I’m now going to tell you about the most magical and amazing experience I’ve ever had and ever will have. This post is SO long so go grab some popcorn 🍿

So on October 2nd I was working a nightshift. It was little to do and just went in and checked my emails. I saw two emails from twitter saying Taylor Nation had sent me a DM!! I panicked so bad and went on my twitter to check if it was real. And on my twitter I have two DMs from Taylor fucking Nation. I stared shaking so bad and could barely breathe. The message said *CONFIDENTIAL MESSAGE* and that they have a secret, special event they would like to talk to me about, and to send my full name, phone number and best time to contact me. Have you ever tried typing in details like that while your hands are shaking so bad like you’re on drugs?! ITS HARD MAN! I obviously gave them my details (duh), and told them my lips are sealed and it sounds so exciting! Then I panicked cos I thought my reply was too late, and had to ask if I was too late, and then I apologised for sending them so many messages 😂 They said “haha you’re all good, thanks doll”. Then I was supposed to take care of newborns and their moms and stay calm at the same time. IT WAS SUCH A STRUGGLE! I had to go to the bathroom to try and breathe.

We were not supposed to tell ANYONE, but I just had to send my friend Lyndsay a message saying it’s important to check you DMs on twitter often. And she replied “I know, you too…” and I just KNEW she had gotten a message too. If she replied with something different I wouldn’t have told her anything. We started freaking out together and it was beautiful.

I didn’t know when to expect a phone call, all I knew was that I need to have my phone on sound at all times. Like you can’t miss the most important phone call of your life! I had an evening shift the next day and told work I just have to have my phone on sound cos I’m waiting for a very important phone call. Every time my phone rang I just immediately panicked 😂. I can’t remember the time but I was at work and in a patients room when my phone started ringing. I quickly said “sorry I have to take this” and ran out of the room. I look at my phone and it’s calling from New York 😱 I die and start shaking and answer. It was Ali calling from Taylor Nation!! She confirmed it was the right person she was talking too and gave me some more details. It was going to be a secret special event in London on Friday the 13th of October from 4pm-11pm. She asked if I was going to be able to make travel arrangements and I was like “duh YAS OF COURSE”. She told me I could bring a plus’s one, and since I knew that Lyndsay was already going, I gave them my friend Alex’s details. She told me again that this was confidential and I couldn’t speak about it to anyone except my parents, guardian and boss at work. I was going to get more information early the week following. I probably sounded like the most bored person cos I was IN SHOCK, like I was just “yeah” “uhu”, “yes”, and didn’t show any excitement at all 😂. She hung up and continuing work was the hardest thing EVER!

I made travel arrangements and sorted hotels with my friends. I was already going to London on the Sunday till Wednesday before the event on Friday, so I knew the week would go quick anyways. On Sunday evening I out of the blue get an email. I was at the hotel with my mom having a pamper evening, and I was SO THROWN OFF COS I THOUGHT I WOULD GET IT ON MONDAY OR TUESDAY. My mom filmed my reaction to getting this email and it shows how Taylor Swift makes me feel nearly 24/7 😂. The email again said that it was confidential and not to post anything about it or tell anyone. They gave us an address for a Holiday In hotel where we were going to meet up. They said not to bring too much personal belongings cos this was going to be taken off us as well as our phones. AT THIS POINT I STARTED TO BE MORE CERTAIN THAT I WAS GOING TO A SECRET SESSION. Hence my reaction to getting the email lol. I still tried to not get my hopes up, and tried to tell myself that maybe I’ll get to hear a new song and have a swiftie party. Good thing I was in London and could get myself an outfit. OMG IVE NEVER BEEN MORE STRESSED ABOUT FINDING AN GOOD OUTFIT EVER!! I did find it by the help of my really good friend!

THIS STORY IS GETTING SO LONG, sorry 😂 Well done for getting this far. I’m going to skip forward to Friday now (aka the best day of my life).

