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Sooo uh… birdtale huh? :3 This aesthetic is my jam. And space backgrounds compensate well for not having any idea what to actually draw back there! Yay!

I’m actually not sure where this AU started, or if the original creator prefers being linked back to their blog or not? If anyone knows, it’d be great if you could throw me a message or something.

Making out with… Taeyong


Anon: Making out with taeyong plsss❤️❤️❤️ love you and your blog xx😊

Anon: Can we get a making out with taeyong pretty please? I love your blog aaaah!!! <3

Yay! Finally got this posted. Writing this made me really sad because I’ve realised how alone I am lol :-( I need friends too lol

Anyway, I hope you like it! Tell me what you think! Bisous, Flo xx

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  • This would be both of your favourite type of skinship
  • Since you didn’t really do any PDA, any kind of skinship, specifically making out, was saved for when you were in private 
  • Your “making out” position usually started with you two standing up
  • His arms would be wrapped tightly around your waist, so that your body was pressed to his
  • You’d allow yourself to melt into his touch, and would trace his jaw with your fingers and thread them through his hair
  • They aren’t necessarily planned but they’re not spontaneous either
  • But they would always always always start with a hug
  • Not a normal one though, 
  • Usually he’d hold you for a long time
  • But when he wanted a kiss, it wouldn’t last long and he’d resort to kissing your neck softly as a sign
  • A lot of giggling and teasing too
  • Eventually, he’d reach your lips and wouldn’t hesitate to smash them onto yours immediately 
  • His kisses would be open and wide 
  • Very slow as well
  • There’s no such thing as fast paced with Taeyong
  • He likes to make sure you understand how much he loves you and how lucky he is
  • And he also like the feeling of your tongues touching
  • Yes, I know that’s gross okay
  • But I really that the pair of you would actually really like it
  • Tbh it’s probably unlike him; since he’s so tidy and clean
  • And playing tonsils table tennis isn’t exactly clean or hygienic
  • Anyway
  • For sure, he wouldn’t be able to contain himself
  • He’s hands would start wandering
  • Rubbing gently your thighs or the small of your back
  • Sometimes he’d run his hands through your hair or rub your jaw gently in order to ease up and relax into the kiss
  • A lot of moans and groans would fall from his lips
  • Very low and deep moans and groans
  • I mean, no one wouldn’t be able to say what they’d be like really
  • Cos he’d just save them for you and your ears
  • He’d also whisper a lot
  • Complimenting you and telling you how much he adores you
  • “You’re so beautiful”
  • “Don’t stop”
  • “I can’t control myself”
  • Just imagine for a moment
  • Shut your eyes and just imagine Taeyong complimenting you
  • Like that in itself is a blessing from God
  • lol okay got a bit too hyped there sorry
  • It would be sensual and slow 
  • Something the younger members should never ever see just in case
  • Although it has happened that Ten walked in and you didn’t realise for about 5 minutes
  • And he just watched with his mouth wide open 
  • Because these make out sessions would last quite a long time
  • It can go up to like half an hour
  • You’d end up sitting on his lap, and he rested against the bed frame
  • 20% of the time this making out session would end with sex
  • But most of the time it wouldn’t
  • Taeyong wouldn’t make out with you because he wanted sex or was horny
  • He’d just like holding you and kissing you and just being with you
  • Totally harmless and not expecting sex at all
  • Anyway, if it didn’t end up with sex, it would last way longer like an hour extra
  • Neither of you would see where the time passed but tbh neither of you cared
  • I see Taeyong being the kind who’d want to kiss you and make out with you all the time when you’re in private
  • At first you were a little annoyed, since you didn’t want to always make out
  • But within a few sessions, you pretty much made it part of your daily life lol
  • Afterwards, he’ll look at you so fondly and just admire how gorgeous you looked or how lucky he was to have you
  • Although he’d do this anyway
  • It would just X10 stronger after making out
  • Whoever gets to kiss Taeyong and make out with him, is darn lucky
  • You better treat him right mate

Making out with… series

BIRD LAW (for birds)

I’m required to do a (lengthy, publishable) paper for my Scholarly Writing law school course, and I just got clearance from my prof to do it on pigeons! Pigeons are completely unprotected by laws here in the US–there’s nothing regulating what you can and can’t do to a pidge

(Those birds aren’t pigeons. They’re my ringneck doves, Arson&Anarchy, and they’re here because I love them.)

