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Done!! Phew, that’s probably the fastest painting I’ve ever done O.o Good thing is, I got that A in History!

Anyways, based on @beanpots’ awesome day\night AU and @exile-wrath’s fic! I absolutely loved both, and since I wanted to do a night themed History project, well, this happened XD

Acryllic on canvas and some sharpie and white gel pen for details. Only took like 12 straight hours to paint the whole thing .-. Don’t leave projects for the last day, guys. It hurts.

Btw thanks to my awesome bff @96rebo for listening to my midnight senseless babble and helping me pick out colors, even if you did fall asleep on me yesterday 😂😒

A thief!

Arrest this boy. Take the boy to jail.

So I bought one of the original Soft Boy drawings by @pangur-and-grim, and a charm came along with it (yay omg thank you!!!). But the minute I opened it, SOMEONE ELSE decided it was his. Seriously this was less than ten seconds after I opened it.

I have since requisitioned the charm and it is going on my backpack forthwith.


Ah yes, Jellal Fernandes, the author of Fiore’s most popular romance series who somehow can’t get his own love life together.
Everyone reads it. Even Natsu reads it. Zeref has it imported to Alvarez. This novel is everyone’s guilty pleasure.

Neverland (20/20)

Summary: The Fakes hate Gemini. They’re a vicious, cut-throat crew who go against everything the FAHC stand for. But when a bigger, badder threat comes along, Michael and Ryan are forced to team up with Gavin - Gemini’s mastermind thief - to take down a common enemy.

The two of them are determined not to get too close - but living together in a small safe house, it’s hard to hide all the ways that you’re broken.

all major content warnings at the start of part 1

Part 1  Part 19  AO3

xxxvii. homecoming

Ryan wakes up slowly to find himself in a hospital bed. His head feels thick and woozy, but nothing really hurts too badly. He lifts his head a little, disoriented, and it takes a moment before he recognises the room as the medical centre of their base. He turns his head and smiles as he notices Michael and Gavin curled up together in one of the arm chairs next to the bed. Gavin’s head is resting on Michael’s shoulder, the two of them looking at something on an iPad together, murmuring softly.

“Hey,” Ryan says, or tries to. Nothing but a faint rasp comes out, but it’s enough. They look up and their eyes widen and they’re springing up immediately, rushing to his bedside. Ryan tries to sit up a little more and grimaces; everything feels stiff and heavy.

“Hey, hey, don’t push yourself,” Michael chides. He reaches out and adjusts Ryan’s pillows, helping him to sit up gently. Gavin brings a cup of water to his lips and he drinks gratefully. It washes out the chemical taste in his mouth and when he tries to speak again it’s a little clearer.

“How long was I out for?”

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okay first off: how 

1500 is a lot of ppl for my lil blog and I’m rly grateful and I just have a lotta love to share rn

I’ve only recently been using this blog actively and the support and the friends I’ve made has just been such a wonderful experience- I wanted to celebrate that, and a blog awards felt perfect!! (s/o to michelle aka @peraltiagoisland for suggesting and helping me w it!) 

sooo I’ve made up a load of lil categories (and listed the prizes under the cut) - I follow a shedload of people here that I’d want to put in SO if you’d like to be involved please reblog this post!!! I’ll pick winners and runner-ups by thursday the 20th of july and we’ll all have a brilliant time!! this is also such a good opportunity to give ppl (esp within the b99 fandom) the exposure they deserve for their work if I can <3

without further ado:

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(should prolly right click/open in new tab)

@cowhypnosis​ ive been meaning to draw this for a while ;; yes thank u for asking this. i love them. so much. oh my god.

also, heres this

because it was honest to god A Mood

hi friends, it’s your girl erica here!

so a couple of weeks ago, i reached 1.6k followers and as a celebration, i wanted to do something! i asked you guys to vote in a poll i posted and tumblr awards won! i’ve recently taken a bit of a break from tumblr to work on my book i’m writing, but i now realize i can manage doing both - i just really need to balance my time. you know? PLUS, i just reached 1.7k which is insanity. so, to celebrate, here we are! my first ever TUMBLR AWARDS! yay! one winner for each award and two runners up :’)

you have a chance to enter up until tuesday, february 28th at 11:59pm! just before the 1st of march :) MY BABY RONNIEKINS’ BIRTHDAY <3 winners will be announced a few days after (i’ll see how many entries this gets and then decide on a date!)

- must be following this george weasley trash™
- reblog this post (likes for bookmarking only, please!)
- can this reach, like, 20+ notes or we’ll just sweep this under the rug and pretend it never happened while i melt into a puddle of embarrassment :’D
- please put which awards you’d like to be considered for in your tags when you reblog this!

hermione granger award:
best theme
luna lovegood award: friendliest/kindest blogger
neville longbottom award: best icon
minerva mcgonagall award: best writing
ron weasley award: best creations
nymphadora tonks award: best multifandom blog
fred & george weasley award: funniest blogger
sirius black award: best harry potter

prizes under the cut! (i literally s u c k at like, everything, so it’ll probably just be writing and promos tbh sorry guys i can’t make edits for shit)


p r i i i i z e s :D

winners: three promo requests at any time (just message me!), name aesthetic, harry potter aesthetic, and a one shot or would include with any harry potter character of your choice!

runners up: two promo requests at any time (just message me!), name aesthetic OR harry potter aesthetic, and a one shot or would include with any harry potter character of your choice!