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“I’m getting us to the beach. I fight better near water.” “Becuase Posiedon?” Meg asked, steadying herself against the door handle. “Yep,” Percy agreed. “That pretty much describes my entire life: Because Posiedon.” // THE TRIALS OF APOLLO 


DAISY JOHNSON WEEK ✿ Day 7 → Favourite Moment
↳  Skye, we’ve been made. Come on.  No. I tipped them off.


Little summer Jackaboy for ya :P

Also I changed my user name from ‘wilczyca68′ to ‘wilczek-art’, just letting you know ^^


「Dusty Rose 」 - DK icons

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so yay, my film icon page is finally up and running and open to requests :) 

  • 150 + icons - 100 x 100
  • Films: Kingsman, The Dark Knight, Harry Potter, Star Wars, Star Trek, The Hunger Games, Pirates of the Caribbean, Pulp Fiction, Mean Girls, The Hobbit, Moulin Rouge, Atonement, Pride and Prejudice , Twilight and Clueless (more to be added) 
  • Please like or reblog if you take any!! 
  • redirect if asked where you got them
  • Icons this way  →