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Lit Me Up

Summary: Reader gets drunk in a party and Peter comes to rescue.

Warnings: minor alcohol consumption, curses (I have a dirty mouth, I’m sorry)

Based on: Say You Won’t Let Go by James Arthur.


A/N: bless this man for blessing us with this song. This took longer than I expected to be written bc of school ugh. But here you go. Idk if I’ll make a second part showing the date or how their relationship grew up but if you want just let me know!

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    I didn’t want to be here. When you’re the nerd of the school, you don’t get to go to popular parties. But here I was. Peter Parker in a party of the most popular jocks in the school. Yay. The only reason I was there it was because the host was one of the jocks I”ve tutored, and he thought he owned me one. He knew about my crush in one of the popular girls in midtown, so obviously he invited her too.

    Y/N Y/L/N was dancing in the dance floor surrounded by three of her friends. She swayed her hips like fucking Rihanna while her friends danced around her. She had this nice vibe where it seemed like she was in a world of her own. She was different. Unlike her friends, Y/N was nice, kind and gentle. She looked beautiful as ever and I swear that everyday she gets better.

    Once, her friends were mocking me and throwing my stuffs on the ground, she showed up, told them to ‘fuck off’ and helped me get up. She tried to make small talk after the incident but I could only stutter and say nothing at all. She just smiled and walked back to class, turning around to wave her hand at me in ‘goodbye’.

    And now, there she was. Dancing like she was the only girl in the world. I couldn’t stop staring at her. Every move she made was like a new addiction. I wanted so much to go to her. To come clean about my feelings. Daydreaming that she would feel the same and I’d get to be truly hers and she’d be mine.

“You know, it’s rude to stare” Jeff says little louder so I could hear when he comes. He was the host of the party.

“I-I don’t know what you’re talking about” I say as loudly as he did. He only chuckles and shakes his head.

“Yeah, right, so you haven’t been oogling Y/N since you’ve arived?” He teases and I only look down, I guess that was his answer “You’re her type, you know? If I were you I’d totally go for it”

“What do you mean I’m her type? That’s bullshit, she’s out of my league anyways”

“Really? Don’t get me wrong, Parker, but you’re hot, she’s hot, you guys would be the hottest!”

“Uhm… She’s popular, I’m a nerd, that’s a no match”

“She doesn’t care about standards, in fact, she defends you everytime Flash starts talking shit”

    Before I could answer, some random guy shows up and takes Jeff away. I sighed and put my hands in my pockets. When I got back to watch Y/N, one of her friends was saying something in her ear. She looked over her shoulder and her eyes feel directly on me. It was like time have stopped. She smiled and waved her fingers at me. My heart almost stopped. I raise my hand at her shyly, she winks at me. She had no idea how much of effect she had on me. I wanted to go to her, and talk to her, and dance close to her. But all of that fear would refrain me to do so.

    She says something in her friends’ ear before dissapearing in the crowd. I sigh and try to find her again. I feel someone poking my left shoulder, so that’s where I look, but there was no one. I look to my right and there she was.

“Hey, Peter, wasn’t expecting to see you here!” She says a little too excited. Was she drunk?

“Uhm… Yeah… Jeff invited me… H-He said something about he own me one for making him pass last semester” She nods.

“Well, since you’re here, come on and dance with me”

“I-I don’t t-think-”

“Come on! We can dance a slow song! Oh, that’s great! Jeff…” She grabs Jeff’s arm as he passed by “Could you play a slow song for me and Peter?”

“Huh… Sure… Y/N, did you drink anything that Flash offered to you? Because I told you not to do it” He scolds her.

“B-But… It was so colorful…” She whines. Jeff rolls his eyes and leave.

“Peter!” She squeals in happiness when she turns around a look at me again “I can’t believe you’re here”

“Uhm… Y-Yeah, I am” She then throw her arms around me and pulled me for a hug.

“Is so good to see you” She snuzzles her face in my neck. Besides she being over-cute, I was worried about her.

    Like she asked. Jeff played a slow song. Since she was already holding me she just starts swaying from side to side. I shyly place my hands on her waist and sway along with her. Her slow breath on my neck making shivers run down my spine. Her fingertips would from time to time touch my scalp and caress it. 

    This moment was perfect. But then again, nothing droven by alcohol end up good. Y/N pulls apart and cover her mouth. I can’t say I didn’t see it coming. She rushes to the bathroom and I follow her. She falls on her knees and threw up anything she had eaten in the past few hours. I stay behind her and take her hair out of her face, holding it in a ponytail with my hand. As she kept throwing up and whining for the feeling to stop, I soothe her by rubbing her back.

“I-I’m sorry, Peter… I ruined everything, didn’t I?” She says when she stops puking and with tears in her eyes.

“No, of course not, Y/N!” 

“Why do I always make an idiot of myself when I’m around you?”

“Well… I-I guess we’re both idiots then…”

    When I said that she giggled and smiled at me. That was the greatest reaction I could get from her. She leans to my chest and hugs me. I wrap my arms around her form as her breath was slow and steady. 

    Y/N was really something else. No matter how many times I tell myself that she’s not meant for me, or that I’m not in the same wavelenght as her, she shows me I’m wrong. She makes me feel as though I am enough. And I really want to be it. I wanna hold her like this everyday and everynight. I wanna run my fingers in her hair until she falls asleep. I wanna take her to dates. I wanna kiss everything I love about her, her forehead, her nose, her cheeks, her lips. God, it might be a little too early to say this, but I wanna be in her life. I want to grow old with her. To love her so. I don’t know if we’ll get married and have kids; but if I’m with her I know everything from now on will be worthy. I knew I loved her then. But she won’t know that. Because this exact same feeling scared the shit out of me.

    I am Spiderman for Christ’s sake! I have no right to have important people in my life. If some bad guys gets to know about them, I’m sure they’ll use them against me. I can’t put her life in danger like this.

“I wanna go home” She pleads quietly. I reach for my cellphone in my pocket and call for help.

“Tony… Can you pick me and a friend up?”

What’s going on?” He asks.

“N-Nothing! We just wanna go home”

Okay, I’ll be there in five

    I end the call and help her get on her feet. She holds onto me life her life depended on it. She was stumbling on her own feet from time to time, but I was there for her. When I saw Jeff I told him we were going. He just nodded and asked for Y/N to be okay. She was half asleep already. When we got outside, Tony Stark was there, waiting in one of his expensive and luxurious cars. I get us inside in the passengers seat. I put our seatbelts on. She drops her head to rest on my shoulder. I hold her hand the whole trip, letting my thumb caress it slowly.

“Is she okay?” Tony asks.

“Uhm… Yeah, I guess… Someone put alcohol in her drink”


    I would reply something but I was too focused on Y/N to care. She would sometimes hold my hand a little tighter but soon ease it up. She looked so peaceful when half asleep like that.

    We got to her house. I help her getting out of the car without hitting her head. She clinges onto me like a koala. I chuckle but let her be. Her mom opens the door. She was so worried that this would happen and something bad happened to her. She was truly grateful that I brought her home and didn’t take advantage of her state. She let me take her to her bedroom. I gently place her in her bed. But she doesn’t wanna let me go.

