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Heeey mom can you help me get into the moomoo fandom i saw some lesbian queens pleas help me

oKAY so let’s get started.

Mamamoo is a four person girl group composed of lesbian queens, but you knew that already.
SUPER memey, as you can probably tell. They debuted on June 18, 2014 with their song “Mr. Ambiguous.”
Their most popular song is Starry Night.
Time to meet the members yayayyy

Solar (Kim Yongsun) - Solar is the leader and oldest, born in February 21st, 1991. She’s basically the mom of the group and the mochi™️. She’s most often shipped with Moonbyul to make of one of the most iconic girl group ships. Anyways she’s always stressed and bullied by the other members but she’s an adorable sweetie and we love her mochi cheeks. This girl is basically composed of stress and anxiety. Also panicked gay™️. My bias💕

Moonbyul (Moon Byulyi) - oH Jesus here we go. Okay so Moonbyul is the second oldest, born on December 22, 1992. She’s basically THE girl crush and is probably the most lesbian of them all. She’s pretty butch idk. She’s the cool one and is pretty funny, quite the joker. She’s very likable and I’d say she’s the most popular of the group. I love her so much. Most commonly shipped with Solar because they married lmao, also a confident gay.

Wheein (Jung Wheein) - Okay so this sweetie is our precious sunshine baby and she must be protected at all costs. She’s the second youngest of the group and was born April 17, 1995. She is 100% a precious bean and we all love her so much. One of Solar’s children lmao. Most commonly shipped with Hwasa to make up the maknae ship, she’s pretty silly and just awww we love her. Bias wrecker as well.

Hwasa (Ahn Hyejin) - Our troublemaker maknae! Born July 23, 1995. This girl is so funny seriously she’s amazing. She’s pretty done with the group 95% of the time and is probably the only slightly sane one in the group. She makes me laugh so much with her comedic personality and she’s THICC™️. Most commonly shipped with Wheein and they make up a pretty precious and pure ship. Solar’s 2nd child. We love our girl.

Moonsun: ALRIGHT YES TIME TO TALK. I will gladly RANT about my parents because they’re so in love. Literally they’re one of the most iconic ships in girl group history and we love them. They have so many moments, everyone has basically accepted that they’re pretty much canon at this point, like UGH THEY’RE SO IN LOVE. They’re such a greasy ship and Moonbyul always has to have Solar by her side, like she can’t go one day without her. Solar is there to keep Moonbyul from doing stupid crap and just EHH I love them.

Wheesa: YES OKAY okay so Wheesa is another iconic ship and is absolutely adorable. Wheein and Hwasa have been friends since middle school and they’re always standing next to each other and causing trouble and stuff. They’re literally so close and are such a sweet ship and we love our queens so much.

Wheesun: Wheesun is basically the sunshine ship bc they’re both adorable. Wheein and Solar are both just so soft and it makes it pretty cute. Definitely think it’s more platonic than romantic, but Solar treats Wheein like her daughter and it’s so soft and sweet.

Moonsa: Okay this is basically the girl crush ship because Hwasa and Moonbyul are both gayyyy™️. They definitely are great friends and laugh a lot together. Definitely an underrated and less popular ship because it’s more platonic than romantic, like Wheesun, but still pretty sweet.

Wheebyul and Hwasun: I honestly don’t know anything about these ships because they’re so unpopular lmao I’m sorry.

We’re awaiting their comeback on June 26th and we’re very very excited!

Anyways sorry if this is too long! I just love our girls so much. Thanks for the request! I was meaning to make something like this!

Let me know if you guys want anymore guides!