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Sooo uh… birdtale huh? :3 This aesthetic is my jam. And space backgrounds compensate well for not having any idea what to actually draw back there! Yay!

I’m actually not sure where this AU started, or if the original creator prefers being linked back to their blog or not? If anyone knows, it’d be great if you could throw me a message or something.


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I’ve been meaning to do this for a while, and since I’ll be gone for a little bit starting tomorrow (going home to Norway for a bit, yay!), I thought it’d be a fun thing to leave as the most recent post on my blog while I’m away. :)

These 20 blogs are my absolute 100% “follow forever” blogs. Some are inactive, some have moved on to other games, some have announced leaving, some are still posting regularly but all of them are collectively, in my opinion, the gods of TS2 tumblr. The greats. The ones that have had either the biggest influence or been the biggest inspiration to me. So to all of you, whether or not you ever end up seeing this…:

Thank you for sharing your beautiful games with us. I can’t imagine the amount of hours and effort that you’ve put into your games, and browsing your blogs always makes me want to play my own game. There’s even a fairly large chance that, without a lot of you, I wouldn’t even still be playing TS2. From building and decorating to posing and storytelling, you’ve all created such amazing things using nothing but a game from 2004 (and, well… a fair amount of CC and maybe just a little photoshop, but same thing!). I’ll probably never ever stop going back to your blogs and browsing through your tags and old posts, and I’m really grateful y’all exist. <3

So without further ado (and in random order) here are their blogs:

You are all amazing. Really.

P.S. obviously there are a lot of talented people on Tumblr, and I appreciate every single one of you beautiful bastards still playing and posting TS2. Love is all around! <3

Hi!! I love your blog! I was wondering could you do a series of batman x reader (being poison ivy’s sister)  starting from when they first met till them being married and having kids? Please and thank you. @laughingcherries

Here you go @laughingcherries. More coming soon. Thanks for the request. I had some fun with this. 


You looked out the window as you watched the gloomy gray skies as they were steadily dropping droplets of water. You sighed as you went back to watering your flowers. It was typical to find you here on a rainy saturday afternoon watering over the dozens and dozens of flowers within your shop. You sighed, as you continued to water your tulips. ‘Another gloomy day for a boring girl like myself. And there is no business either.’ you thought. ‘Seriously I need to get out more.’
As you were trapped in your thoughts, you perked up to the sound of the bell ringing on your shop door. You put your spray bottle down and straightened out your apron. “Welcome to Ivy’s.” you said, smiling at the guest. He was a tall man, lean, muscular, and handsome. He also looks vaguely familiar. You watched him as he circled around your store examining your flowers. As he looked at each one, he would put a hand to his chin and making certain noises as if he was thinking hard about something.

You finally came from around the counter and went towards him. You carefully took a few steps just so you won’t startle him. “Excuse me sir?” you said. He seemed to have either ignored you or just didn’t hear you speak. Either way, you tried again. “Excuse me sir?” you said, a little louder this time.

This time he finally noticed you and turned his head towards you. You straightened yourself up and cleared your throat. “Do you need help with anything? I would glad to be of service.”

“Well actually I’m trying to find a certain bouquet.” he said.

“May I ask what for?”

“Let’s just say that it’s a special occasion.”

“A special occasion for a woman perhaps?”

He eyed you curiously. “Something like that.”

You shook your head as you went into your own thoughts. “Do you know what kind of flowers that she likes?”

He sort of looked down at the roses with this sad expression on his face. It actually kind of made you want to cry. “No. No I don’t.”

You cleared your throat as to get out of the awkwardness that you were feeling and focused on him. “Well…describe her.”

“Excuse me?”

“You heard me. Describe her. If she is really special to you, you could describe her.”

He gave you that curious look again, but continued with your advice. “Well she had black hair and brown eyes…”

You rolled your eyes. “Not physical descriptions. I mean what is she like as a person. What kind of person is she?”

“Are you sure you’re not just doing this to get some information out of me?”

“Why would I want to do that?”

He looked like he was about to say something but apparently decided against it. He looked at the roses again and started to smile as he touched one of the petals. “She was a beautiful person. A gentle soul, too good for this city. She had elegance, poise, and caring heart. She was the best woman that I’ve ever had in my life.”