“Y/N, you gotta rest” I tell her and her grip on my neck loosen up.

“Stay over” She says barely above a whisper.

“I already told you, you gotta rest, we’ll talk at school, okay?” Her tired eyes were focused on me. I take a stray of hair out of her face, gently running my fringertips on her face before putting the stay behind her ear.

“Thank you again, uh…” Her mom says when we’re at the door.

“Peter. Peter Parker”

“Thank you, Peter Parker, my daughter is lucky to have someone like you in her life” I smile, surely my cheeks were red.

“Believe me, Ms Y/L/N, I’m the lucky one”

    Finally school came. I was getting a few books out of my backpack and putting on my locker. I hear giggles and voices in the hall, I identify some of the voices as Y/N’s friends. I look up and there they were. Behaving like a babbling, bumbling band of baboons. She was there too, although she was quiet and seemed like thinking about something else, for me, she was glowing and standing out of the other girls. When her eyes lock on mine, she frozes, she says something to her friends and starts coming towards me.

“Hey, Peter”

“Hey, Y/N… H-How are you feeling?”

“I’m good… My mom told me you left me home and… Thanks for that, I swear I’ve never been drunk before and… And I never want to be again… I hope I didn’t make such things as embarassing you while being it”

“N-No! It’s okay”

“Uhm… I was thinking… Do you have something to do after school?”

“No, not today, why?”

“There’s this new comics and cds store that opened near my house, wanna go there with me?”

“U-Uhm… Yeah! Definitely! Sure!” She giggles.

“Okay, uhm, meet me in the front gate?”

“Sounds perfect”

“Okay then, see you later, Peter”

    She leans in and press a kiss in my cheek. It didn’t last long but, geez, to me it felt like eternity. Her lipsticked lips were soft and I wondered if they had left lipstick smear. She pulled apart and smiled softly at me. I knew in that moment everything would change, and if were up to me, I wouldn’t let her go.

It Ain't a Crime (Happy x OC)

Here you go my lovelies. 10,000+ words! This one took longer than expected because I just couldn’t stop writing. For some reason this entire fic is in the third person. I don’t know why. It just didn’t feel right when I tried to write the OC in the first person. 

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Playlist: Cold As Ice - Foreigner, U Mad (feat. Kanye West) - Vic Mensa, & LUV [Remix] (feat. Sean Paul) - Tory Lanez

They all sat around the chapel’s table, voting on their latest retaliation efforts. Lee counted the unanimous ‘Yay’ and slammed his gavel down on the table. The men began to murmur, agreeing with the measures to be taken and thrilled to get to drinking. It was Friday after all.

“Wait!” Lee stood up, gesturing to the group to wait. They all turned their attention to him, “I hired a new bartender. Be nice.”

A few eyebrows raised at his announcement. They knew about the bar being short staffed, but they didn’t think he’d been in the market for more employees. Needless to say, the boys were intrigued. He’d never warned them to be nice before. He thought about the woman he hired. She was far from timid, but she’d be a shock to the rest of the boys. They definitely wouldn’t expect her to be standing behind their bar, doling out the shots.


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The Lagoon

Can you do #135 & #351 from the prompt list❤️btw for your first imagine you did pretty amazing if I do say so myself

351. “You did all of this for me?”
135. “I think I’m in love with you and that scares me to death.” 

warnings: fluff!
1334 words

This morning on your way to breakfast, slender arms wrapped around your waist from behind, a pair lips whispering on the back of your neck to meet by the treehouse at sunset. Blushing, you nodded, and made your way through the rest of the day.

A week. It had been a week of a clandestine something with Peter, and you were anxious about tonight. You weren’t sure as to what this new “something” was with him. A relationship? Hardly. The pair of you had only recently revealed feelings for each other, after the longest period of what seemed to be enmity between you, drenched in snark and ferocity. The Lost Boys believed it to be hate, when truly, it was a fervor that had afflicted both your hearts. Peter Pan was…enticing, to say the least. All smirk and long limbs, you found it hard to resist his charms. Of course he was drawn to you as well. According to him, it was your spirit that captivated him first. The way you moved when you fought, the bite in your words when sassing the Lost Boys - Pan was hooked on you. His admiration of your intellect and beauty began not long after his interest was piqued. He was exactly the kind of boy you promised yourself to stay away from, and yet… it delicious being his. You were giving in.

Of course, you knew eventually it would have to end. Every love you ever had had hurt you, and you never wanted that feel pain again. It aches, heartbreak. No, Pan was only temporary, and although it was delightful, you reminded yourself that it wouldn’t last.

The sun eventually rolled its way down the sky, and as the sky glowed a soft pink, you made your way to Peter’s treehouse. You saw him there, leaning against the ladder, and inwardly you groaned. His goddamn eyebrow was raised at you as ambled towards him, and you wondered what it was with that boy and his damn perfect brow. Could he ever keep it down? How were you supposed to resist him when he did things like that?

“(Y/N),” he broke your reverie. “Shall we go?” He offered his arm, and you slipped your hand into the crook of his elbow.

“Where are we headed?” You had to ask. He had hardly given you any details as to where he planned to take you.

He smirked in response, and you understood that the venue wouldn’t be revealed until you got there.

… … …

He teleported the pair of you to a small clearing in the forest, and before you could ask if this was where you would be spending the evening, he turned to you.

“Close your eyes,” he instructed. You must have made a face because he chuckled. “Don’t trust me? No reason for you to fear, love.” Peter softly caressed your cheek. “Close your eyes.”

Reluctantly, you complied, and you felt his hand slip into yours. He pulled you along until quiet rushing noises could be heard. The sound of water grew louder as you were dragged along, until finally, Peter stopped and released his grip. “You can open them now,” he called, backing away from you.

Tentatively, you cracked open a lid, and gasped. The sight was breathtaking.

He had brought you to a small lagoon, the sunset sky an orange haze above turquoise waters. The place was lush, trees encircling the pool, themselves aglow with light as fireflies adorned their branches. A waterfall streamed into the lagoon, and all you could do was stare. It was magical.

“Do you like it?” Pan asked gently. You nodded, not trusting your voice.

“It’s gorgeous,” you whispered. Pan smiled.

“Good, because this isn’t all of it,” he chuckled at you when your eyes widened in shock.

“There’s more?” You weren’t sure if you handle another surprise. This place was absolutely breathtaking. He grasped your hand and pulled you underneath the waterfall, where his second gift awaited.

A blanket had been laid down on the smooth stone of the cave, various foods and treats spread out upon it. Colorful fruits adorned the display, and you were happy to discover that candles had been included as well, mimicking the glow of the fireflies outside. You sighed.

“You did all of this for me?” Your chest tightened. His gesture was too much. Truly you didn’t deserve this, right?

“Hungry?” He gestured towards the blanket, inviting you to sit down.

… … …

After the pair of you had eaten your fill, you spoke lazily, simply enjoying each other’s company. The banter over dinner had been delightful. You couldn’t remember the last time you had laughed so hard. All was well.

You and Pan were sitting on the shore of the lagoon now, the cool water gently lapping at your feet. The air was hazy and the night warm, and so you got up, ready for a swim.

