yay they're back!

Day 9 : ‘‘ Love isn’t a fact. Love is a hunch at first, later it’s a series of decisions. A lifetime of decisions. That’s love.’’

- Carlos and his beautiful hair


ORANGE CARAMEL - Catallena(까탈레나)

Welcome Back!

*It’s disorienting coming back finally from Reed and Sue’s research excursion. Bruce keeps expecting the weather to be warm, for time to have passed as it did there, but it’s pretty clear spring hasn’t even made an appearance yet.*

*He tries to balance their luggage in his hands as he reaches for their apartment key.*

Is it April yet or is it still late March? *groans in annoyance, hefting one bag over his shoulder as he reaches into his pocket* I have completely lost all sense of time, Betty.

…And my watch is still dead.

robinabbey replied:

To be fair, all the people in Maz’s tavern felt it too since they all went outside to see what happened. I think the definitive proof was Maz giving the lightsaber to Finn since she could’ve just given it to Han.

Good point!!! But I think that since the shot of Finn had audio of screaming on it and the shots following it didn’t implies (though doesn’t confirm) that he could hear the people screaming, whereas the other people at Maz’s tavern saw it! It isn’t fully clear but that’s what I want to believe at least haha and as you said Maz giving Finn the lightsaber furthers the point………#TEAMJEDIFINNFOREVER