yay pictures of myself that i like for once!

There, an actual picture of Nimi finally trying out Criquette’s horizons (yay!!! ♥) instead of reblogging every other of his posts. ;)

Perfect for Avonlea! ♥

As you probably figured out by now, with some fiddling you can still get the sky globes to look fine. They just need to be adjusted for every angle, because they are smaller… and then (just like for the larger skybox+animated clouds) you need to be prepared to give up cameraman mode if you like to take pics from the other end of the terrain. ^^

hi! so! my name is misha! and this is a picture i took before work yesterday when i was playing around with makeup. and pretty much every day i try to tell myself i’m cute, but then i overanalyse myself and i’m like, “no. i hate my nose it makes everything look weird.”
but, um, for once i actually like my weird nose in a picture?? and we’re being positive, yeah? definitely my favourite things about myself are my eyes and lips. and, for once, my nose! so, yay! self love! sorry for the ramble (x

Trust me, you have enough reasons to love yourself. 

For example; your personality, your awesome haircut, your slayin’ fashion sense, your amazing eyes, your killer glasses, your cute smile, your sense of humor, your strength and the fact that you’re still here, fighting yourself through every up and down (I may or may not have done some research)

so really sweetie, love yourself a bit more. Don’t be so hard on yourself.

You really have nothing, absolutely nothing to be insecure about.

You’re you, perfect just the way you are, and if that’s not enough for someone they can literally suck my ass.

Never change