Take a sip:

–Every time Sophie does or says something creepy.
–Every time the laws of physics are broken.
–For every bad Disney Channel Original Movie special effect.
–For every bad joke that Someone makes

Take two sips:

–If you actually laughed at the joke made.
–When you’re not sure if someone is wearing Halloween attire or if it’s just ’90s fashion.
–Every time you want to punch Dylan in the face.
–Every time you’re reminded of “American Horror Story.”

Take three sips:

-Every time Marnie talks about how great Halloween is.
-Every time Aggie puts someone in their place.
-Everytime they’re called into the council -Any time someone says the name “Cromwell.”

Finish your drink:

–Every time the kids transform from monsters to human and back
–If you see a costume that you’ve worn before.


–Every time Dylan is thirsty for the troll
–Every time someone casts a spell.