“I’m going in,” you announced, much to Pan’s obvious surprise. “Coming?” He waved you off playfully and you grinned. “What? Pretty Boy scared of getting wet?” His eyes darkened with amusement at that, and with a smirk, he stood up quicker than you could imagine, scooped you up into his arms, and tossed you into the heart of the lagoon.

You gasped vigorously as you came up for air, laughing all the while. Your smile was wiped off however, when you saw Pan pull his shirt off and toss it behind him, diving in after you. He came up right in front of you, and your eyes raked over his exposed skin.

“Like what you see, love?” You splashed the smirk off his face and squealed as you swam away.

“Get away, get away! No n- NO! Stay back!” It was difficult to swim to safety when you were giggling so damn much. Of course, he caught you, and you laughed as he spun you around in his arms, water splashing everywhere. You hummed in delight as you wrapped your legs around him, Pan looking up you with wonder.

“Beautiful,” he whispered. You blushed, looking down. You remembered what you had convinced yourself. This happiness…it wasn’t going to last. Your eyes lowered, darkening with guilt for allowing yourself to get caught up with him. “Hey,” Pan lifted your chin up with his finger. “What’s the matter?” Green orbs searched your eyes for a clue to your distress.

You sighed. Might as well speak true.

“I think I’m in love with you and that scares me to death.” You bit your lip as you eyed him, unsure as to how he would react to your declaration. His face was blank for a moment, and you felt a pang in your heart. You already knew it was over. But then he smiled, really, truly smiled, and it was the most glorious sight you had ever seen.

“You love me.” He said it slowly, as if he was tasting the words, tasting how they felt on his tongue. “You love me,” Peter said again, his smile growing, eyes lighting up with joy. He threw his head back in laughter and spun you again. You smiled as you clutched your arms around his neck.

“Yes,” you sighed gleefully. You gave in. You were in love with him. “I love you,” you said, reassuring him. 

“And I love you,” he confessed. Hearing those words was bliss. Your hands moved to cup the sides of his face. “Peter,” you coaxed.

He whispered your name like a prayer, and you closed the gap between you, capturing your name in a kiss. The trees swayed and the wind blew softly around the pair of you as you bobbed the water. It seemed as if the island knew it was a happy moment. Pan kissed you with a fervor, and your lips responded just as passionately. No, you were not going to let him go. You didn’t release each other for a long while, and remained in the lagoon until dawn.

(A/N): Yay! First request completed! Sorry it took so long, neverlandsonia. It turned out much longer than expected (and thank you for the compliment)! Hope the rest of you enjoyed it!

The 'Erskine and Skulduggery get their shit together' AU

AKA the AU of my dreams, where my favourite duo of emotionally constipated idiots talk to each other, live long enough past TDotL to kiss, and no one gets stabbed in the back. Yay.

This took me so much longer than I expected. I put too much effort into this. Why is it so long? Also prepare for angst, alcohol and swearing, this made me cry.

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...The Brighter the Stars (Pt 1)

Summary: It is said that true happiness can only be found in the darkest times. For Natsu, trapped in a thousand years worth of perpetual darkness, happiness is a luxury he simple does not need, much less love. Love is a distraction, and would bring him nothing but pain and regret. This he thought, and lived by for a thousand years of solitude. Till he met Lucy… Exorcist AU part 2. Nalu.

AN: *laughs nervously* Hahaha…Jeez, did this fic took a whole lot longer than expected! By the time i realized it -  in-between school, laptop malfunctions, being dragged into Mystic Messenger hell, k-dramas and etc, this got sooooo long, that me and @nanakoblaze​ were like ‘Fuck it. Let’s just split this into two XD ‘ plus this way, we can prolong the pain by one more chapter! Yay! 

You can find the cover art on her page here and the rest of this amazing AU here

Parts : 1 , 2 , 3 (coming soon)

“Oh nononono- GAH!”

A crash, a thud, and a blond blur tumbled off the raised floors and onto the grassy backyard below.


“Lucy, language!”

Snapping her mouth shut immediately, Lucy Heartfilia quickly gathered herself from the grass, hopping back up the raised wooden floors of her house and gingerly placing back the dislodged sliding doors before scrambling for the entrance, feet thudding loudly against the wooden planks as she hissed improvised profanities under her breath.

Skidding to a stop by one of the glass sliding doors of her home, she hastily soothed out her crumpled uniform through the reflection and patted her disheveled hair down. Nodding in approval, she glanced at the clock in the kitchen behind her, and gasped loudly, “Shit!”


Poking her head into the kitchen, Lucy slapped both her hands together in an apologetic gesture, “Sorry Dad!”

“Hurry up, you’re going to be late.“ Said person looked up from his newspaper, and grunted noncommittally, jerking his head in the direction of the table in front of him, “At least have breakf-“

Lucy swept in like a blond blur, snatching the jam slathered toast from the plate and pecking a quick kiss on Jude’s cheek for good measure, before whisking out the kitchen, her cheerful voice hanging in the air after her, “You’re a lifesaver Dad! Thanks!”

Jude poked his head out the kitchen just as she stumbled off the raised platform, “Ah! Lucy, I’ve got an important matter to discuss with you when you come back so-“

“No detours! Got it!” Shoving her shoes into her feet, and tapping them in, she called back to him, waving back at him, “I’m off!”

The man waved back with a sigh, shaking his head. “This girl… hmm?”

Frowning up at the skies, the man murmured, “ “The air is unusually still today, and on this day too…”

Scrutinizing black eyes accessed the calm courtyard before him, zeroing into the cherry blossom trees that lined the main path, then at the looming red tori in the distance, “Am I imagining it?”

Looking around once more, Jude shrugged, and walked back into the house, sliding the doors shut behind him.

Standing on top of a sturdy sakura branch, hidden beneath the blossoming flowers, a lone shadowy figure stood, sharp eyes trained onto the back of the fading blond figure in the distance.

Sharp nails bit into flesh, as the man’s fists clenched, emerald slits brimming with hate and vengeance.

Leaping off the branch, he followed the sickeningly familiar scent of his prey, lurking from shadow to shadow, as he chased the light.

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The true story of Asajj Ventress

or why she joined the Dark Side, what she was taught, and how she left.

… it was all for the cookies ^^

(Note: Be careful, they do have cookies on the Dark Side, but they’re not actually sharing them!! You need to steal them and then run for your life)

YES, I ship Ventress with cookies!! <3

I’m so happy I’ve finally finished this little strip :) Took me longer than expected but it’s done!! Yay!! \o/ 

Intoxication (nalu/gruvia oneshot)

summary: was Cana’s homemade brew really that strong?

pairings: nalu and gruvia

rating: T for some profanity

note: this is probably not one of my best works. I’m sorry! I really hope that you all like it though, it took longer than expected but I still was able to post it before sunday yay! constructive criticism is very appreciative. I felt stuck on so many parts, so tips and advice would be absolutely lovely. also, happy late Christmas!

i’m gonna tag those who i knew were waiting for this (sorry if I forget any of you! my memory isn’t that sharp): @stephicool @whitetigerlilywatermage @rain-on-me

let’s get this show on the road.