Currently the plan is to do a brief overview on the history of pigeons (both generally and in the US specifically), debunk a few common misconceptions (”rats with wings” anybody?), then explain the position of modern pigeons, focusing on city ferals, fancy breeds, and meat birds. I’ll draw some comparisons to other domesticated animals like chickens and dogs, and how and why they’re similar.

 Then, because this is a law article, I’ll do some examples of laws that protect domesticated and feral animals, laws that regulate breeding, laws that protect other meat birds, and conclude with why there should be comparable laws for pidges. And maybe I’ll toss in some alternative conduct as well, like coop projects for city birds and more humane farming and breeding practices. I dunno, this is probably going to be a long paper. 

If anyone knows of someone (or IS someone) who has cite-able academic credentials in these areas–not just pigeons, but other domestic animals in a similar position–who would be willing to talk to me about these topics, please let me know! There doesn’t seem to be any law articles out there on pigeons, so this is a new topic, which means it’s very publishable. I’m also keeping an eye out on other publications (possibly non-legal) that might want an article like this. 

If you guys could help this post circulate, I’d really appreciate it! 

love is simple, it’s just that simple by larrytale (6k)

“Love,” Harry says, and it’s kind of a routine now, because they’ve been together for 3 years and Louis has had insomnia for way longer than that. “Come back to bed.”

louis has insomnia, and harry has a whole lot of love for louis

far afield by quickedween (11k)

Harry Styles is a witch who owns the best flower shop in Manchester. Lottie Tomlinson is planning her wedding, and brings her brother along to her first appointment. Both men have been having a bad day and sparks fly.

white ibis by colourexplosion (19k)

au. they work at a zoo. it’s all very cute.

tea for two and two for tea by orphan_account (26k)

Louis turns five centimeters tall one day at work. Harry accidentally takes him home.

wind and rain (series) by darkerwings (45k)

Louis has been looking after Tessa since he was sixteen. Harry’s a man in a business suit who has loved his daughter’s babysitter for three whole years.

paint the sky with stars by kiwikero (62k)

On 10 April 1912, Harry Styles boards the finest ship the world has ever seen. Still grieving the death of their mother, he and his sister are being sent to America to live with a callous uncle who cares more about his business connections than family. Harry prepares himself for a long, disappointing voyage alone in his stateroom.

Louis Tomlinson has borrowed and saved, and finally has enough to purchase a Third Class ticket to America. With all of his belongings in a single ruck sack, he boards the Titanic filled with hope for a brighter future. Never one to sit still, he can’t resist exploring the massive ship, and soon goes sneaking into First Class in a stolen steward’s uniform.

By a twist of fate, Louis finds himself in Harry’s stateroom, entranced by the most attractive man he’s ever laid eyes on. He keeps returning day after day, even if he doesn’t understand what it is about Harry that continues pulling him in. That’s all right; Louis has a week to figure it out, and Harry is plenty willing to help.

Except they don’t have a week. They have four days. Because on 15 April, their entire world will be turned upside down.

Or, the historically accurate Titanic AU with a happy ending.

here in the afterglow by fondleeds (88k)

“If you hadn’t noticed, I don’t have many friends,” Louis whispers, the blossom of insecurity in his stomach unfurling and clawing its way into his throat.

Harry is silent for a long time, and then he speaks; a soft, slow uncurl that makes Louis’ stomach shake. “I’ll be your friend.”


1970’s AU. In a tiny town in Idaho, Louis’ life is changed forever by the arrival of a curious stranger.

resist everything except temptation by domesticharry (100k)

The lethargic sound of heels clicking against wood resonated across the sea. Footsteps descended the staircase, every assured step creating a menacing aura as it grew closer. Perspiration gathered along Louis’ palms as the rhythmic sound halted in front of him.

