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Here’s a very late thank you to my followers! 

Thanks so much for supporting me and my blog! I never thought I’d get this many people following me. For every like, reblog, and message given to me, I’m forever grateful. You guys have no idea how happy it makes me to know that people like what I make ૮(꒦ິ ˙̫̮ ꒦ິ)ა It makes all my hard work worth it. I hope you guys continue to follow and support me from here on!

This was a nice early birthday present actually haha.

*woah this feels like the first day in a ~new~ school (!!!)*

hellooooo, my friendos! i’m grexy (not my real name though), 15-year-old senior student, and i have decided to make a studyblr bc you, guys, inspire and motivate me so much♡ (thanks!!!!!!) now, i’m coming out of my shell ;; yay!

some random stuffs about me: 

  • reading liberates me (yup)
  • writing is my catharsis
  • oui! [trying] to learn french (;
  • i love photoshop
  • aspiring journalist and/or psychologist hehe
  • a pessimist
  • or an optimist (there’s no in-between!!)
  • deepest secret: i’m elizabeth swann-turner (; SHH!!
  • i’m 63% introvert, friends anyone? hehe (:

my vacation will come to an end and i really can’t wait to start another academic year so, come with me to go the distance!! (;


here are some of my favs so far are: @emmastudies @jhonstudies @sadgirlstudying @studyrelief @studyrose @aesthudent @studyquill​. i want to know more of everyone in the community so, please spread the word!



shows i started watching in 2017 meme
1. the good place - “you’re a giant chunk of spinach in the teeth of the universe.”