Bad ideas. Good ideas. Same difference.

Was it a bad idea getting drunk off their asses by Cana’s homemade brew? Probably, if you put it that way.

Was it a good idea to feel like they were on cloud nine by consuming Cana’s gift to the guild? Hell yeah it was.

It wasn’t like they were hurting anybody (save for the pointless fights among various members of the guild). They were just having fun, living life, enjoying their fellow guildmates’ gift. It was the holiday season after all. ‘Tis the season to be jolly.

And jolly they were.

Harmonious, drunken laughter filled the guild hall from the floorboards to the tips of the ceiling. Everyone seemed happier than usual, like the intoxication from Cana’s concoction was on a whole different level than the average drunken aftermath. It made its victims feel numb to everything but the good parts. Their skin tingled with a certain energy one could only describe as pure bliss, pleasure sang through their veins, and everything just seemed right.

The only things missing were two certain mages.

Lucy Heartfilia had chosen to go on a last minute gift shopping trip with her guildmate, Juvia Lockser.

The trip was spontaneous, the two had bumped into each other on their way to the guild and the subject of how they both were short on gifts was brought up. One thing led to another, and eventually the two girls decided to make an impromptu shopping trip before going to the guild, not letting anyone else know of their whereabouts.

Inevitably, Natsu and Gray had taken notice of the two girls’ absence.

Needless to say, the fact had bummed both males out greatly before they both got drunk off their asses. Even if they didn’t want to admit it. The idea that someone important to them was missing out on celebrating Christmas Eve with them clawed at their heartstrings.

Natsu, not having his best friend by his side while everyone else drunkenly sang Christmas jingles and laughed about pointless things, was pure and utter torture for the pink-haired boy. He should be partaking in the festivities. With her. Maybe if Happy was with him and not with Wendy and Charle on a job, maybe then he wouldn’t be so bummed out. But he was, terribly.

Gray, so accustomed to having a certain water mage accompanying him everywhere he went, couldn’t help but feel empty without having the warmth of her presence by him. She would never leave him alone on such a special day, so why wasn’t she with him?

Both mages had the same way of distracting themselves from their uneasy feelings: brawling one another with all that they had.

A pair of busted lips and bloody knuckles later, the two men had been pulled apart by a rather unamused Erza Scarlet. An act that made both males blood run cold with fear.

“What the hell do you think you two are doing? It’s Christmas Eve for crying out loud!” Erza reprimanded, wagging her finger at them. “You two ought to be ashamed of yourselves!”

Erza went on a tangent on how Christmas was meant to be spent peacefully and filled with love, not violence. A speech the two saw coming, but listened to nonetheless.

A couple moments after she had finished her lecture, she ordered them to stop being foolish and accept Cana’s gift to the guild. Something neither had thought about doing because they were too concerned over the ladies’ absences. Yet, this was Erza who had told them to indulge in such a treat so they couldn’t say no.

And indulge they did.

And that’s how Natsu ended up running around the guild with his fists alight and trails blazing behind him, declaring how he felt like he could take on the world. It was truly a sight to behold, the pyro’s antics catching the attention of the majority of the guild.

But that was nothing compared to the blubbering Gray slumped over the bar top.

The ice mage created a puddle around him made out of the tears he shed, crying over how he was so lonely and wanted somebody to hold him. Cana had offered, but the dark-haired man had hastily shoved her away, telling her that she didn’t want her to touch him, a statement very confusing considering the fact he was wailing like a baby how much he wanted to be held.

There was a few people crowded around Gray, trying to console him and calm his sob fest while people scattered all over the guild laughed at Natsu as he acted like a drunken fool, running laps around the entire hall.

The guild was a sight to behold, and when Juvia and Lucy finally arrived at the guild after their last minute gift shopping, both of them could easily say that they did not see it coming.

Shock was their first initial reaction.

“What the hell is going?” Lucy demanded, clearly confused as to why two of her teammates were acting like utter idiots on Christmas Eve.

Juvia’s eyes scanned the room, noticing several barrels labeled ‘Cana’s special brew’ stacked alongside the back wall. She nudged the blonde beside her, motioning over to the barrels of liquor. “Juvia thinks everybody is drunk.” She guessed, a serious expression on her face. Was Gray drunk as well?

Juvia never had witnessed Gray drunk before. And now that there was a high chance that she could finally see Gray’s other side, a large amount of curiosity filled her up to the brink. She thanked Lucy for inviting her on their shopping trip and then dismissed herself, explaining that she was finally ready to spend Christmas Ever with her beloved.

Lucy walked off to somewhere in the guild, probably to scold Natsu for getting so plastered, while Juvia searched the hall.

Realizing that the crowd was much too busy for her to spot him, she cupped her hands around her mouth and called out to him. “Gray-sama? Gray-sama!”

She waited a few seconds before attempting to call out to him again but was cut off by a delighted gasp and a certain somebody breaking through a crowd of people surrounding him, running towards her at godspeed.

It was happening all too fast for the poor girl to realize what was happening, finally being tackled to the ground by the man she loved so dearly.

She was surprised to say the least. Above her was the man who had stole her heart, pink faced, eyes dazed, and cheeks tear stained. Worry started to fill her at the sight of salty tears pricking his eyes, wondering what could’ve happened to make her beloved cry. She grabbed his face with her palms. “Oh my, is Gray-sama alright?” She asked concerned. “Did someone get hurt? Are you hurt?”

Gray didn’t respond in words, instead letting out another sob, not a pained one, but one filled with relief and joy, causing her blue gaze to widen even more. Gray grabbed one of her hands on his face and turned it so that he could place a soft kiss on her palm in a loving, unexpected gesture, making Juvia blush a dark shade of pink.

“I missed you so much.” Another kiss. “Where’d you go? Why didn’t you let me come with you?” Another. “I haven’t seen you all day, Juvia! Do you know how worried I was?” And another.

His tears falling onto her skin, and the loving kisses he placed on her palm made her feel like she was on the verge of fainting out of pure joy. His body heat, his sweet smell, and his strong hold overwhelmed her. All she ever wanted was happening, and now that she finally had it, she had no clue how to react besides tensing up and blubbering out gibberish.

Her lips parted, trying to speak words but failing. A million thoughts raced through her head as Gray’s dark eyes bore into her own, but the only thing she managed to say was, “Juvia does not know what to do with herself.”

Gray looked back at her wide-eyed expression. It was odd, in Gray’s drunken state Juvia seemed to be actually glowing. She looked ethereal. This made Gray smile dazedly. He was holding a princess.

“Well, that’s okay. Because I know what you should do.” Gray replied confidently, nodding excitedly as he sat up straight, his legs on either side of the girl’s waist. The new position made her breath hitch. Gray wiped his face with the backs of his hands, removing his tears frantically. “We’re going to spend the rest of the day together. Only with each other. And you’re going to tell me why you kept me waiting. You missing made my heart hurt so much, Juvia! You have a lot of explaining to do, okay? But don’t think I don’t love you anymore or anything, because I do! Very much! It just made me sad that–”

The rest of drunken Gray’s words seemed to fade away after that last part.