“Captain,” Malik greeted.

Louis watched out of his peripheral as Malik’s boots shuffled back a few steps. Sweat matted the hair along the nape of Louis’ neck as he waited for something to happen. He felt as if a sharp blade was twisting his gut as the silence became tangible.

There was a metallic slide of a sword being pulled out of its sheath, the sound startling Louis out of his cocoon of sterile shock. His shoulders jumped as the tip of a blade flattened underneath his jaw. Louis’ distorted reflection stared back at him in the polished metal. Engraved rose petals twisted his appearance as they crawled up the length of the sword. The sword lifted and took Louis’ chin with it.

Standing in front of Louis was Captain Styles.


The one where Louis is the commodore’s son who is forced to become a part of Harry’s crew when he is captured.

swim in the smoke by whonknows (101k)

“What about this, Captain?” Liam asks, nudging the boy kneeling between their feet with the toe of his boot. The boy hisses and swipes at him, slurring out something unintelligible around the makeshift gag Niall had to stuff in his mouth. He misses by a mile and tries again, just as ineffectively.

Harry looks down at him, at the way the sun streams over his face and shoulders, at the way the gag stretches his mouth, lips pink and chapped. He’s lithe and pretty, smudged all over with dirt. They had found him tied up below deck, mostly unconscious, next to a barrel full of gold. He’s clearly a prisoner, but there’s something familiar about him, something that niggles at Harry’s brain. Something he can’t quite put his finger on.

“Put him in my cabin,” Harry decides, turning back to deal with the rest of the loot. The boys screams out jumbled curse words at Harry’s back, muffled by the gag, and Harry can’t understand any of it.

let’s fall in love in a place you want to stay by embro (134k)

A George of the Jungle / Tarzan AU where Louis is a model who meets Wild Man Harry in the Congo. He was raised by apes and barely speaks a word of English and turns Louis’ life upside down.

this post will be updated every time i find a new fic to adore, so keep an eye out!

Game post!!! Yay!!!

Here are the rules: when you see it, reblog it if you want!! Or not. It’s your blog and your life, do what makes you comfortable!!

Also, read the whole thing, okay? By starting reading this post, you are in no way obligated to follow the rules of the game. Again, do what makes you comfortable!! So, basically, I ask that you read all of it, but you don’t have to!!

Here we go!!

1: Other’s success does not diminish your own, no matter how great theirs is and how small yours may seem in comparison.

2: You are a good person.

3. People are, overall, good by nature!! Humanity is compelled to help those in need!!

4. I (the writer of this post) am proud of you!! For writing that novel or that fan fiction or drawing that art or going the extra mile!! Because you definitely have at some point in your life!! And you’ll do it again!! I know you will, you just need some time. Go get ’m, tiger!

5. Any algebraist can tell you that no trend lasts forever. That slump you’re in will definitely end! Eyes on the prize, things are only gonna get better!

6. So what if you aren’t the best? Second place still wins a trophy. Not all is lost, so get back in the race!! I know you’ll be great, just give yourself a chance!!

7. I love you!! Your best friend loves u!! All your friends love you!!! Cause you are mega cool and they are equally as lucky to know you as you are to know them!!

8. Healing takes time. A lot of time. And a lot of practice. And a lot of patience. If you don’t seem to get better immediately, that is a-ok! When you walk through a forest, things will only get darker before they can get lighter. Join me on a hike through our respective brainforests. It’s gonna hurt, and it’s gonna be difficult, and you’ll want to quit, and you’ll want to turn back. That’s okay. But if we stick together, when we reach the top and look back at all the ground we covered, it’s gonna be spectacular.

9. You are not ‘broken’ or 'damaged’. You are like a perennial plant! Your beauty and splendor may fade every so often, but it always comes back in full force!! Perennial plants are not 'damaged’ or 'useless’ simply because they change. They are fascinating and make people smile, and so do you!