So, FRIDAY THE 13TH. I get up at 4am to catch my flight to London. My stomach is doing backflips trying to catch butterflies cos I was so excited and nervous and anxious at the same time. I couldn’t listen to any Taylor music cos I would just start to cry, so I ended up listening to P!nks new album (which is amazing btw). When I get to London I meet up with Lyndsay, Megan and Alex. We head to the hotel where we are going to stay and to meet up. Here we get dressed and as I was to put my makeup on I realise that I’ve forgotten all my make up and I go in a full on panic. IM SUCH AN IDIOT! Luckily Megan had makeup I could borrow. After we got ready we headed down to outside the hotel. There were loads of girls with red lipstick and dresses so we knew we were in the right place 😍. We qued up outside, they were running late, think we stood outside for 40 minuets maybe. We then got to the front of the line and inside (finally cos I was freezing my ass of). Taylor Nation was there ready to sign us in!! We signed a confidentiality contract and showed our ID and GOT OUR WRISTBAND!!! (KANDJFJRJDJ)!! It said United Kingdom on it, written in reputation font!!! SO EXCITING! We then went down the stairs to a room with lots of chairs in. There were refreshments, and hot drinks (yay for cold me!) for us while we waited for further instructions.

Then we were told to leave our stuff behind, including phone, and the first 25 people went on a bus. Me and Alex got on the second bus. Now I stared getting SO nervous, it’s ridiculous. Before we went on we where scanned by security. Then the bus took off! We drove a title while and was driving through the most posh neighbourhood EVER, like I WANNA LIVE THERE! The bus stopped and we were told to be quiet while we went off. I realised we were at a house, and you could only guess I was thinking we were at TAYLORS HOUSE!! There were lots of security while we were taken in a back entrance of the house and in through the basement. I had to knock on the door 😂 (so I could say I knocked on Taylor Swifts door, I know I’m extra 😂). We got scanned by security again before we were taken up to the kitchen. GUYS, THIS HOUSE IS AMAZING!! ITS SO HUGE. We still haven’t by this point been told where we are, but duh 🙄. I KNEW we were at Taylor’s house. Her kitchen is beautiful! She has 4 ovens!! There were lots of snack on the counters. Homemade chicken nuggets, fruit, cheese and fizzy drinks. There were also REP cookies!! And REP m&ms! SO COOL! Andrea and Scott was also in the kitchen talking to other fans. Me and Alex just hung around and talked to a few people. Then Lyndsay and Megan arrived, we hugged each other cos they also realised where we were. We then ended up talking to Scott. He has never been to Norway!! And I told him he neeeeeds to come here.

Her house smells AMAZING. I obviously had to see which candles she was burning so I could by them 😂. We were then told to get in a line as we were going to a different room. This was after everyone had arrived and had some food. Me, Alex, lyndsay and Megan were quite up front as we were taken to a living room. There were cushions on the floor and we sat down. I sat down not even thinking about where. Me and Alex chose a high cushion and shared it. A 100 people was going to fit in this room and it got really tight! When everyone had found a spot there was some whispering and the door opened a little. THEN THE QUEEN THAT IS TAYLOR SWIFT WALKS INTO THE FUCKING ROOM AND IM SCREAMING. We were so loud! I FUCKING LOVE HER SO MUCH 😭😭 Like I couldn’t believe she was like right there in the same room as me. As I was having difficulties breathing she sat down like 2 meters away from me and Alex, we had such a good view of her like OMG. Then she said we were going to hear the whole FUCKING ALBUM AND WE DIED. We now knew this was A FUCKING SECRET SESSIONS PEOPLE! SHE ALSO SAID SHE HANDPICKED EVERYONE! I FUCKING DIED! TAYLOR HAS LURKED ME FOR A YEAR WITHOUT ME KNOWING 😭😭 I’ve never had a like or a follow, and I don’t have many followers on any social media. STILL SHE FOUND ME! I’m got eye contact with her so many times during the listening 😭😭😍! SHE IS SO HAPPY TOO!! I JUST LOVE HER SO MUCH! AND IM TELLING YOU GUYS THIS ALBUM IS BLODDY AMAZING. (If you think you are stupid enough that I’m going to tell anything about the album, you are being funny, don’t bother asking 😉)

After she had pledged the album we got to look through the magazines!!! THEY ARE AMAZING AND IM SO HAPPY I WILL BE ABLE TO BUY ONE WHEN THEY COME OUT!! Then we waited to meet her JENFBDJSSHHSHDB 😭. I was getting so nervous by this point. Like I was going to meet the one person who has been there for me for so many years and I get to tell her how much I love her. We were one of the earlier ones to be sent in to meet her. Megan and Lyndsay were in front of us and a free they finished it was our turn.