Though his words were slurred, and sounded a bit loopy, they still struck a chord in Juvia’s heart that made her whole body sing. “Wait,” Juvia cut him off gently by putting her hands over his. He looked at her expectantly, his eyes as pink as his cheeks. She smiled in disbelief as the words she waited so long to say slipped past her lips.“Gray-sama….loves…Juvia?”

The water mage had always guessed that he did, but to hear the words come from his mouth after all this time, well…it felt like a true Christmas miracle.

Juvia awaited his confirmation, perhaps paired with a kiss to the cheek or maybe the lips, but instead she watched as the ice mage above her started to choke on more sobs, his eyes watering once more as he frantically looked around him.

The guild had gone dead silent as everyone eyed them in anticipation. The pair were encircled, and their awaiting gazes made Gray feel vulnerable and scared. He subconsciously gripped the water mage’s collar for comfort.

“What….why are you all looking at us? Leave us alone! We’re doing nothing wrong!” He wailed before plopping back down on top of Juvia, burying his face in her neck, his warm tears lathering her pale skin.

So much was happening all at once, Juvia could’ve sworn that she had died and ascended into heaven; confusing and drunken heaven. She had yet to realize that they were the center of attention. She was too focused on Gray’s body on her own.

“Make them stop… I… d-didn’t do anything wrong! D-Did I? I hope I didn’t. You still love me, don’t you Juvia? It’s okay if you don’t, but… if you stopped I don’t know what I’d do with myself to be quite frank. Please say it, please let me know.” He sobbed into her neck, his arms squeezing her stiff body tightly as if he were afraid that she would evaporate into thin air.

She did not know why she hesitated, why the words were stuck in her throat… she had declared them countless times, each statement more true than the last. She had said the words in front of many people before, probably more times than she had when it was just him and her. But something about this moment was different, Gray was drunk and everyone was watching him unravel shamelessly because of his intoxication. With all these eyes watching, and the fact that Gray wasn’t in his right mind, the situation made the girl unsure of how to react.

She had always waited for the day that he finally confessed to her. She imagined it would be in private, maybe on a date. Not when he was insanely drunk and crying like a toddler in the middle of a grocery store.

But caution was thrown to the wind, because what the hell. Gray finally confirmed his feelings for her, and there was no way she could ever say no to him.

A wide grin broke out onto the girl’s features as she revelled in his warmth, a delighted giggle escaping her lips. “How could Juvia ever stop loving Gray-sama?”

Her response sent a chill down the ice mage’s spine causing him to slide off the girl. He stood up, assisting her as she got back on her feet as well by taking her hand in his. However, when she finally gained her balance, he did not let go. He intertwined their fingers and looked at her the way he did when he thought nobody was looking, except that this time, he was fully aware of all the eyes on them, he just didn’t care. He saw the world in her gaze, and everybody would finally know that. All signs of the blubbering boy were now gone, as if he hadn’t been crying at all. Instead of a sobbing mess, he presented himself as a foolishly lovesick child, a sight that made Juvia’s breath catch in her throat.

The intensity of his gaze as he spoke shook the girl to her core, wondering what she had done to deserve being put on the top of the nice list. “You love me, I love you, this is perfect! You wanna go celebrate?” He asked in childlike delight, his eyes alight with a sparkle Juvia found endearing. It may have just been his intoxicated daze, but Juvia would like to think otherwise.


“Yeah! You and me. Let’s– oh hey! Look!” His face glowed as he pointed behind the curious mage, straight at a green plant hanging from the ceiling. Juvia’s face heated up as Gray began to pull her towards the decoration. “Mistletoe! C’mon, Juvia! Let’s kiss!”

Juvia could’ve sworn her heart fell out of her chest. He must’ve been joking, he wasn’t sober. He was not thinking straight. When he wasn’t drunk, he always made sure that she never got too close, and now he wanted her to kiss him?

“Gray-sama,” she grabbed his wrist, causing the boy to look down at her in confusion. She sighed heavily, she had to be mature about this. Of course, she would give all she had to kiss her beloved, but this wasn’t him. He was drunk. “You’re not sober. In truth, you’re very drunk. Juvia can’t kiss you while you’re like this. But maybe one day when you’re thinking straight–”

Juvia didn’t have to think long to know that the crack in Gray’s voice meant that he was on the verge of tears again. She finally realized how Gray must’ve felt when she got drunk last Christmas… she would have to apologize to him later for putting him through such a mess.

“B-But Juvia!! The mistletoe… it’s just waiting! Waiting for nothing if we don’t go over there and fix that! Without some couple to kiss under it, the mistletoe’s existence is pointless! So sad…so tragic…” Gray sobbed, throwing his head in his palms as he wailed about how he felt sorry for the mistletoe. Juvia suddenly felt very embarrassed as she too buried her face in her palms.

“Oh gosh, Gray-sama. How did you get so drunk?” She groaned into her hands.

Gray gasped, highly offended that she would say such a thing. “What?! I am not drunk! If anything, I’m drunk in love for you, Ju-” But the ice mage was suddenly cut off by an irritated growl.

“Can you shut up, ice prick?! I’m trying to tell Lucy something but all I can hear is you crying like a baby!” Natsu roared, waving his fist in the air at Gray. Lucy panicked as she tried getting Natsu to calm down, sure that a drunken fight between those two would end rather badly.

Natsu looked down at Lucy as she tightly grasped his arm with wide and frantic eyes. He examined her expression thoughtfully, a sly smirk forming on his lips. “Oh Lucy, I know I’m irresistible. But please, keep your hands to yourself for now. You can touch me all you want later. I wouldn’t mind.” He winked.

Lucy gawked at him as she immediately retracted her touch. “W-what? That wasn’t even my intention!” She groaned frustratedly into her palms. “What am I going to do with you?”

Natsu ran his hand through her hair, completely entranced by the feeling of her silky locks, completely forgetting about the ice mage who had irked him, an action that made Lucy’s palms sweat. “Well, hopefully everything and anything–”

Natsu was silenced as another sound of Gray’s sobbing came from across the guild hall.

“Juvia!! Natsu’s being a complete ass to me! W-what’s wrong with him? Am I that despicable? I really hope not! Because I want you to be with me but you don’t deserve someone so despicable, which hopefully I am not. Am I?” He garbled on, as he buried his head into her shoulder, his warm tears soaking through her clothes.

Juvia had a stoic expression on her face as she tried her hardest not to walk over and kick Natsu’s ass for making him cry again. She had just wanted a peaceful Christmas Eve with her beloved, not a chaotic evening with a blubbering mess who couldn’t even hold a proper conversation. How was it that she loved this man so unconditionally? Even in this state, her heart couldn’t help but pound irregularly.

Juvia placed a reassuring hand on Gray’s forearm. “Juvia will take care of this, my love.”

The dark-haired man sniffed for a final time, reluctantly releasing her to go and face his rival. He watched her carefully, from the way her fists clenched and unclenched at her sides to the way her eyes were narrowed directly at the fire dragon slayer. Even though he was drunk, it didn’t take a rocket scientist to understand that she was beyond angry.

