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It’s my 2000 follow forever!

It’s taken me about 2 years to get to this point (Iol) but I’ve made some pretty cool ass friends while I’ve been at it. Honestly though, I’m honestly just stoked to be at this number. It’s crazy to think that 2000 (minus like 1000 porn bots lul but they’re as important as any follower) people are seeing all the shit I reblog and the occasional gif I upload. In the future I’d like to be more interactive with y’all. This doesn’t seem like a half bad platform for doing so, so don’t be afraid to send me an ask anytime! 

Anyways, here’s a handful of blogs that you should DEFINITELY follow if you don’t already. They’re good. Mutuals listed in bold:

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Art Commissions

Hey everyone, it’s…

If you ever wanted me to draw something for you, now is the time to ask me! Right now I’m going to open up five slots to start out. Once those fill up, I won’t open them back up until I finish all of the commissions. And if you can’t commission me right now, then please kindly reblog this post so that other people can see it. Thanks!



  • Armor or weapons: $5
  • A particularly difficult pose or perspective: $5
  • One extra character: Total cost x 1.5 (For example, if you’re asking for a cleaned-up sketch with rough color, it’ll be $48 instead of $32)

Interested? Read on!

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Hey guys! So some stuff has come up and I need to raise $300 by next Wednesday (4th) blargh, you know to just add to the stress of moving (but hey I should get gas and internet at my apartment by Friday so yay) 

for more examples: http://dr-kara.tumblr.com/tagged/commissions


(these prices are for 1-2 characters anything more will be extra)

sketches- $25

sketch w/ background - $35

colored - $45

colored w/ background - $65

One Color, Two Characters and A Place = One Page Comic -$40

Send me a color, two characters (fan or OC) and a place and I’ll draw a one page comic based on what you gave me.  (feel free to give me a rating too if you want haha)  all for $40 

Regular Comic Commissions!

base price $50 - email me and we can figure out how much depending on what you want and how many pages :)

(I’ll do fanart and OC’s … and pretty much everything lol but if you ask for something I’m not comfortable drawing please understand I have the right to turn you away <3)


As of right now I can only take Paypal!  Sorry!


If you’re interested shoot me an email at dr.kara101@gmail.com and we’ll go from there! I’ll start on it after I get paid, and in the order they come in.  If you need it quickly (like if its a last minute gift for a birthday or something please let me know and I can work with you! ^__^)

Thank you!  

If you have gotten a commission from me and want to leave a review feel free to do so here!