10. That’s it! Thanks for playing! You won! Your prize is a tall glass of water, if it is convenient for you to drink at the moment, and a great big bear hug from me if you are okay with that! If not, then a looser, more chill hug, or an amicable handshake! Or just a respectful nod from a distance, if that suits you! Whatever you are comfortable with. Have a great day, you star!

*Delete the caption or adding a self promo will be disqualify*

Hey lovelies! I decided to host a Makeup Look Awards with Ivana—since i’m finally come back to tumblr from being hiatus for few months—and we chose this awards because who doesn’t love makeup! Without further ado let’s get started!


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  • Likes count as bookmarks


  • Two new friends! Yay!
  • Promos upon request
  • Spot on a cute page (under construction)


  • Glam look - Best overall
  • Smokey - Best color scheme
  • Glowy - Best theme
  • Night out - Best posts
  • No makeup look -  Cynthia’s fave
  • Everyday natural - Ivana’s fave


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  • We will announce the winners once we are happy with the notes
  • The banner is made by @athaeila / @bannerbyathaeila
  • If you have any questions, feel free to ask any one of us! We won’t bite x

Good luck lovelies!

Cynthia and Ivana xx

Why Gon was the one to arm wrestle people during the Yorkshin arc instead of his stronk Killua bf
  • Leorio: Killua just do it you brat! This way we'll see who's stronger and who should arm wrestle everyone, now shut your trap and do it!
  • Killua: *grumbling* *puts his arm out*
  • Killua: *thinking* I'm gonna kick his ass and get this over with
  • Gon: *puts his hand in Killua's*
  • Leorio: Ready? Start!
  • Killua: *is kicking Gon's ass*
  • Gon: *leans down and kisses Killua's hand*
  • Killua: !?!?!? *blushes and looses focus*
  • Gon: *wins* yay! I won!
  • Killua: *is melting*
  • Leorio: Whut-whut just happened
headcanon #7

heidi is such a mom. after she official finds out that jared and evan are together (and, trust me, she’s had suspicions for a very, very long time, but respectfully waiting for them to tell her before saying anything), she gives jared The Talk, which is essentially, “hurt my son and i will end you.” but, after she starts to truly trust their relationship, she immediately begins to adore jared. once he and evan have been together for a few years, she starts calling jared her “son-in-law” even though he and evan are definitely not married…..yet….

oKAY SO when i first created this blog i was just getting back into writing (bc of b99 ahhh the inspo) and i was like y’know it’d be so cute to post my first b99 fic as like a present when i reached 100 followers! (bc im milestone trash) but i didn’t plan for y’all to? think im interesting? bc i’ve only written 1k words total but already surpassed my goal by like 200% sO INSTEAD while i get my act together pls enjoy some random domestic peraltiago headcanons (yay!)

  • so okay hear me out but, like, spa nights
    • like it starts off so simply like maybe every other week amy just likes to use a lil simple face mask bc skin care is important jake and he like teases her a bit bc you look like a zombie arrrghh but maybe after a couple times he’s just rly curious and asks if he can try it too and it becomes a routine thing
    • but then after a few months jake’s like hey! look at these other cool skin things i bought! and amy’s so confused but she goes with it bc okay its nice just sitting in front of the tv with jake while he complains about the lack of cucumbers no jake that’s not - okay fine whatever i’ll get cucumbers next time
      • he just eats all the cucumber slices
    • and eventually it progresses to like full on spa nights (at least that’s what jake calls them) whenever they have free time in the evenings and they aren’t too busy
  • and because i rly like routine things: baking nights!
    • ok so its canon amy sucks at all things food and i know some of u think jake is a good cook but honestly i find nothing funnier than both of them being absolutely terrible (i mean jake actually might be good but he just doesn’t rly care about cooking and never tried to learn sooo)
    • but like ok one day amy is like this is ridiculous we need to know how to cook right so she suggests practicing sometime and jake is 100% sure it will end terribly (and that’s 100% of the reason he agrees) and while amy rly wants to make actually healthy meals jake convinces her they should start small and make like cookies
    • so one day they start like right after they get home from work and it seems so easy i mean everyone can make chocolate chip cookies right? no they cant they’re up until 3am trying to get it right and jake’s having the time of his life bc amy’s covered head to toe in random cookie ingredients and she’s adorable but amy is livid (which is also rly cute until she rips an oven mitt in half and then its terRIFYING)
    • anyway jake convinces her to try again somehow (ok he kissed her until she forgot what she was agreeing to) and its not as often as spa nights but its definitely a Thing now and they’ve made approximately 3 cookies that were almost good so like that’s progress right yes amy’s doing it bc of the progress not bc of how happy jake is every time no of course not
  • oops this got long quickly okay i’ll end on a short one so anyway nothing is sacred to these competitive nerds theyre constantly hiding random objects around their house i mean it started off innocently enough with jake just sticking a mug on top of the tv for the lols but then it turns into a full fledged war but its still casual until jake hides amy’s keys and she’s late to work bc now there are Rules and its all very intense and has caused several arguments
    • also one time it accidentally spread to the precinct and caused a slight epidemic that everyone is too scared to mention ever again
reassure | school series 3