“Natsu, Juvia does not like how you made Gray-sama cry again.” She stated calmly and firmly. She held her head high as the pink-haired boy looked at her in confusion. “Apologize. Now.” Her voice held so much authority, that all those who watched them widened their eyes in surprise.

Natsu was silent as he stared at her. He may have been plastered, but he could tell how serious she was, and that he really did offend her by making Gray cry. He let out a soft sigh. “Oh alright…but only if you fight me! I’ve always wanted to fight you Juvia! C’mon! You and me! Right here, right now!” He excitedly raised his lit up fists as the guild members around them roared in anticipation for the battle.

“Kick his ass, Juvia!”

“Fire versus water? Oh hell yeah!”

“Cana! Pass me another glass of your drink. This ought to be good.”

Lucy’s eyes widened at her comrades. Did they not understand the direness of this situation? Natsu wasn’t in his right state of mind! He could fight even more foolishly and recklessly than when he’s sober! She quickly rushed to stand between the two, her arms spread wide on each side of her as she looked at her pyro guildmate. “Natsu! You can’t just go fighting people while drunk! You’re going to throw up!”

“Oh,” Natsu’s fiery gaze settled down as a smug smile appeared on his face. “Is someone worried about me? That’s such a turn on.”

“Did you…. did you just lick your lips at me! Oh, for heaven’s sake!” Lucy’s face turned all shades of pink as she began to wave both of her hands in front of her as the people around her whistled at the two’s exchange. “N-No! Oh my god, he’s drunk! For the love of Mavis, please stop being so…so…” She tried searching for the right word as she paced around nervously.

“Hot? Well sorry to disappoint Heartfilia, but I’ll always be hot because I’m a fire dra-”

Lucy screamed, a loud, high pitched scream filled with irritation as she raked her fingers frantically through her hair. “Who’s idea was it to let this boy drink?!” She demanded, her annoyed and suspicious gaze scanning the crowd.

Nobody met the blonde’s infuriated gaze, all turning away and whistling innocently. All eyes were looking elsewhere, except for a brown pair that belonged to one of her best friends.

The petite girl smiled sheepishly at Lucy as she rubbed her nape. “I think it was Erza’s idea actually.”

“What?!” Lucy shrieked, causing Natsu and Juvia, who were in a heated glaring fest, jump in surprise.

Juvia joined in on the hysteria as she looked for the redhead hurriedly. “W-what? She’s here? Why would she do such a thing?” It confused the water mage that someone as serious as Erza allowed the two boys to get in such a state. She was sure that Erza would’ve stopped them from getting drunk, not the other way around!

“That’s what I’m wondering!” Lucy agreed, rushing over to Levy. The blonde grabbed her by the shoulders and shook her. “How could she do that? Look at what a mess they are!”

It was true, Gray was still sobbing hysterically on the floor, reaching out to Juvia with a shaky hand as he begged her not to fight Natsu, not wanting her to get injured. His words were garbled however due to his incessant wailing.

And Natsu was currently shouting at Gray to put a sock in it and stop whining.

It looked like you could take the two and put them in a daycare center and they still wouldn’t look out of place. It truly was a drunken mess.

Levy explained to Lucy how they were the only two who hadn’t tried Cana’s gift to the guild and how Erza insisted that they do so in order for the gifts to not go to waste. She also told her about the fight that could’ve gotten out of hand if the requip mage hadn’t intervened. Levy’s reasoning made much more sense, relieving Lucy greatly. She had thought Erza had gone mad and allowed Natsu and Gray to get plastered just for fun.

“Do you know why they didn’t take the drinks in the first place? If they did so earlier, Juvia and I probably would have arrived when they began to sober up like the rest of you.” Lucy sighed heavily, turning back around to eye her drunken teammates. She pinched the bridge of her nose irritatedly when Natsu winked at her once more. Lucy’s knees buckled before turning back around to the bluenette. “Gosh, this is such madness.”

“Hm, I’m sure they didn’t take any because they were too busy wondering where you two were.” She recalled how the two were more quiet than usual until they decided to fight one another. Levy was sure that her guess was true when both males faces had lighted up at the sight of the two arriving late to the guild. She smiled softly. “Cut them some slack, Lu. I mean, so far they’ve only had to deal with us drunk. I guess it’s only fair and–”

“Water Slicer!”

The two girls were immediately hit by Natsu’s flying, wet body, all three of them collapsing on the floor. Levy was under Lucy, breathing heavily as she wriggled around, making the blonde apologize profusely before glaring at the pink-haired mage. Lucy groaned in disdain as she tried moving, unaware of how her hips rubbed against his bum. “Natsu! Get off of me!”

Natsu, distracted by Lucy’s hips rolling against his behind, completely forgot about how Juvia striked him, looking down at the blonde as he grunted softly, “Wow, Luce. I didn’t know you were so kinky.”

“Wh…what are you talk– oh for the love of–get off of me!” She crudely shoved him off, a surprised shriek coming from Natsu as he fell to the floor. Lucy stood up quickly, helping Levy up before looking at Juvia, highly confused. “What the hell, Juvia?”

The bluenette straightened her dress, as she crossed her arms, glaring at Natsu’s quaking body on the floor. “Nobody makes Juvia’s darling cry and gets away with it!”

Natsu rolled onto his back and pointed at her accusingly. “No fair! I wasn’t looking!”

“Well you should’ve been!”

“Hey! I was too busy admiring Lucy’s beau-”

“Natsu!!” Lucy covered her face with her hands as her guildmates playfully teased the two once more.

Lucy wanted nothing more than to just melt into the earth and disappear from humanity. The embarrassment from Natsu’s incessant flirting was too much.

“Sorry Juvia, I really wanted to fight you but it looks like Lucy needs my comfort right now, so–”

“Don’t be such a coward and accept your punishment for making my beloved cry!” Juvia bellowed as she raised her fists once more, preparing for another attack.

She was about to throw another hit his way, but was suddenly yanked down into Gray’s shaking body. Juvia struggled to free herself from Gray’s binding arms, telling him that she needed to punish Natsu for making him cry. But Gray would have none of it.

He snuggled his head into the crook of her neck as he shamelessly cried, “I don’t want you to get hurt because of me! I would never forgive myself!” He explained. His tone was frantic, scared that he would get her into trouble. The gesture made Juvia’s heart ache.

She was about to surrender, but she remembered that she couldn’t just leave things be. People had to know that if they miss with Gray, they had her to deal with. “Juvia can take of herself!” She insisted, fighting the urge to relax in his hold, she was going to finish what she started no matter what.

But Gray had other plans. “I know that. You are very strong! But I’d rather you stay here and hold me instead of wasting your time on that pyro maniac.” He explained, his voice soft and weary, showing how tired he really was after all the tears he shed. “So please…don’t go, Juvia.”

Hearing those words come from Gray made her heart skip a beat as she gave in, turning her body around so that she was now straddling him. His lips were in a small pout as he gazed up at her, his cheeks tinted pink. He looked so cute like that, and Juvia had to hold back from kissing him right then and there.

She brought up one hand to his cheek and smiled softly at him, her gaze full of love and adoration. Gray always felt safe in her arms. “Okay, Juvia will stay.”