I RAN OVER TO HER AND HUGGED HER AND SHE DIDNT LET GO UNTIL I DID 😭😭 I just couldn’t believe what was happening. She then hugged Alex and told me SHE FUCKING LOVE MY OUTFIT! She said “I love this whole outfit situation going on” I died. I told her that it’s not something I wear a lot and she said “you should definitely do!” IM OBVIOUSLY NEVER TAKING THIS OUTFIT OFF. Alex then said he wanted to wear the same outfit but we couldn’t match so he said I could wear it, and she laughed 😂 I love how we had a sarcastic conversation with Taylor Swift 😂 She then laughed at Alex’s apology for his bored resting face. I’m SO PROUD OF HIM SPEAKING TO TALOR, you have no idea! ❤️❤️ Then we were told to move to the side a bit cos they were going to open up the front door (so no one could see she was living there). This gave us more time with her and I’m so grateful! I then asked her about anxiety with singing and she gave me tips on singing and performing in front of people. TAYLOR FUCKING SWIFT GAVE ME ADVISE ON SINGING AND PERFORMING!! JJDNDJDJFJRJD. Alex then thanked her for giving him the best friends ever and she hugged us both again 😍 Then it was time for picture. We didn’t plan a pose, we just took one. SHE RESTED HER HEAD ON ME AND I SISNT NOTICED BEFORE I SAW THE PIC! It’s so adorable 😍 There were so much more I wanted to tell her, wish I had a few more minutes but I guess she had ALOT of other people to meet.

We then went out in the hallway and ended up talking to Andrea. She reminds me so much of my mom!! She is also a bit similar! I told her about my mom and that she was worried I was sleeping in the airport by my self the following night. We then talked about how happy Taylor is and she was tearing up 😭 It was so beautiful to see how happy her parents were for her 😍😍 We gave her a biiiiig hug and then walked down to the basement again. There we stood trying to comprehend what just happened. I still don’t believe it, don’t know if I ever will? We then got merch!!! We got a REP tote bag, pop socket, t-shirt, a sticker, a cap and the best thing ever, a exclusive keychain that only us on the secret sessions London got. IT WAS SO NICE OF THEM! We were then sent on the bus back to the hotel. There we spoke to Ali about confidentially again and what we could talk about and not. She is so sweet!! Megan and Lyndsay old us TAYLOR KNEW WE WERE IN NASHVILLE TOGETHER 😭😭 OMG!!

When we came back to the hotel I called my mom and SOBBED. I couldn’t even talk to her cos I was crying too much. Then I posted online on my social media about what happened and my phone wouldn’t stop buzzing.

I AM SO GRATEFUL FOR TALOR SWIFT. THANK YOU SO SO SO MUCH FOR THIS!! And thank you to Taylor Nation for giving us this opportunity, it means so much to us ❤️ The picture ended up perfect and I’m going to hang it on my wall so I can stare at it everyday 😍 I’ve been crying since Sunday cos this has been so so emotional to me. I can’t even tell people what happened without crying.


I’m sorry this story is a mile long 😂

Thank you so much @taylorswift and @taylornation

I realize

that if the worst problem you have is that you have to get up from your tumbling to go get ready for a school fundraising party wherein a whole bunch of suburban moms start out talking about their kids’ extracurricular activities but then get turnt af on $11-a-bottle chardonnay and end up dancing like a pack of assholes to the kind of music I only hear at the gym, that you’re doing all right, but – godDAMN do I not want to go to there. I have to 1) put on makeup, 2) pretend I give an airborne fuck about soccer vs. gymnastics vs. hockey or whatever else these fuckin people do with their time, and 3) not spiral about XF s11, my Special Feelings about GA, and/or the amount of space Gillovny takes up in my brain. Send me good vibes, y’all … I need your strength to tuck into my party clutch alongside my lip-plumping gloss.

SVT College AU  -  Wonwoo

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a/n: @ god & wonwoo thank you for giving this uk carat a reason to cry tonight your work was very much appreciated 



-tall emo child i love him a lot along with mingyu 

-can you tell that i love all of seventeen?