characters: you x daehwi

summary: a collection of moments with a frightful, but nonetheless cute, Daehwi

quote: “let’s do this together!”

school series: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 

note: so school started yay! but that also means i won’t have much time to write. and im not sure if i’ll even be able to get on tumblr when my college classes start (i’m dual enrolled) so updates will be slow, but trust me i will try to get the school series finishes before september.

and also! thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for following this blog because after the first day of posting ‘blush’ and ‘awkward encounters’ i gained 23 followers and now i have 47 and almost 100 notes on ‘blush’ which is literally mindblowing so once again thank you guys so much for all this support and i will try my best to keep writing!! <3

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1/100 days of productivity!

first original post on studyblr, yay! i hope the quality isn’t too bad, and i’d appreciate constructive criticism ☺️ i couldn’t quite find the right lighting for the picture (sigh)

i decided to start this challenge because my exams are coming up soon (oh no) and it sounded like a fun way to start my studyblr journey! i’d also like to thank the people who were so welcoming when i posted my intro, y'all are the best!

— kali


Howdy hey, howdy ho, friends. My name’s Justin, and I decided I might as well turn this blog into a studyblr before going to university this fall. I’ve been into planners and bullet journals for years. Can’t wait for the next few years!!

About me

  • I’m 17
  • Total nerd
  • I’m from Texas (no it’s not a bunch of cowboys, but there are rodeos all the time)
  • I graduated hs with an associate’s degree under my belt (half of my high school’s classes were in college classrooms on the connected campus)
  • I’m a biomedical engineering major (yay for math and science)
  • Boston University ‘21 ( @bostonuniversity )


  • Reading (my other blog is @words-of-a-feather where I’m gonna start posting more about quotes and books more)
  • Crafting (I’ve worked at Michael’s for over a year now. Let’s just say that discount is nice)
  • Planning (I don’t have a bujo but I use a happy planner rn. I’m gonna start a bujo as more of a journal than a planner)
  • Music and musicals


  • I’m hoping to post a lot once the semester starts
  • Emphasize self-care and reduce my stress
  • Stop procrastinating (part of why I started this-if I do something, I’ll be able to post. If I don’t do work, I won’t have anything to post.)
  • Enjoy living in a big new city

Some studyblrs I like

@emmastudies | @curiostudy | @academla | @gloomstudy | @studytune | @studyoon | @starlight-student | @linguisticstudies | @noodledesk | @novaaquill |  @carlostudyblr | @minimaliststudy | @studyologys | @knoweldge | @acadmia | @studyign | @bookmrk | @elrood

I’m gonna track #bu study dude

Let me know if you like the header I made. I can’t decide if I want to use it or my current picture of Boston Common

anonymous asked:

I WAS ABOUT TO SLEEP but I saw your post yay ahah Can you do the boys Reactions to you being jealous ? I love your blog!

