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Okay, I’ve had a few people ask me about “the opening credits thing” which, at the time, I had no clue what they were talking about. Today, for the first time, I noticed this flash in about a frame before the silhouette I posted in episode 1, right after the “Gravity Falls” postcard shot. Yay shitty video quality. So what is this? I’ve been told the cipher on the right hand side is fairly spoilery at the moment. In the center is clearly Mister Cipher himself, surrounded by some kind of bizarre zodiac. There are a number of recognizable symbols here, including the mark on Stan’s fez, Gideon’s pentagram emblem, the six-fingered hand from the journals (of which this is presumably a page), and a few other bizarrely selected items. I might not have made anything of it (or deferred my theories for a while) but the bag of ice stuck out at me. These journals are old. How old isn’t exactly clear, but they definitely have the appearance of decades if not more of aging. Plastic sacks of ice are not particularly old, however, which led me to thinking. Then I remembered a post from the last episode involving a semi-snarky comment about how a 17-year-old bag of ice should have frozen into a single lump at some point. But, here’s the thing. It’s the same bag of ice. And it was being poured by Douchebag McWhatisname, the guy who spraypainted the water tower. This made me look again to see if I recognized any of the others, and lo and behold, the question mark is on Soos’ shirt. I know I’ve seen Mabel wear a sweater with that shooting star before. Which implies that the pine tree has to be Dipper’s hat. So. These are apparently prophetic references to people. People who are currently in Gravity Falls. I can connect six of the ten to a specific character already, and the hand either applies to the journals, or (to not break the pattern) their author. This implies the author is still alive and is either in Gravity Falls or will be soon. As for the remainder of the page, I’m not really sure how relevant it is, but it’s littered with alchemy marks and one enormous matrix that I’m not even going to attempt to sort out because fuck matrices. But I’m on the lookout for the identity of the llama, the glasses, and the heart-with-strange-crosshatch, and I’m looking forward to seeing the mysterious author who penned this in the first place. Sorry for the longpost.

Every Rose Has Its Thorns

After getting home from dinner, the first thing Tessa did was go up to her room and complete her nightly treatments. Her chest was still quite tight; and breathing felt difficult and painful. That pesky cough was still lingering; and she was afraid of getting sick again like she had at the restaurant. Maybe all she needed was for the medicine from her treatments to kick in and a good night’s rest. So after completing her vest and nebulizers, she situated herself with her oxygen and climbed into bed. 

Several hours later, she was awoken by the feeling of not being able to get enough air. Her chest was even tighter than previously; and ultimately, she felt like she couldn’t breathe. After a few seconds, the coughing started up again, just as violent as back at the restaurant; and by the metallic taste in her mouth, she knew something was seriously wrong.