You smiled at him as he described this woman. Never in your life had you heard anything so beautiful in your life. “She must be one special lady.”

“She was.” he said. You kinda looked at him a little while longer as he continued to look down at the roses. You cleared your throat once more and he looked at you. “Well, I have the perfect flowers for you.” You moved towards the roses and picked a few of those. “Roses show elegance and beauty.” You then walked around the little shop before you spotted the white lilies. “These white lilies in my opinion show pureness and innocence. Which I think goes well this woman having a caring heart.”

You felt him watching you as you were picking out the flowers. It made you feel a little embarrassed but you were too deep in the flower zone to even care.You looked around the store again but didn’t spot the one flower you were looking for. You turned back to the dashing stranger and gave him a smile. “I have one more flower that would really bring out this bouquet. It’s a little weird but I think I can make it work.”

He nodded his head as you went to the back. There is when you worked your magic as you grabbed that special flower you were looking for. “Yea, this will definitely work.”

About 15 minutes later, you came out with masterpiece and set it on the counter. Here you had a beautiful vase filled with red roses, white lilies, and a two shining yellow sunflowers. You looked up at the handsome man and he looked over your work.

He eyed it for several seconds before he finally spoke up. “Sunflowers?”

You gulped. “Yes. Sunflowers are yellow like the sun. The way you were describing this woman sounded like she meant the world to you.” You looked at the bouquet and studied it once more. “To you, she is your sun.”

You looked at him to see that he was smiling which made you smile as well. “This is truly marvelous. Thank you Ms…”

“Y/N” you replied. “Y/N Y/L/N”

“Well Y/N, you sure have an eye for beauty.”

You laughed a little as he said that. “Funny, my sister said the same thing to me too. She’s kind of a flower fanatic herself.”

“Guess it runs in the family then.” he said. He took out his wallet and gave you his credit card.

You smiled. “Since you gave me a beautiful description of this lucky lady. I’ll give you a 50% off discount. So it will bring your total around $16.67. Pretty cheap bargain if I do say so myself. You’re lucky I didn’t give you full price.”

He chuckled. “I’m sure I could have paid for it.” He then looked at you. “As I will be paying for dinner. Friday night at 8?”

You looked at him curiously. “What about your mystery woman? Were you playing me? Are you a player? Cause I don’t do players.”

He chuckled again. “No, I am not. Don’t get me wrong. She is special to me but I doubt my mother would want to go out on a date with me.”

You blushed from embarrassment. “Oh. I’m sorry. I didn’t know.”

“It’s fine. So you still haven’t answered my question. Dinner Friday at 8?”

You smiled at him again. “It’s a date.”

You swiped his card and printed out his receipt to which you wrote your name and number on. “There you go. All set.”

“Thank you, Ms. Y/L/N. See you Friday night.”

“You too Mr…” you looked down at the card in your hand. Once you saw the name, the amount of shock on your face was unbelieveable. “WAYNE?!”

He took the card and receipt, grabbed the flowers and headed out the door. But not before giving you a wink and smirk.

After he left you dumbfounded, you turned around and suck down on the counter. “Holy crap, I have a date Bruce Wayne!!!”

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Eren vs. Levi liking the same girl??? Hopefully I made it in time! I love your blog!

You did, yay! And thank you, I’m glad I make people happy with what I post in my blog! 🌸

Thank you for requesting! 💋

“Commander,” she started, her (hair colour)ed locks hugging her face beautifully as she made her way over to Erwin. “The titans are hoarding from the south. We can’t let them go any further, we need to send a defense teaming.”

Erwin nodded and eyed the people that looked up at him. “Sasha, Jean, Levi, Eren, (Name).” he enumerated. At first, everyone was shocked, but after explain Erwin’s reason, they shut their mouths. “Clear the titans closing in. Once I fire an emergency flare, retreat.”

“Roger.” (Name) responded, before turning to the people she was paired up with.

“Oh, great. And I wanted to be on the offense team.” Jean rolled his eyes as he unsheathed his blades.

“On this kind of job, it doesn’t matter if you’re defending or attacking.” (Name) said. “Whatever role you play, you can’t get away from death.”