Ah, you’re so sweet, Anon, thank you! 

Sorry this took me so long, I hope you enjoy these headcanons! ^.^

Nevra –

  • Between the two of you, Nevra considers you the ‘calmer’ one, so you being jealous is never something he  can happen.
  • Because of that, it usually takes him time to realise you’re jealous.
  • The very second he does, he starts teasing you. asshole
  • He’s always playful with his teasing, and is always careful not to upset you, proven by the way he drapes an arm around you, pressing kisses to your head between his words.

Valkyon –

  • Valkyon is almost comically unaware when you’re jealous.
  • It actually takes an outside force to point out when you’re jealous, because he’s that clueless.
  • Being as confident in the relationship as he is, Valkyon doesn’t really understand why you’re jealous at all, but doesn’t like the thought of you being upset for whatever reason and does something about it.
  • Said ‘something’ is a quick cuddle session consisting of Valkyon embracing you while murmuring sweet assurances in your ear.

Ezarel –

  • He doesn’t usually pay attention to you when you’re jealous cause he’s an ass and likes to make you suffer.
  • He only does it because he thinks you’re super cute when you’re sulky like that but he can go a little too far.
  • When he does, Ez is quick to apologise and tries to cheer you up with lame jokes.
  • In the end though, he defaults to wrapping his arms around you from behind, and muttering apologies into your hair.

anonymous asked:

!!! please do a recommendation of blogs for each member?

i’ll try 💜,, i’m sorry if i left anyone out omg, im really bad at these

Taeil: @1aeil & @taeiloves!! my two favourite taeil-centered blogs and this angel needs more love so 💜

Hansol: istg we need more hansol fans like?? don’t sleep on him please!! but @debuthansol (i love this blog so much i lowkey always go to stalk their blog because i’m hansol-deprived) & @ncttrashaf (they’re a scenario blog but one of the admins (i forgot her url ahh) stans hansol and it’s really cute), on a side note their scenarios are really good too so go check them out!

Johnny: @suhsexual (lauren we dk each other personally but i lowkey squeal everytime you reblog/like any of my posts your scenarios are so good hehe), @lovejohnnyseomuch (your url’s the cutest thing ever)

Taeyong: @grandpa-ty (even though you post more about nct as a whole, i still love you & your love for ty track hehe), @leetaeyongdeservestheworld, @cutie-lee-taeyong & @teewhytrack

Yuta: @nakamuto (even though she reblogs more about mark 👀 it’s cute aw), @iloveyu-ta (hazel ily hehe, she stans taeyong too if im not wrong so!

Kun: same for hansol y'all need to stop sleeping on him like? @stannctchinaline (chinaline in general so !), @kunxxxsol (they post about hansol too sometimes so yay)

Doyoung: i love him someone please recommend a doyoung stan blog please

Ten: @teninist (whenever i see you fangirlling over ten on my dash my heart just flutters because it’s so cute honestly??) @tenislove, @tensluckycharm

Jaehyun: @thirsty-for-jae (their blog is of high quality™ and i love seeing their posts on my dash hehe), @why-jaehyun (cody your gifs & posts are wonderful too), @yourjaehyun, *lowkey tags everyone because we all let jaehyun ruin our bias list & dash am i right*

WinWin: @vvwin (i miss you jie i hope you’re feeling better in every way possible ;-;)

Mark: where do i start there’s so many mark fans sksmns, @marksvocals (your posts are so cute kaksjz), @mxrksgf (i love your blog aw), @mochamark/@marknicorn (my idol ily lots, go check out her scenarios y'all, even though she lowkey posts about jeno too 👀), @markleesa, @markmy1st, @markleesgiggle, @sammymunchiecheerios, @scraemin, @trademarklee & @nct-marklee (y'all make my heart flutter because who doesn’t love mark akksns)

Renjun: @fairyprincerenjun, @renjunstoothgap & @renju-n

Jeno: zelia 👀👀, @jenowhat, @jenothanks (both of your love for jeno are so cute!!)

