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Done!! Phew, that’s probably the fastest painting I’ve ever done O.o Good thing is, I got that A in History!

Anyways, based on @beanpots’ awesome day\night AU and @exile-wrath’s fic! I absolutely loved both, and since I wanted to do a night themed History project, well, this happened XD

Acryllic on canvas and some sharpie and white gel pen for details. Only took like 12 straight hours to paint the whole thing .-. Don’t leave projects for the last day, guys. It hurts.

Btw thanks to my awesome bff @96rebo for listening to my midnight senseless babble and helping me pick out colors, even if you did fall asleep on me yesterday 😂😒


4CC 2017

Scott making Tessa and the crowd laugh with his twizzle recovery during warm up (close up edition)

hi friends, it’s your girl erica here!

so a couple of weeks ago, i reached 1.6k followers and as a celebration, i wanted to do something! i asked you guys to vote in a poll i posted and tumblr awards won! i’ve recently taken a bit of a break from tumblr to work on my book i’m writing, but i now realize i can manage doing both - i just really need to balance my time. you know? PLUS, i just reached 1.7k which is insanity. so, to celebrate, here we are! my first ever TUMBLR AWARDS! yay! one winner for each award and two runners up :’)

you have a chance to enter up until tuesday, february 28th at 11:59pm! just before the 1st of march :) MY BABY RONNIEKINS’ BIRTHDAY <3 winners will be announced a few days after (i’ll see how many entries this gets and then decide on a date!)

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prizes under the cut! (i literally s u c k at like, everything, so it’ll probably just be writing and promos tbh sorry guys i can’t make edits for shit)


p r i i i i z e s :D

winners: three promo requests at any time (just message me!), name aesthetic, harry potter aesthetic, and a one shot or would include with any harry potter character of your choice!

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Ah yes, Jellal Fernandes, the author of Fiore’s most popular romance series who somehow can’t get his own love life together.
Everyone reads it. Even Natsu reads it. Zeref has it imported to Alvarez. This novel is everyone’s guilty pleasure.

He remembers being scared. Not during the scuffle, not with Stevie by his side instead of fighting someone all by himself in God-knew-which back alley, and confident of his own strength the way only a teenager could be.

But later, when Eddie had explained what’d happened, when he’d told them what they said about him—why they had jumped him—God, had he been scared. His hands had felt cold and clammy as he’d unavoidably looked down at Steve and seen the similarities, seen the same small, delicate frame and the full, pink lips Eddie had. And as he’d tried to breathe around the lump in his throat, Bucky had been scared.

They’d fought, him and Steve; the tension and fear stealing his words and making him say things he didn’t mean. And then they’d made amends, because they may be a pair of stubborn punks, but they just didn’t know how to stay mad at each other.

Bucky remembers how badly he’d wanted to tell Steve, then. With them sitting across each other just like they’re now, only bone-tired and raw from all the yelling. He remembers the bruise forming on Steve’s cheek and the way he’d swept his bangs off his forehead, remembers the tears in Steve’s eyes, welling up but not falling, and how his own eyes stung with fear and worry.

He remembers the words getting stuck in his throat, and how Steve had looked at him like he knew them, looked at him with hopeful eyes that maybe, maybe, had been just as terrified as Bucky’s of speaking up.

The moment lasts but a few seconds, and then Steve’s laughing and pulling Bucky back to the present.

A snippet from my story for the Not Without You Anthology <3

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wind down drawings for the night. im tired af

Kylo Ren and Poe Dameron in the top drawing (because i absolutely adore those two UGH)

and pretty Rhys is pretty because i miss.. pretty.. men.. hmm :|

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Kylo Ren and Poe Dameron©Star Wars

mae-jones  asked:

"Down boy," Molly cracked the whip just shy of Sherlock's nose before she bent forward and grabbed his face, her voice dropped to a seductive timber, "the master gets to be pleased again first and bab, I am the master."

*gulps* O-okay, Mistress Molly, you get- you get pleased first, I’m sorry…

Len has been planning this job for months.

The Central City Museum traditionally holds its massive, glitzy charity gala every year between Christmas and New Year’s, the better for its attendees to show off their cashmere and furs before going inside to show off their formalwear and jewels. Arranging for it to be delayed appropriately has left him owing favors to both Mardon (for providing a nasty blizzard) and Mick (for an electrical fire that *didn’t* destroy the whole building). He also snuck in to freeze the water pipes during Mardon’s storm, paid several large bribes to the plumbing contractor that repaired the subsequent damage, and had to negotiate with Hartley Rathaway for certain modifications to the cold gun, but nothing’s too much for his little sister.

Besides, all Hartley wanted was the guarantee that his parents would be robbed blind while attending the gala, and that’s an easy promise for Len to make.

When Lisa’s birthday rolls around at the beginning of February, he gives her the first part of her present- the blingiest pair of figure skates he could find- and explains the plan over brunch. She’s still laughing at him when the gala begins at sunset.

The charges on the pipes detonate just as designed, flooding the ballroom floor, and the cold gun’s newly expanded blast freezes it into a solid sheet of ice that neatly locks down everyone else’s feet. Lisa ties on her skates, Len hands her a bag, and the shopping spree begins. She even throws in a few jumps and spins as she makes her way around the room.

Watching the Flash hit the edge of the ice at the door and go skidding across the whole room on his ass is just icing on the cake.

Sassy, Classy, and a Little Bit Nasty

Sassy: Aquarius, Scorpio, Libra, Sagittarius

Classy: Pisces, Virgo, Taurus, Capricorn

Little Bit Nasty: Gemini, Aries, Cancer, Leo