She disregarded her heated match with Natsu, how half of the guild was watching them and just held him close. He felt warm for an ice mage. Juvia was content. Gray was still drunk, and he probably wouldn’t even remember half of what happened today next morning, but as she cuddled with a willing and happily giggling Gray, she didn’t give a damn.

Natsu looked at the two bitterly, wondering why that ice prick got to have his crush hold him like that. What did he do that Natsu didn’t? He and Lucy were the best of friends, so why was she pushing him away?

The bummed out dragon slayer walked over to Lucy, all smugness gone, replaced with confusion and hurt as he faced the girl he longed for. Her irritated glare did nothing to help his sour mood. His shoulders sagged as he looked down sheepishly at his feet.

“Why can’t we be like that, Lucy?” His voice was so soft and faint, Lucy almost didn’t catch it.

She eyed him carefully, wondering if he was finally sobering up. “Because you’re drunk and being extra annoying.” She stated plainly, as if it were a no-brainer. She did find Natsu’s drunken state rather unappealing, and highly irritating.

But as she realized that she may have been overreacting, she remembered Levy’s words and told herself that she did need to cut him some slack. It was Christmas Eve after all, and no matter how drunk he was, nobody deserved to be sad on such a holiday.

“So does that mean you don’t like me back?” He questioned, finally meeting her eyes with his disappointed ones.

Lucy felt her body go cold as she saw the look on his face. It was so serious, so hurt, as if she had just rejected him or some sort. But she didn’t, not really. She just wanted some space from his flirtatious antics.

But now, as she saw the hurt in his expression, and how tightly he clutched onto his scarf, she couldn’t help but give in.

“Of course I like you, Natsu. We’re best fri–”

“That’s not what I mean.”

Lucy’s face heated up at his words as she looked at him anxiously. “H-huh?”

Natsu suddenly grabbed both of her hands as he earnestly gazed into her brown eyes. Lucy had never seen such a look in his eyes before, a fact that both scared her and excited her at the same time. His hands were always so warm but this time it felt like his touch was on fire.

“Lucy, I think you should know that I like you. Like…I like-like you. I think you’re so pretty, and so smart, and so kind, and so strong, and so–”

Right when the mood had begun to lighten, his speech was interrupted by a frustrated groan.

WE GET IT. SHE’S FUCKING AMAZING. CAN YOU TWO JUST KISS ALREADY?!” Cana shouted drunkenly from the bar, clearly unamused that it was taking so long for the two to finally get together.

Both mages blushed as others around them agreed profusely.

Clearly the fairy tail guild wasn’t the patient type.

Lucy chuckled awkwardly as she rubbed the nape of her neck. “Don’t mind Cana, she’s obviously just as drunk as you–”

Then suddenly, Natsu’s lips that tasted of liquor and fire, were on her own.

His drunken kiss wasn’t sloppy like she expected, but slow and sensual, like he had been anticipating this moment for the longest time. His lips were soft and smooth, pleasantly surprising the celestial mage.

She felt guilty for not kissing back, too consumed by shock, surprise, and happiness to move. Her eyes were wide open as she looked at him while he kissed her, all of the background noise fading away as she could only find herself being able to focus on him.

The expression on his face was not one of smugness for stealing her first kiss, or of pure lust, but of concentration and devotion. It was as if he wanted the kiss to be perfect, that every move he made was tactfully thought out. Almost like he was in a battle, ready to win. Except, the only thing he was hoping to win was her acceptance and heart.

This drunken man who had just confessed his feelings to her was making her heart beat faster than it ever had. Her hands felt clammy by her sides as he continued the sensual dance of his lips against her own, completely dumbfounded by what was happening. She wanted to jump for joy, cry, and scream all at the same time. But instead, she was as stiff as a log.

For Natsu, he was too distracted by the warm feel of Lucy’s lips to notice how Lucy had frozen. All of his senses were immersed in her overwhelming presence, like she had casted a spell upon him that made him only need her.

He focused on her sweet smell and taste, vanilla and cinnamon.

He concentrated on the sound of her heart beat pounding loudly against her chest.

He tried memorizing every ridge in her lips, every curve.

He was enchanted by her, and the only way he could describe it was….intoxicating.

When Natsu finally pulled away, his eyes stayed closed for a moment, savoring the memory of Lucy’s lips on his. Natsu felt more drunk than he did before. When his eyes finally opened, he found Lucy standing there, wide-eyed and lips parted. She looked flustered, and incredibly cute.

“Lucy,” he called out to her over the cheers and the rest of the background noise that had finally started to come back to his senses. The blonde shook her head as she came back down to earth, eyes locked on his.

“Y-yeah?” She squeaked out, her hands still in his warm ones.

He smiled adoringly at her as he rested his forehead against hers. “You’re my favorite form of intoxication.”

The Hunter and the Pirate 3

An OUAT/Supernatural Imagine

Summary: The reader is Captain Hook’s sister (OUAT), and one day the Winchesters show up in Storybrooke.

Reader Gender: Female

Pairing: Dean x reader

Word Count: 1258

Warnings: Fluff, maybe some violence, Hook being an overprotective big brother, some flirting, awkwardness, cliffhanger (sorry!)

A/N: Yay! Part 3! Sorry it took me a little bit longer than I expected. Hope you like it! Let me know what you all think!

Read Part 1 here. Read part 2 here.


You got up, and David let you pass. You continued into the kitchen to help Mary Margaret set the table, but David stopped Dean in the doorway. Dean tried to hide his annoyance.

“Can I go through?” he asked.

“I feel like we should have a little chat,” David said, arms still crossed.

“Is this the part where you ask me what my intentions are regarding your…?”

“Friend,” David finish. “And yes, it is.”

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 ★ Original song by The Living Tombstone & Crusher-P. ♥♥

 ★ This took me longer than expected. ;v; Also it was actually supposed to be 2 pages longer but SAI crashed while I was making it and now it’s gone forever aha. So yay hope you enjoy because I actually worked hard on this and not just memed around for once ! :D


 I might make this as a video, not sure yet. ;w;

Oh god this took longer than it should have. Start coloring, only to get dragged out of the house literally all day, every day last weekend. x__x

BUT! I wasn’t expecting this one to come out well. However, I kinda think it did! Yay me! I was honestly really worried ahaha;;;

also nobody can stop me from pretending she’s canon

Breathe Me - Hakyona One shot

Timeline: Modern Time AU
Rating: M, for lovey dovey times ;)
Also in: AO3 

A/N: Sooo, this is a thing i actuall started a long while ago but only finished like, yesterday. This was ment to be my incursion into smut writing but then life got in the way and it the story took over me and it ended up being longer than i ever expected it to be. My longer hakyona to the moment, yay!
Infinite thank yous, once again, to the MVP Aure aka @terracottasky​ for betain this shit every step of the way and for sticking around when thing in my life got strange and i culd seem to wrap this one.
It’s not my best work ever, i admit, but i still hope, from the bottom of my heart, that you enjoy a long shot of HighSchool!Hakyona with some angst and fluff and love :D

Breathe Me

“Be my friend
Hold me, wrap me up
Unfold me

And breathe me”

I even bought matching underwear” She had said.