Haechan: i dont wanna see any of y'all sleeping on him anymore!! @donghyuckstudies, @donghyucks90sgf, @haecchan, @haechansgf, @haechannie, @hyuckmeup (the amount of donghyuck fans yay) & also lowkey @freakydeakytaeyonq (even though your bias is taeyong hehe ily)

Jaemin: @jaeminnana (lemme introduce to you jaemin’s soulmate!! ily vivienne), @jaeminniemouse & @mkayjaemin

Chenle: @nct-dork (if im not wrong her bias is chenle, but her scenarios are great too so go check her out), @chenleismyson

Jisung: vivienne im watching you too 👀, @jisung-ie

Scenario blogs: because im a sucker for scenarios, @nctreacting, @cutiephon-texts, @cremethorns, @chipsandwaffles, @alwaysinmyheartnct (vivienne & amy i love y'all), @stormae, @texting-nct, @ncttexts, @squaresreact *lowkey tags myself,nah kidding*

Wonderful and great blogs you should just check out and follow in general: @dreamteamnoona, @odetonct, @yutasings, @nakamotens (super high quality blog like?? 💜😭), @haenyan, @taeyounq, @smolmarkhyuck, @zeusmayo, @neotechs, @nctiful, @neocitys, @nctees, @nctales, @nctgiri, @nctuhohahyes

i hope this helped in some way!! feel free to add on to the list if you need to, my mind’s blocked rn so sorry if i left you out i still love y'all 💜

(if i sent this already ignore it. I saw it on my own blog and thought I accidentally posted it there instead of sent it to you) Red butt store employee again (thankfully former. I got a nicer better paying job! Yay!). A few months before I left my mom started working in another dept and became pretty successful to where she was nominated for manager training (i’ll just call it that. I still don’t understand it tho). Anyway, someone told her that an interviewer in that program deliberately failed an employee who worked there for 24 years!! The woman had a golden record had good reviews from coworkers and the interviewer delibrately failed her JUST. TO. SEE. HOW. SHE. WOULD. TAKE. FAILURE. I can’t remember what became of the woman but I hope she left for better things. WHY TREAT EMPLOYEES WHO HAVE DONE SO MUCH FOR SO LONG LIKE ABSOLUTE CRAP??? This is why i don’t really go for anything more than lowly employee. Backstabbing bullshit like this!! Idc if you’re trying to “weed people out”

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i just started posting my art on tumblr but its getting zero attention. i was wondering what was it like when you started (you probably posted one of your amazing drawings and tumblr broke for the day because it couldn't handle your badass art lol) also do you have any advice for taking pics of traditional art? should i make them more artsy with props and angles or should it just be simple and neat pic of just the drawing?

Look at that badass first drawing I posted on tumblr that have… OH MY!…

the whole 8 notes!!! Amazing! I still don’t know how tumblr managed to survive this.

I had had a deviantart account before I joined tumblr (but I think it’s even harder to be noticed on deviantart).
Anyway, my first tumblr blog wasn’t exclusively my art, I reblogged other people’s art and edits and… everything really. Also, I drew shit tons of Sherlock fanart and some nice people with bigger number of followers reblogged my drawings. Still, the most popular piece got maybe 3k notes.
I made atalienart in december 2014 and for four months not much happened. The post that got the most notes (1070!) was a tutorial. Then this drawing happened and people liked it very much and some other drawings got around 5k notes since then yay! :)
And then (…I have a feeling I use “then” too often…), almost a year after I’d started my art blog, Draco Malfoy changed my life bringing more and more followers, asks and interest. And look where I am now, with my wasted life, not a single message from Rowling, 4/10, don’t recommend.

Also, no advice for taking pictures of your art because it all depends on your aesthetics. I like both, I mean I’m not that interested in your fancy markers laying next to your drawing, I won’t reblog the picture for the Fancy-fix 5mm Chisel Tip Liquid Chalk Marker Pen, I’ll reblog if I like the art. But I saw some really pretty compositions that I liked. Sometimes I even like enjoy those photos of screens with drawings better than the “normally” posted drawings… idk man, whatever tingles your pringles.