“That’s gloomy.” Sasha frowned, glancing at the titans that gathered around a particular building. She fought the urge to grab that piece of chicken from her bag and eat it. “Anyways, the titans are pretty scattered. What do we do?”

“Let’s not split up.” Eren suggested.

“We split up.” Levi shot back, causing everyone to turn their heads. “(Name), Eren, you come with me. We annihilate the titans south west.”

“I’m accompanying these two.” she turned to Jean and Sasha. “You go with Eren. It’s our best shot.”

“We’ll be fine.” Jean reassured.

“Levi is worth more than two people.” she pointed out. “And Eren is part of your team. That should be an advantage. You two would have better cooperation.”

Levi scoffed. “Fine. Once we clear all southern titans, we meet here. Once someone gets in trouble, don’t force the inevitable. Some deaths cannot be prevented.” and with that, he shot out of the sky.

Eren clicked his tongue, then turned to (Name). “Stay safe, (Name).” he smiled, before following after the squad leader with a glare.

“That’s cold.” Sasha grimaced.

“I’m saving any of you two in case you do get in trouble.” she grumbled. “Levi is such a gloomy comrade. Though he’s nice, I guess.”

“Nice?” Jean mumbled.

(Name) ignored his small question and eventually jumped from the building, swinging from roof to roof. 

“There!” Sasha pointed to a 5 meter titan staring at a certain building - it was obviously abnormal, as it didn’t mind them. But every titan was dangerous. (Name) gritted her teeth and sliced it’s nape as she flew past it. 

“That was cool!” Sasha smiled widely from behind. 

“At least leave some to us!” Jean shouted from the strong wind as (Name) again cuts through a titan’s nape skilfully. God, even she was worth more than 2 people! 

(Name) landed on top of a roof and eyed two figures flying all around. Sasha and Jean followed after her. “What’s with those two?” 

“They’re not doing things so cooperatively.” (Name) commented as she discarded her blooded blades, replacing them with new ones. 

Jean’s eyes widened as a giant figure loomed over from behind (Name). “Watch out!” 

Too late. He mentally cursed himself for speaking rather than taking action. Sasha fled over to (Name), who’s back hit a wall from the titan that slapped her hard. Jean gritted his teeth. 

“An abnormal!” he spat, quickly glancing at Sasha. “Take her somewhere safe. I’ll take care of the titan!” 

It was another abnormal. When Jean moved closer, it ignored him and followed Sasha, who was desperately trying to bring her comrade to safety. 

Just when Jean flew over to the titan, a satisfying swish rang in his ears. The titan stumbled and fell to the ground face first. 

“Assist your comrade!” Levi shouted, his voice stern as more titans started to follow. 

“What happened?” Eren yelled at Jean. 

“I’ve got orders to fulfill.” he gritted his teeth, and with that followed after Sasha. 

Maybe it was just him, but as he helped Sasha get (Name) to safety, Eren and Levi were killing titans like they were nothing. It didn’t take too long for them to wipe all of them out. 

They flew over. 

“What happened?” Eren questioned again, kneeling next to (Name). Unusually, for killing that much titans, he didn’t seem to interested on talking about his sudden bloodlust. 

“Her arm’s broken.” Sasha frowned, looking up at the two. “She hit the wall too hard. She passed out from the pain, and-” 

“Our mission stands.” Levi said. “Someone needs to take her to the infirmary. She needs to be treated as soon as possible. I have to hold back the titans for safety.”

“I’ll take her-” 

Levi flashed Eren a glare for his offer. “You stay here and assist on exterminating the titans.” 

No matter how hard Levi was to read, Jean could tell there was something more in his emotions rather than to actually annihilate the titans. No more were in sight. He was hungry for titan’s blood. 

“I’m not used to my comrades getting injured rather than being killed.” he told Eren. 

Eren gritted his teeth. “It doesn’t make a difference if I take her to safety, doesn’t it?” 

“Follow my orders.” Levi shot back. “I want to help her too. This is the best way we can.” 

Eren grimaced, looking over his shoulder and to the girl whom he loved. He walked over to her and looked up at Sasha and Jean. “Don’t let anything bad happened to her.” 

Levi scoffed at his words, though everyone but Eren seemed to notice. “No titan’ll dare go near.” 

Sasha and Jean looked at each other nervously as Sasha wrapped (Name)’s arm around her shoulder. “You have our word.” 