-the kid likes reading right?

-now wait

-think about this


-he loves reading so it wouldn’t be weird for him to take up english lit as a college degree

-yeah listen when i say this 






-when he gotta do work

-he do the work


-his favourite books that he studied had to be of mice and men and nineteen eighty-four

-they’re his favouritttttttttttteeeeeeeeeeeeeee

-he will read both books until he dies

-he really needs to come out with a list of books he reads wowowowowoow

-wonwoo reads late at night so uh

-in the morning he just wakes up

-gets ready

-and just goes to class

-room mates jun and minghao are a little worried that he doesn’t eat breakfast sometimes

-so they just place an apple and a breakfast bar in his bag just to keep him going through until lunch 

-they don’t want him getting ill or sick or anything :(((

-they care about hIM THAT SHIT IS SO CUTE

-other than him reading a lot he likes to hang out with friends a lot and it’s really cool and cute how his personality changes wherever he is

-with his friends he’s got this kind of cool and cute personality 

-and when he’s in class he’s kind of quiet and cool-looking

-he’s that one kid who has the cold stare when he zones out but he’s really a nice guy

-please befriend my tall emo child i beg youuuuuuuu

-and you do ! 

-you do literature too but you’re not in the same class as him

-so when your teacher decides to merge your two classes together

-you kind of just……..find yourself sitting next to wonwoo

-you’re so cute with your oversized jumper and denim skirts aww 

-like a mirror image of wonwoo…..but smaller and cute

-just like him

-i love me kiiiids


-you and wonwoo hit it off almost immediately 

-just because of a little debate you two had about two characters

-you found out that wonwoo likes to read a lot and so do you 

-and that you both like the colour blue and you’re both massive nerds for literature

-it’s really cute that you found a friend in wonwoo

-because you’ve seen him in the hallway a couple times before with the two boys from his dorm 

-and he always looks so cool!! 


-the plot thickens

-like his di-



-speaking of books

-one of the things you two do as friends is read in the library 

-it’s just relaxing for you two to read with each other

-you quietly discuss different books you’ve read before too

-sometimes you’ll sit on the floor with him and just read until it’s closing time

-”mr jeon miss y/n are you quite done it’s closing time…”

-”yeah…just a minute…..i’m nearly done with this chapter….”

-”would you like me to take it out for you…?”

-”…..yeah that’s a good idea”


-college is all about new experiences and you wholeheartedly welcome yourself to those new experiences

-staying up late

-going to parties

-trying different di-




-but wonwoo…..wasn’t the type to go to parties and stuff

-but it’s college! new experiences!

-you and your roommate were invited to a party that seungcheol’s friend was having

-so you and your friend obviously want to go  !!

-but wonwoo….of course jun minghao and wonwoo were invited

-but wonwoo wanted to stay in just in case you were free and weren’t going

-he didn’t think of you as the kind of party girl type

-boy was he wrong

-jun and minghao drag him along anyways

-god dammit 

-so he’s in there

-there’s alcohol….yay?


-@ me on saturday nights

-he wasn’t into it at all

-he then saw you

-he was suddenly into it


-i forgot to mention

-those times in the library brought you two closer and closer to the point where you……

-*drum roll*

-bOTH Like each other a lot

-but obviously you two can’t see it

-you will…….kind of

-he walked up to you and just tapped you on the shoulder

-”oh!! wonwoo….i didn’t know you were coming..”

-”i didn’t know you were here either…”

-”i thought you didn’t like these types of things…”

-”yeah jun and minghao dragged me here…..and they’re gone..”

-”yeah jun does that a lot…..”

-suddenly a man carrying a pillowcase came up to wonwoo asking him to take something out

-and wonwoo

-being wonwoo

-he said fuck it and decided to reach inside

-he got out a small bracelet…..weird

-because you wear the exact….same bracelet…..with the……exact same charms…….

-backstory as to why your bracelet is in a random pillowcase 

-people were playing seven minutes in heaven and you always play for shits and giggles so you just put your bracelet in there

-and conviniently wonwoo was standing where you were….