Such a long answer, sorry. Good luck with your art! :)

That Boy Next Door; Kang Daniel

♡ Suggested by: N/A
♡ Paring: Daniel x Reader
♡ POV: Third person
♡ Warning: Mature themes
♡ Genre: Angst
♡ Word count: 625
♡ Chapter: 4/6
♡ Summary: That damn boy next door, the one who knows way more about you than he should


Daniel felt a soft tap on his face, waking him up from his slumber. He swatted away his mom before turning over and going back to sleep. He felt it again. “Mom, just a little bit longer” He muffled out. “Mom huh. That’s new name”.

Daniel instantly jolted up. You bursted out laughing. “W-why are you hear?!” He said. “To wake you up” You gave him a small smile. “Really Y/N? You walked your ass all the way over to my house, entered, came upstairs, just to wake me up?” Daniel rolled his eyes. Your smile fell and you gave a look of disgust. “Ok let’s be real, my mom left for work this morning and she insisted I come over so we can go to school together”. Daniel was the one who then started laughing.
You flopped onto his chair and sigh. “Basically, I’m here against my will” you said. Daniel collected himself before getting up out of his bed. He was wearing nothing but a loose pair of boxers. You were tempted to stare. He had the best body. I mean, it kept you up having ‘fun’ all night. I’m gross

To save your dignity, you kept yourself from looking at him. At the end of the day, he was still Kang Daniel, your sworn enemy. Even if he was getting better looking by the day. You shoved your face into your phone and pretended to not care.

Big, warm arms wrapped around your shoulders. You instantly froze and jumped forward. The arms pulled you back. Behind you, Daniel was standing there. His arms felt normal around you. You tried one more time to break away but he was too strong. “Why are you trying to run away Y/N~” He said in a sing-song voice. You just let out a sigh and place one of your hands on his forearm. His skin was soft and nice. You guys sat like that for a few seconds until he stood up and kneeled down in front of your chair.

“Let’s go somewhere fun” He said. You tilted your head in confusion. “What do you mean?” You asked. “Lets ditch today and go somewhere” He held out his hand. “Skip, are you crazy!?” You pushed his hand away. “Are you Y/N? Come on! Whats a little adventure gonna hurt?” He smiled. “My grades” You stood up and pushed him back. “Since when do you care” He also stood up. “Ever since you suggested skipping” you glanced back at him and rolled your eyes. He tried to grab your hand but you pulled it back.

“I’m not skipping with Kang Daniel” You snapped at him. “Why not!” He let out a little laugh. You kept yourself composed and didn’t say anything. He placed a hand on your shoulder and you hit it off. “Y/N…” His smile went away. “Whats going on with you today?” He asked. You took a deep breath. “I DON’T LIKE YOU. I HATE YOU.” You blew up in front of him. He couldn’t move from shock. You pushed him back and ran out of his house. His parents ran after you, trying to see what was going on, but you locked the front door in time.

As soon as you got into the bathroom, you fell onto the ground and began to sob. “I hate you Kang Daniel. Fuck you Kang Daniel. Why do I pretend to love you” You muttered out to yourself. “Fuck you and your perfect body and your pretty face and your ….amazing personality and …sweet laugh and ….cute …smile and-” You stopped yourself.

“I think I’m in love with my sworn enemy”


A/N ITS MY BIRTHDAY ON THE 22ND YAY. This is just a little life update: I CAN RELAX THIS WEEKEND OML. School is taking so much out of me. I’m gonna start an interactive story on this blog but idk how I’m even gonna do it. I may have to create another blog where I’ll post the chapters and stuff. Idk its just a thought but I really wanna do it. So thats pretty much all. I’ll try to post as much as possible this weekend but I won’t make any promises gdajlfaglj

I was doodling Yam while I was waking up this morning and was thinking about how much my art has changed since I started drawing again. I created this blog in September last year, so the bottom picture was made around that time. Yay for improvement!

The top one is actually a full torso shot and I might post it later on tonight.