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hey! I absolutely adore your writing and your blog! Could you maybe do an imagine with a reader who is a muggle photographer and backpacking across various continents to capture the wildlife, and runs into Newt while the reader is tracking down "odd footprints" or whatever, and ends up finding the same magical creature he's trying to study, and getting a perfect shot of it. He's torn between obliviating her, and inviting her to shoot for his book/get to know her better. Ending up to you : D

Thank you!

Oh this is such a cute imagine. I can definitely add it to the list. I’m pretty sure I know what Newt’s attitude would be in this situation, and it’ll be fun to write! Thanks for the request!

- M


tagged by my wonderful wife @whalefairyfandom12 to make a moodboard from just pictures on my phone,,, idk what this is but here ya go!

i’ll tag @aphhun and @dystopiansushi if you guys are up to it