-next to the door

-he just looks to you with this look of pure and utter confusion

-he then grasps reality 

-he has to go into the closet with you 


-he could just feel his cheeks glow red

-he looks so cute 

-so you take his hand and you just drag him into the closet

-and the door closes behind you two 

-thing is….

-is that it’s really cramped

-as in you two are really close to each other

-not so close like you two are like mushed together

-but it’s kind of like you two are just a couple centimetres away from each other 

-so pretty close

-you’re still holding his hand for some reason

-”wait…..what do we do in here again….?”

-”well….i-i don’t know…sometimes people kiss in here….something like that….i didn’t plan that this would happen actually…”

-it was just the flow of things and how they were supposed to happen 

-he then kind of just……gripped your hand a little

-like a tiny squeeze 

-and you just look at him

-or at least try to….i mean it’s pretty dark in there 

-and you could swear you feel him closing in 


-”should we…kiss….i swear it won’t mean anything…”

-yeah it’s going to fuckin mean something to you

-and it’s definitely going to mean something to him 

-”s-sure….it’s worth a try…”

-you kind of just go with it because what the fuck have you got to lose?


-absolutely nothing

-you then felt…..his hands being placed at your sides…..


-you also felt him moving in a little closer

-you could feel the heat from his face being transferred to you


-then kabam

-you two kissed

-from the second your lips touched 

-you both knew this meant something

-something was definitely there 

-you kind of expected it to be a short quick kiss


-of course not

-nu uh

-a short quick one?

-you expected him to back up by now

-but no……..

-it’s like his lips were glued to yours

-your hands gripped his shirt slightly

-yep it was meaning something to the both of you 

-finally he backed up

-”….ok this might sound crazy but……that was nice……”

-”yeah……..that didn’t mean anything to you did it…?”

-”it….it did….”

-”oh so we’re in the same boat……because there was definitely something there….”

-a couple seconds of awkward silence…..check

-”wonwoo….do you like me-?”


-”..in the relationship way…?”



-”you like me back…?”


-you just…..

-closed the distance between you and wonwoo and kissed him again

-only difference being was that he was caught off guard and as soon as he melted into the kiss

-he kissed back and quite passionately

-someone outside called out to tell you two that the seven minutes were up

-and you two pulled back just in time

-you two got outside and braced the drunken world

-you could see minghao and jun pat wonwoo on the back while he was blushin and stuff

-and your friend walked over with those

-”i know what you did now spILLLLLLLL”

-but you didn’t tell her anything yet


-you just went up to him 


-”hey i know we just confessed to each other like 2.5 minutes ago and yeah i now know that we like each other a lot do you want to head back to my place?”


-and there you were

-under the covers

-close together

-investing in the new found relationship


-reading together while cuddling in bed

-fuckin nerds that i love so much 

-“hey y/n”


-”when the teacher made John Steinbeck’s books required reading….”

-”yeah–oh god no don’t”

-”……she made him an author…..”


-”…they couldn’t refuse !”

-”o h    m y    g o d    j e o n    w o n w o o    i ‘ m    g o i n g    t o    b r e a k      u p    w i t h    y o u

-”dont tear my heart into two pages of the same story”

-”w o n w o o”


-“that was a library boOK THAT YOU JUST TORE”

-”oh mY  G O D     N O O O O O O O O O O O O O”

the   vvitch

I warn thee, there be a witch in the wood. If ye e’er to come upon it- do not look into it’s eye, young one. Pray. Pray for mercy.

I am that very witch. When I sleep my spirit slips away from my body and dances naked with The Devil. That’s how I signed his book.

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Thank you, society, I will now go to bed and actively try not to feel bad about a coinflip voting result that happened 1,000 miles away because people in a wealthy district in a Southern state are fairly tolerant of politicians that make crazy bigoted statements about gay people, but EVEN BETTER than that are all the hot takes that the ultra-leftists have saved for this moment to rub in all our faces, putting more work into that than helping a regular dude get elected over a homosexual-bashing monster. And they’re sure a guy born in 1941 is gonna win an election in 2020. 

Yay! Everyone drink bleach!

