yay photos!


There were some cute ass photos I wanted to post for @iridescent-happiness birthday that I can’t post on FB because SOCIETY SUCKS but now Tumblr won’t let me post them either because RURAL INTERNET SUCKS so here’s the rant minus the photo okay yay birthdays GO:

Today is the best day of the year, because today is the day my girlfriend has to stop making fun of me for being “ancient". She’s finally the same age as me.

Happy birthday to the girl who puts up with me stealing the blankets constantly even though she’d be freezing in a heatwave, who pulls my mattress up and down a flight of stairs every night just so we can ramble to each other as we fall asleep without annoying my roommate, who makes me breakfast in bed because I can’t function without weetabix, who skips New Years Eve to stay in bed with me because I’m sick.

Damn, she does a lot for me. And I hope I can do a fraction of that back for you.

Totally blessed by some red string of fate to be the one to get to see her messy morning hair (and be the one making it so messy), to hear deepest thoughts, her weirdest, dorkiest moments, her PERFECT ADORABLE FANTASTIC crooked lip - hidden under lipstick to the rest of the world (it’s my favourite)…

Here’s a secret birthday present: I secretly love that you make us leave half an hour early for your train so we can hang outside for awhile beforehand.. I secretly love watching movies I swear I have no interest in like superhero stuff.. and I might even secretly love when you wake me up early.

YOUR MOTHER’S FORTUNE TELLER SHIPS US and she also said this is gonna be YOUR year, so roll on 22 so with that: Roll on adventures, cuddle days, the other half of Iron Man 3, days in with Ralph and dates out with me. This is your year, I can’t wait to be a part of it.

Happy birthday Booba. <3


!!! I got a very nice surprise today thanks to @qiupup ♥ Thank you for the MysMe stuff!!! I love love love the 707 pillow – it’s so SOFT!!! I’m going to keep it next to my hamster plushies ♥ Thank youuuuuu for everything!!! ♥♥♥

i wanted to costrial MC but my sister wouldn’t let me borrow her wig && sweater ahaha maybe next time // she took the photos tho ;; she was practicing with the camera earlier so i said ‘pls take my photo’ so yay i didn’t end up with phone selfies

u all prolly know this by now but me with hamsters is like jumin with cats. lololol


sunshine boy in oversized clothes, comfort level 100%