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I warn thee, there be a witch in the wood. If ye e’er to come upon it- do not look into it’s eye, young one. Pray. Pray for mercy.

I am that very witch. When I sleep my spirit slips away from my body and dances naked with The Devil. That’s how I signed his book.

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Happy Saturday!
Today I’m showing you how to make these super delicious, fluffy AND vegan cupcakes. Perfect to treat your valentine, or yourself during a night of Netflix and FOOD :)


Talking To Myself (Official Video) - Linkin Park


Yay!! New video up!! Enjoy!! Cheers to keeping up this routine *dance dance* next video - Friday 🤗


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Did you ever blow on your Nintendo games to make them work?

Yeah, me too. Turns out it didn’t help anything. But it does illustrate some mind-blowing ways that our brains play tricks on us to help win the game we call “life.”

Check out this week’s It’s Okay To Be Smart to find out why! Who knew an old video game could teach us so much about our psychology?






yay new video!! Watch me burn my butthole with this spicy margarita lol

New poster! Available for PRE-ORDER! Carmelita Fox from the Sly Cooper games (the first three… fans, you know what i am talking about)

LOVE her so much, she was a serious role model for me growing up. Strong woman, silly and cute at home, works hard every day for a job she loves, has a temper but thats ok, loves a man but doesn’t let that stop her, and is a curvy and muscular woman who is still drop dead gorgeous. She was and still is SUPER cool to me. Also she is a cop who can think for herself and treat even notorious criminals with human kindness. She’s just great.