yay my shoes


Hey guys~ I know someone who is starting up a shopping service for exclusive BTS items in Korea! She has a request form where you can request what you want like BTS x puma shoes, BTS t-money cards, official shop goods and etc. She will be putting orders out soon so check it out! 


anonymous asked:

can anybody make a tutorial on feet/ shoes? i always have trouble with them because they always end up looking like hands connected to ankles xD thnaks!


Okay so um I really really like drawing feet and shoes so let me help you out friend

So the foot is a weirdass body part that I used to hate with a great passion. I still don’t like drawing feet sometimes, especially when it’s in a weird position. But basically the foot base looks a bit like a doorstop. The toes at the end are pretty much short mini-fingers. The big toe also jutts out towards the inner part of the base (you can see in the second diagram up top that it creates a round bump). Never forget ankles! They are always there and are also a recognisable feature in feet :) ALSO the big toe curves up, the other 4 little toes curve down (so do the toenails if you wanna go into that kinda detail).

YAY NOW SHOES MY FAV PART (i always draw boots so I’m gonna show you boots cause they’re my fav shoe)

Think about drawing shoes as wrapping cloth around a foot. Shoes wrap and form into the shape of feet, so once you know the basics of a foot, shoes shouldn’t be too difficult. Of course you need to keep in mind about laces and perspectives, but practice will get you there. In most cases the tip of the shoe will either be rounded off (like the first example of Docs), or come to a point. (The point usually appears between the first and second toe like in the second example).

You can always look up images of shoes online or at stock photos!

Here are LOADS of video tutorials on how to draw feet and shoes, too!!

Please remember that feet can always be exaggerated!! They can be long, super short, stubby, floppy, hairy, have long toes, have big heels etc!! This is just a pretty standard tutorial on how i’d draw a normal looking foot/shoes! :)

Hope that helped you a bit!!! Good luck!


Things that made me laugh today...

1. I forgot the chicken for my Buffalo Chicken Salad AND my greek yogurt. (<– sad, pathetic kind of laugh) I’m not sure where my brain was when I packed my lunch, but I did not starve and found a granola bar to satiate me. 

2. Clearly, the Universe has a sense of humor as it looks like I’ll be in Austin on Valentine’s Day. You know, Austin…where ex-Homeboy lives. (<– like real, actual kind of laugh because I’m quite relieved to be done with that business) I’ll be there for a conference. Five of us are going. Guess who drew the right kind of straw and scored her own room?! There will be jumping on the bed. 

3. I forgot to put socks in my gym bag. Seriously, where is my brain? But I still ran my miles and lifted my weights. Luckily, my post-Christmas-take-advantage-of-the-sales splurge arrived on my doorstep this evening…new running shoes! I think they just need some lime green laces and I’ll be happy. I’m still sporting the shoes I ran the marathon in over a year ago. OOPS. As I dip my toes back into running, it was a must. But also yay because I stunk my shoes up tonight. 

4. While at the gym, I spotted a guy who looked like Babe Laufenberg (former Dallas Cowboys quarterback and former local sports anchor). Babe-look-alike comes over and asks me if I’m using some of the equipment (I was but told him I was almost done). I google him between sets and realize Babe-look-alike IS ACTUALLY Babe Laufenberg. I finish what I’m doing and tuck the stuff he wanted in a corner so its a bit hidden. I went and found him at a barbell to tell him I’ve finished and where he can find the equipment. We chatted for a sec about the gym, lack of equipment, how long I’ve been going to that gym (because he thought I worked there…?), and he finished the conversation with a fist bump. This made me giggle laugh as this is the second Dallas Cowboys quarterback I’ve seen while working out. Lest you all forget one of my all-time favorite running stories about running faster than Troy Aikman. Looking back at that post is also laughable because OMG I used to be so much faster than my current turtle pace. 

5. I also spent the day huddled around a space heater with my principal because our heat still isn’t working. This makes me laugh more because the temperatures we get here are nothing compared to what some of you experience but I’m such a weenie about. 

I hope the rest of this year is as comical as today was, but I truly hope I stop forgetting so much crap at home.