yay socks


It is now time for a yarn haul!
Here are a few of the things I picked up over the past few months.
Over Thanksgiving week I purchased some majorly discounted Madeline Tosh yarn. I was super psyched about that because I have been dying to try out her yarn, just never willing to shell out the cash.
I got 7 skeins in total for around a hundred bucks.
2 of Euro Sock, one in Light Bright and one in Comfort.
2 of of DK Twist in Comfort.
3 of 80/10 Fingering in Havana/Optic
I currently have no idea what I am going to make, but whatever it is it will be pretty!

I also did a little bit of shopping at a local yarn store in my home town. I picked up three huge hanks of Cascades Eco Wool for a fisherman cabled sweater I plan on starting. It was also on sale at the time, and huge plus is I didn’t have to pay shipping for it since I forced my husband to carry it in his backpack on our return trip 😆

And that is all for now! I will hopefully have a current project update next week, and will let you know where all this yarn is going to go.

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A/N: Hi everyone! I’m working on the holiday prompts I’ve gotten as requests. I’ve finished some already but I’m figuring out when to post them and in what manner. Okay enjoy this one for now!

Tonight Dan was doing a liveshow while y/n was giving their son a bath. Dan looked at the thousand of comments pouring in and then saw the top fans change.
“Oh, seems like candylester has gone down to third place, and Kylie is now the top fan. Hello Marissa, Erin, and–sugarplumphan…? Nice username.” Dan said winking at the camera, catching a glimpse of his subtle hobbit hair curl.
“Okay guys so did you like my new video?” Dan asked everyone watching.
“Yes, yes, good, I LOVED IT, I was laughing, yeah, marry me senpai.” Dan read off the comments and laughed, “Wow a wide arrange of happiness. Although that last comment, I can’t do that. Sorry.” Dan said trying to hold back a grin and then showing his left hand to the camera. There it sat, a silver band in symbolization for forever unity of marriage. “Not about that polygamy lifestyle. I’m a monogamy type of guy.” Dan joked trying to bring his internet persona back.
“Anyways, what you all want to talk about next?” Dan looked for topics and then continued on a long little debacle. While in his little debacle, Dan caught something in the corner of his eye. Picking it up and showing it to the camera, he looked down confused. Slightly chuckling and muttering a “what” to himself, Dan observed the small little minion sock from the side of his black desk.
“What even? Is this y/s/n’s?” Dan asked out loud, more so to the chat than himself. “Why is it here? Why has y/n bought our son minion socks?” Laughing a little more as the meme comments rolled in, Dan looked pleasantly bemused. He never bought y/s/n this and little kid socks were casually lying around his desk. With slight admiration and content spread over his face, he just smiled at the camera. “I don’t even know. So many questions.” Dan then continued to read the comments of the viewers, but in the back of his mind he was fixated on something else. The thought and actual reality that this was his life, pure utter happiness from such a minuscule thing. Dan now had a his own family which consisted of his wife and their son together, an actual adorable little child that was half him and the girl he loved. He had a life, with the moments that meant more than the world to him. He had something that he never imagined was possbie during those existental crises. With 3 minutes left, y/n then came into the room. Her hair was tied up and she was wearing shorts and a tank top, looking prettier than ever to Dan.
“Hey…” y/n said as she noticed the screen and eyed the webcam.
“Hey.” Dan said totally relaxed.
“Um, have you—” y/n asked before something came rushing in, interrupting her.
“Daddy, daddy! My socks!” y/s/n instantly came dashing into the room as he realized his father was filming something. “Oh hi people at home.” The little boy said nonchalantly in his English accent. This was causal for him. y/n and Dan both shared a look while y/n giggled and Dan watched his silly son.
“You mean these?” Dan picked up the socks on the desk once again looking at y/s/n as the boy nodded and Dan handed it back to him.
“Yay!! My socks!” y/s/n shouted happily, oblivious to how many were actually watching him.
“I just needed to get him in the bath and I forgot where I put his socks, sorryyy,” she apoligized in a light manner. But Dan didn’t mind at all all. “Okay y/s/n, daddy’s working so let’s go outside until he’s done.” y/n tried to hurry themselves out of the room, and Dan shook his head.
“No, it’s almost done actually. Just stay,” Dan paused to show a relaxed smile, then continued “But care to tell the Internet why you bought minion socks for y/s/n?” He laughed and y/n smiled.
“Because he liked them and they’re similar to the ones you wore on tour for TATINOF.” y/n reminded Dan, thinking of all them memories from that fun time in his life.
Dan smiled and then looked to the liveshow, making a mental decision in his head.
“Okay guys, gonna cut it early today and go spend some family time. I’ll post a family selfie to make up, y/s/n, y/n say bye!” Dan said waving as his son looked up from his parents’ bed and smiling big and happy to get to play with his daddy. “Bye everyone!” y/n came to say bye as Dan wrapped his arm around her looking at his son in the screen, then he hit the end button.
“Love you so much.” Dan kissed y/n’s nose as the two both looked over at those little playing boy.
“Now let’s all do something, before y/s/n has to go to bed.” Dan got up and the family followed for some quality family time that all 3 greatly enjoyed, especially y/s/n due to some secret treats. The three played and cuddled around the couch, like the cutest little family you ever did see. y/s/n talked and wandered on speaking similar to his father, while his eyes lit up like his mother’s.
“He’s so much like you. Look, his eyes light up exactly like yours do.” Dan whispered quietly careful not to interrupt the child telling his stories.
y/n shook her head, “Pssh, he looks and is exactly like you. Look at the little dimples on his face, not to mention the small hobbit hair already coming through? Also his accent and how he speaks…“ y/n explained back as Dan began leaving ticklish kisses on her smooth neck. y/n laughed under her breath trying hard to hold it in. The two love birds couldn’t hold in their affection and y/s/n noticed it.
“Mommy! Daddy!” y/s/n said louder.
Caught red handed and giggling, the two turned their heads to face their son’s eyes.
“Sorry.” Dan muttered as he gently pulled y/n’s hair back.
“Yes baby?” y/n asked.
“My story! Listen I’m not done.” y/s/n said frowning, and then continued as he got his parents’ attention once again.
“Sorry, all ears.” Dan turned to face his son guiltily, resting his head softly on y/n’s shoulder. He listened insistently and happily at the little boy thinking of his little family in front of his.
After a little while, Dan got out his phone and lifted his arm up while y/n leaned on him, both of them smiling. Below them was y/s/n was showing off his socks with one leg up to the camera and a hand holding a cookie close. “family selfie” Dan captioned the photo, still fully content and amazed at his life. The married couple rested upon each other and happily watched their little baby boy daydream along as they played along. Still holding y/n tightly in his arms, Dan began nipping at at y/n’s ear. Laying protectively in his long arms, y/n turned her head to look at her husband.
“I love you so much y/n.” Dan hummed sweetly in her ear as y/n’s heart melted. “You’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me, I’m so grateful to have found you.” Dan heavily vocalized to his wife as he gently pulled her hair to a side.
“I love you.” y/n responded kissing his cheek.
“Now I have you and y/s/n. I love you both so much. I love our family.” Dan proclaimed to the love of his life then they shared a long lock on the lips. Just like that, Dan had what he always wanted. His own little family that he loved more than life itself. This was purely a dream come true.


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