After Eurovision
  • Uk: We won
  • France: You didn't
  • Uk: We did, you 3 pointed frog.
  • Veneziano: Hey congratz Svezia! Ve~
  • Russia: Wah that's a shame but congratulations anyway. But first, I have to talk with Lithuania.
  • Spain: why Roma why
  • Spain: I even give you 12 points...
  • Spain: I feel so nil-zoned...
  • Baltics: *partying and not giving a fuck about Russia*
  • Australia: Fuck u England I love Abba
  • Ireland: Fuck u England Latvia rules
  • Uk: *scolds Ireland and Australia*
  • Germany and Austria: *crying in a corner while piano is burning*
  • Netherlands: *praising little sis*
  • Greece: zzz
  • Finland: Good job Susan!
  • Sweden: *internally screaming* mh.
  • Denmark: Yay Sve! *drinking*
  • Iceland: Good job!
  • Norway: *plotting wwIII in a corner*
  • America: what the heck happened here

baneseelie  asked:

Since you're drunk, do you have any headcanons for the SH characters when they're drunk?

oh boy do i ok here we go

so imagine the whole gang goes to magnus’ for drinks because yay jace is back and everything is ok (for now) and they all slowly get drunk, at different speeds

alec first of all is such a lightweight, he’s gone after one bottle of cider, and I imagine he becomes really clingy, but he’s also really quiet?? like when he’s drunk he doesn’t talk that much, and all he wants to be doing is hugging or touching magnus in some way, and at some point in the night he finds his way onto magnus’ lap and just sits, curled up around magnus with his head in the crook of Magnus’ neck, and he’s so content he could stay there for hours

isabelle and clary would both get really loud i feel??? like not in an annoying way but just really giggly and they’d find anything funny and they’d slowly start shouting whatever they say, every drink makes them become louder and louder, and it becomes impossible to insult either of them because they just laugh and everyone else finds it adorable

and SIMON AND JACE holy shit they’d become those drunks who just dont take shit from anyone??? they both become so quick witted and sarcasm is the only thing that comes out of their mouths, and theyd just start sassing at each other and everyone just ignores them to bicker by themselves in the corner of the sofa, like honestly theyre so close to each other jace is basically on simon’s lap as they sass at each other

and luke omg i imagine it takes a lot to get him drunk, but when he is he’s just completly out of it, he has no idea what’s going on, and there’s so many videos of him on everyone’s phones with him just sat, staring of into space, trying to focus on what’s happening , just slowly swaying because his sense of balance has just gone

and magnus just constantly denies the fact that he’s drunk, whilst probably being the drunkest of them all, you know that one friend who’s always like “im getting another drink im not drunk enough” while the rest of the friends plead them to not have another drink??? that’s magnus, he also tries to do lots of complicated magic whilst drunk and everyone else honestly fears for their lives

Okay, so I finally watched it and…. HE LOOKED BACK!!!!!!! The carrot is definitely a reference. Last time it was her eating it. In the mid season break it was Noora. If everything is opposite then it being actually Yousef instead makes sense. A character biting something, taking something, can in subtext be like they’re picking up the challenge. Or they’re going to pursue a course of action.

He’s wearing white. In mis en scene language that means he’s a white hat: A good guy, The night in shining armour, The love interest. The fact that his squad are wearing the opposite [blacks and greys] means that he is either not like them at heart or we just need to focus on him. Okay? 

She’s not really paying attention to them [her POV] but when she glances up he is her focus.

The fact that Sana is now sticking to black [remember the orange hoodie?] is also telling. There was a lot of white in that last clip. Light greys etc. The girls… and even Evak looked like they bought a twin pack of white shirts and it was a bit weird because they were just plain white shirts. No text or brands in that playground scene. 

Noora and Sana made up which is yay. Noora doesn’t drink either. And without Sana to hang with she’s probably sitting alone, surrounded by pepsimax bitches, wondering what is her life?!?!? [Also where is Sana. And the answer is she is fictional and Julie fucks us all. Sometimes we enjoy it though] They like Noora, she thinks they’re bitches and ditches them. HA HA! They were happy to have her on their bus and she comes with Sanasol as a package deal so :P

The girls are gonna have an intervention. I knows it!

They never say shit on screen, especially in something as tight as this show, if it it doesn’t have significance. The girl squad, and all Sana’s friends are welcome to hang at hers. IT’S HER WHO DOESN’T INVITE THEM. Stuffs happening and I’m excited!