do in NS on a February Monday would be great!

Thanks for following along on this year’s project!

WiPpet Wednesday: A New Year, A New Opening

Yay! A shiny new post for Wednesday

External image

External image
Well… what can I say, it’s Wednesday and at last I’m back to doing WiPpet Wednesday. What can I say? I’ve missed it.
Now, as I’m still working on Voyages of the Blue Dawn 0.5, a prequel of sorts if you will. I’ve edited quite a few chapters so far, in fact I’m in the middle of Chapter Three right now. I’m sticking with the first chapter for now, to share I mean. I don’t really need to explain…

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Don’t Puke on Your Dad launch from Beatnik Publishing on Vimeo.

Yay… our first vimeo upload! Filmed by Sonya Nagels and edited by Steve Gulik for one of our lovely authors, Toby Morris, this video follows Toby as he designs the poster for the launch of his first book ‘Don’t Puke on Your Dad’. Taking the words out of every father’s mouth, Toby Morris’ Don’t Puke on Your Dad is a hilarious and heart-warming first-hand account of the first year of parenthood. This video is just a taster of the charming, funny and poignant illustrations that you will find in Toby’s innovative graphic novel, that speaks to the uncertainty most fathers feel when it comes to parenthood. Join us on 22 August to help celebrate the launch of this beautiful Beatnik book!