yay new wig


Yay! New wigs from the lovely funnylori. Cue has decided he’s a blonde for now. The again he can probably change his hair colour…he is a robot and all. The boys wig was a dreadlock-y texture which I wasn’t keen on but after giving it a good brush (I’m so rough with fur wigs!) I adore it. These are also the softest fur wigs I’ve ever had. They’re great. 

I also got a fantastic wine red one and was like “ooh sable can have that” then I put it on his head and his huge ears and funky head meant that it fit horribly. Looks like he’s keeping the one he has now. Irvins and their silly heads…

The boys (Castor and Pollux) are a Delf Dambi hybrid. 

Cue is an Obitsu 55 P-Chan