And just like that Hak didn’t want to fucking go to fucking prom. Fuck prom. Fuck Soo-Won. Fuck everything. Fuck, shit, fuck, shit, damn, FUCK.

Her eyes widened after her own comment and she gasped. It had only slipped her, he wasn’t supposed to know any details about her undergarments but still, he did. The realization hit him like a bucket of cold water. If he could have died right there of a heart attack that would have been just fine.

“Wow” Was the only thing that came out of his mouth, because what else could he say? She covered her mouth with both hands and whispered an “oh my god” under her breath.

He wished they weren’t neighbors. If only their houses weren’t so close, if only they hadn’t lived there their entire lives, if only their windows weren’t facing each other (even connected by a little roof), maybe he wouldn’t have fallen so fucking deep for her and wouldn’t have to spend all of these hours thinking about how she’s gonna be in someone else’s arms today. She bought matching underwear, for fucks sake, how much did she wanted it to happen? And if she wanted it, it was gonna happen because if he knows something about Yona is that she always gets what she wants.


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So I wasnt going to draw another @therealjacksepticeye drawing for a while, but my friend really wanted me to draw another one. So I decided to do a Jacksepticeye and anti-Jacksepticeye mash up drawing thing. I don’t really know.

This one has taken the longest and it took forever to do the hair, i’m not even joking i had to redo it three times, but it’s done so yeah lets move on.

But i’m actually really happy with this drawing it took longer than expected and it has somewhat of a background, so yeah ….YAY.


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Niall for Cornelia: Disney Movies VS. Sex


“BAAABE!” I whined pulling up the soft blue blanket I’d brought to our weekly movie night, over my legs leaning my head back on the sofa awaiting a response from my boyfriend who had disappeared twenty minutes ago for a snack. 

“WHAT!?” He shouted from his kitchen, his mouth obviously full of whatever he’d found in the pantry.

“Can you hurry up you’ve been in there for almost half an hour!” i shouted back, glancing back at the television screen where the main screen for Turbo was up ready to be played,

“Calm down corn the movie isn’t going anywhere” he teased plopping down next to me spilling some pop corn in the process,

“I know that Ni” I smiled leaning into him as he grabbed the controls pressing play while he ate his food, “And what did I say about calling me corn!” He gave me a mischievous grin shrugging his shoulders,

“Fine Cornelia” he replied emphasizing each syllable in my name, earning him a small slap on the arm.

“Shut up and watch the movie Horan,” I replied pushing his face so he was looking at the television screen in front of us, the opening credits of the movie flashing across the screen.


“Baby…Babe…Cornelia…Corn…CORNELIA!” Niall’s voice rang in my ears, causing me to open my eyes to see his face inches from mine.

“What..What time is it?” I asked rubbing my eyes the light from the Television screen temporarily stinging my eyes,

“Well obviously time for bed come on,” He replied lifting me up and carrying me bridal style to his bedroom down the hall,

“How long was I asleep?” I hung onto him snuggling into his body, breathing in his musky scent.

“Well the movie ended about fifteen minutes ago so I’d say about two hours,” He said flinging me onto the bed,

“Aw I missed the whole thing!” I pouted cursing the long hours at work for my incapability to stay awake to enjoy the movie,

“Well you didn’t miss much just a movie about a snail” Niall said pulling off his pants,

“What! just a movie about a snail Niall! you seriously don’t appreciate the work of art that Disney comes up with in their movies!” I said shaking my head as he shrugged,

“Oh come on it’s just a movie, besides sex is more entertaining than any movie Disney can come up with” he replied,

“i beg to differ” I replied crossing my arms in front of my chest in a challenging manor, 

“Really now well why don’t we test my theory out” he teased climbing up the bed until he hovered over me, his lips touching mine gently.

“I am definitely up for that,” I replied gasping at the almost instant response of Niall’s hands as he pulled off my shirt before I could fully finish speaking, His lips attacked mine with a raging hunger, his hands roaming my body like time would run out.

“Fuck” he moaned as my fingers brushed against the growing bulge straining against his boxers, his in turn returning the favor as they slipped under the band of my knickers finding my already aching core ready for his touch. “you’re already wet for me baby” he glanced at me his normally clear blue eyes, the color of the ocean during a storm dark and clouded.

“Mmm” I hummed biting my lip teasingly watching as he froze for a millisecond only to yank off my knickers, trailing kisses from my chest to my nether regions his teeth nipping at my inner thighs. His tongue licked up my slit, sending shivers up my spine making me squirm underneath him. “Fuck Niall just oh…” I trailed of clutching the sheets as his tongue found it’s way to my clit, his hot breathe making the sensation even more intense as he attacked the sensitive nub relentlessly nibbling on it occasionally ultimately building up a knot deep down in my stomach.

“You like that baby?” He asked the sight of him between my legs with his lips wet with my juices almost enough to drive me over the edge,

“Mhm” I moaned unable to form an actual sentence knowing it would probably be a string of cure words and commands that he fuck me into 2015. He grinned continuing his beautiful oral work, making me scream at the feel of his fingers pumping into me my body clenching around him as my end signaled it’s arrival after a few seconds with a crash of pleasure jolting my body.“Oh fuck yes!” I clenched my fists arching my back into his finger movement, slowly coming down from my bliss.

“Fuck come here” He said sitting up, pulling me so I straddled his hips. He yanked off his boxers aligning himself with me plunging into me with such force I had to hug his body so I wouldn’t fall over.

“Shit fuck fuck fuck…” I moaned scratching at the surface of his back swiveling my hips to meet his quick thrusts,

“Damn you feel so good baby” He mumbled into my ear leaning me back so his mouth could find it’s place around my nipples, his teeth grinding the skin and tugging at them playfully.

“Niall oh I’m going to…"I moaned loudly running my fingers through his hair, hardly able to breathe as yet another pulse of pleasure began to run through my body, his length throbbing inside me hitting my g-spot perfectly with each thrust.

"Come one baby come with me…"He grunted pushing me back onto the matress his body hovering over mine, his speed increasing his brow furrowed in concentration. I bit my lips reaching between us using my fingers to tease my clit his eyes watching mine as we both concentrated on finding our release.

"Fuck oh right,..yes..yes!" 

"shit..fuck yeah like that!” we both shouted at the same time our orgasms hitting us both like a  brick wall, our movements no longer in sync as we rode out our highs.He slumped forward sweat covering his body, our skin sticky and warm neither of us moving as we lay catching our breathe.

“That was…shit” I trailed off letting out a deep breathe rubbing his shoulders as he lay over me his head on my chest.

“I agree.” he replied tracing little shapes on my bare abdomen, “So shall I grab the movie collection?” his remark reminding me why we’d ended up sweaty and hot instead of asleep at two in the morning, 

“Nah sex totally won this out” I sighed sitting up smiling at the laugh that escaped his lips,

“So what you’re saying is I was right?” He asked I shook my head leaning forward so my lips were close to his ear,

“What I’m saying is a hot shower sounds really good right now” I replied in my best seductive voice, standing from the bed giving him a small wink before disappearing into the bathroom.

***The first update yay! kinda took longer than expected sorry but hope you liked it! Even though it isn’t my best -Isabel***