Once they fled, Levi flashed Eren a look. “Know your place.” 


Levi looked away, ignoring Eren as he fled from building to building. 

Eren cursed. “I’m not going to lose, you know.” 

Hey everyone! :D

First let me just say I am so thrilled by the following this blog has gotten! We’re up to over 1040 followers now and I’m very happy to be supplementing your Korean learning.

Secondly, with the posting of Lesson 29 yesterday, all the grammar points I wanted to cover in the “getting started” section of the blog are now complete! Yay! I have some additional/bonus content planned for today and the rest of this week.

I wanted to post all the lessons I had planned for the “getting started” section before I moved onto the other categories (beginners, intermediate, etc) since I know a lot of people needed the absolute beginners stuff. Originally, the plan was to complete this section and then begin a rotational posting schedule– beginners lesson on Monday, intermediate 1 on Tuesday, intermediate 2 on Wednesday, etc. BUT I want to do what would be most beneficial for you guys. So I’m opening this post to answers/responses. Please let me know what you would prefer by replying to the questions below! Thanks!

Do you want to see rotational content (each day has a different level of difficulty for the lessons) or would you like to continue seeing the posts work straight on through (each lesson building on the previous)?

Are there any other topics besides grammar you would like me to cover?

First post!

Hello! It’s @quonit

I wanted to start a sideblog where I post a lot of my art, no matter what it is! I don’t want to organize anymore! I already made a post explaining most of what will happen on this blog on my main blog, but there is a lot of info I missed, so I’m going to cram it into this post!


Let’s start with what I will post.

Steven Universe

A spectacular TV show with a variety of characters, mostly gay rocks.

To be honest I haven’t drawn much SU so that is why there is no sample


Probably just Undyne/Alphine art. I love how in the game the butch girl is portrayed as attractive instead as just a buff girl like in most games/movies if they even have butch girls.



Really old dead ship from 2003 but I still ship it so here is some art

No sample because no art good enough

Epic Battle Fantasy

It’s a great game that effected my childhood greatly. I like the creator of the game and the person to makes the soundtracks. This game should have a bigger fanbase.

Oh wait it does I just don’t go on Deviant art


(old art I swear I’m better then this)


I made this and was inspired to draw more backgrounds


A little arctic wolf that everybody says looks like a cat that I post everywhere. It’s my profile picture here, my main blog, Pinterest, Facebook, everywhere.

If you are interested in at least one of them I think you would enjoy my blog! It will take me a while to set it up because I’m planning to make all of my posts scheduled so that if I leave for a day I don’t feel like I’m abandoning my babies (;-;)

If you want to leave a  drawing request I would like you to send it through the ask box. Anon is fine. If you want to message me instead, then that is okay too.


  • No NWSF
  • No gore, blood is okay, but no.
  • The more your picture has the more time it will take
  • please don’t rush me. You can set a date for when you want it to be finished but I’m not making any promises
  • I am okay with drawing some ships, but if you request a ship and I say no please understand :)

Thank you for reading! If you like my blog and reblog 200+ of my posts and forget to follow  I will be mad :D


hello!!! welcome to my blog!!!

my name is rafa, im from brazil, and in this blog i’ll post some arts, fanarts, photographs, edits and whatever

feel free to ask me anything, and talk to me or whatever you want to

(a lil doodle from pidge to fill the post heheh)

xoxo <3


So sorry I had to close the ask box. I have to get to my other blogs ^^; I’m still available to chit and chat about boys and Final Fantasy! Not just 15 but all of them cx

I have 4 requests. 2 sexy times and 2 normal. I’ll put those out before I get started on other things. I also made my new FFXV blog ♪(๑ᴖ◡ᴖ๑)♪ get excited! If you would like the link just reply/reblog to this post.

Quick Reminders!!

Hello guys! I just a couple things to address here really quick. 

First thing would be, remember to stay active with original posts! Not just reblogs, I know that life gets busy but our activity seems to be going down, so I would like to encourage everyone to at least try to up their activity- or if you need to, request a hiatus!

Adding to that, please update your sideblogs! We’re really hoping to get the Gossip blog up and running again, but we can’t do that without any dirt or asks coming to it! Plus sideblogs are considered when we’re looking at your activity. 

