yay well i actually am proud of this


whoops I decided to make an entry for the upcoming week as well 😳 it would be a lie to say that I am not feeling relieved, I am actually very proud of myself because it seems like I managed to bump up my average quite a bit!!! I’ll receive my grades in a week or two… but until then, I should try my best to enjoy the weather, it’s gonna be sunny again and warm again yay!!!✨✨

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Peri/Azura anon here! I finally finished it! It was hard to do and i was a bit stressed about it, but i hope it turned out well! I tried to make it so this doesn't contradict Laslow, or hopefully any other of Peri's supports! Here's the pastebin! fDMsfVDd

…oh my goodness. that was. SO CUTE HOLY CRAP. i never really considered this pairing before but i’d be damned if i didn’t love this, they actually work super well together! you did a fantastic job with this– in fact, this may be on of the rare supports i have to trim in length a little bit. thank you SO much for the submission!

…also, i’m now imagining shigure dying part of his hair pink to make mommy peri happy and it’s killing me with cute

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Top 5 sterek fics you have ever read ( Your Baby and Me is currently my favorite btw.)

Yay! Thank you, very proud of that monster. ;u;

  1. Hello, Heartbreaker (I always return to it because it’s just perfect, the perfect balance of smut, angst, pining, and I just really like this fic a lot)
  2. Lock All The Doors Behind You (Just a classic really. Perfectly handled, awesome ending, I can reread this over and over again)
  3. The truth about love (comes at 3 AM) (I really like this because it’s cute and well written and it has the pack in and it’s just lovely)
  4. Actual Puppy Derek Hale (One of my favourite wolf!derek fics because it’s so cute)
  5. A Simple Life (I could not recommend this enough. The most perfect wolf!derek and fox!stiles fic ever and the sequel is also amazing and makes me cry with sadness and happiness)