Lastly, THE TOUR IS COMING UP! YAY! IT OFFICIALLY STARTS TOMORROW. And yes, we have everyone going and I will be posting the stages and who’s playing when. Of course we don’t expect you to act upon the times in ‘real time’ but everyone should be making posts and plans as to what they are doing each day. When I post tomorrow’s schedule, I will also include some suggestions for sideblogs, mainblogs, and interactions. This event is to encourage more activity, interaction and to have fun!!

If anyone adds to the group before or during the tour, I will adjust so that they are also included in the scheduling! Any questions or concerns, please feel free to send an ask or message either me or Mod Bunny.

Thank you for reading!
Mod Phil~


hello, well this is my first post on this blog and i’m super excited!! i started this blog since i’ve been following the studyblr community for a while now and i decided that i also wanted to be a part of it. i’m trying to get more inspired and motivated and this seemed like a good idea!!

i’ve decided to tag some blogs that i absolutely adore and inspired me to make this blog: @journalsanctuary @studyign @studydiaryofamedstudent @tbhstudying @bactoprenol @sungstudies @studentsandlattes



YAY! I’m so excited that everyone is enjoying the blog, especially with the new AUs still popping up! So, let’s start the day off with a few announcements!

  1. The “buy a coffee” donate button has been updated with my new PayPal per request from a lot of people. I’m sooo grateful for everyone who’s been donating through this link, and I appreciate the kindness you’ve shown me.
  2. I can’t take AUs without art anymore. I have gotten a lot of complaints from people who want to participate in an AU but cannot due to a lack of designs. Existing AUs without designs will remain on the Master List with a * to signify a lack of art. Please keep this in mind when submitting your AU. EDIT: I WILL BE TAKING ARTLESS AUS AND PUTTING THEM IN THEIR OWN SEPARATE CATEGORY FOR ANYONE WHO WISHES TO NOT HAVE TO SEE THEM.
  3. I will be trying to re-organize the Master List further to make it easier, moving AUs around to better places. To do this, I will be creating a second Master List page and moving links around, so do not be alarmed if you notice a rapid change on the Master List page or AUs suddenly disappearing from it. Once finished, I will link the new Master List in place of the old one.

Last, but not least, the submit box is being shut down temporarily. As some of you know, my husband recently had a very extensive surgery that has kept me away from this blog for a bit of time, and the inbox had flooded in that time to a crazy 600 submissions and asks.

As soon as I get this number chopped down, the submit box will be opened up again! The mailbox is still available for anyone who wants to ask a question or chit chat with me, however!

As usual, I hope everyone has a great day!

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When you’ve already launched and realized you forgot your water on land.

Hehehe oksies, short introduction post yay!!

So, hello!! I’m Michelle, a student based in the ph, hehe <3 I’ve lurked around the studyblr community for quite a while until I (finally) decided to start my own, for the very purpose of becoming more motivated with my acads, to maybe help my procrastination (whoops), and to get to know this awesome community a whole lot more!

few stuff about me:
I love literature (lit is life yo) , so you’ll be seeing some original posts and reblogs here and there !! I love writing poems / prose / anything to let out my emotions !! At the same time, I have an extreme love for debate hihi <3
I hope to achieve more productivity with this, to inspire myself (and maybe you guys lmao) and to quit my cramming habits once and for all.

OMG OKIE SO LONG LIST OF STUDYBLR SENPAIS I LOVE YOUR BLOGS SO MUCH !! : @bookmrk @idkstudyblr @noarasseo @studyblr @tbhstudying @studyign @studypetals @peaches-and-pencils @study-harder @studylove @sushi-studies @highlightcrs @kaisdesk @katsdesk @studybuzz @study-iing @fitlawblr @becoming-a-lawyer @studybutton @studystudystudyblr @educatier @aescademic @academiix @omgstudytime @studytwice @mochi-studies @vestiblr @studeying @nantokaa @legallychic @coffeesforstudiers @eintsein @nehrdist @areistotle @fuckstudy @ohshestudies @elkstudies @nag-aaral @emmastudies @aspiringstudyblr @thecoffeedesk @theorganisedstudent <3

hoping for the best, and i hope to grow in this community of such amazing people!!


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