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ready for camp! navy insisted they get her a cellphone so they could keep in contact (it’s the first time his baby’s going to be away for so long) - she’s already discovered apps

Eremin Week, Day 6: SWAP

Did this as fast as I could because I literally have no time today. I didn’t want to miss another day!!! ;___;

So sorry for sloppy coloring! And the lines are kinda unfinished! But better that than nothing to honor my babies! YAY FOR GENDERBENDING EREMIN!! <3

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Rings Part 1

Anon Asked:  yay a reaction blog for my babies!! <3 can i get a ikon reaction to their member telling them they saw you out w/ a guy shopping for rings but your guy friend was just helping you buy couple rings for the member?

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Jinhwan would feel betrayed. He knew that his members would never lie to him. If they said that they saw you at the mall picking out couple rings with some other dude. He knew that that’s what they saw. He would honestly call you and see where you are and try to figure out what’s going on.

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Yunhyeong wouldn’t know what to say or do. He’d kind of just look all over the place and try to gather his thought of the possibility that his girlfriend of 2 years may have been cheating on him. 

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Bobby would call you to ask your location and go there immediately. If you were  still with that guy he would honest be pretty pissed that you were still hanging out with a guy that could possibly be his “replacement” he’d honestly want to fight that guy. Of course he would attempt it but you would hold him back. Bobby would think that you’re protecting him and walk away.

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Hanbin would honestly react the exact same as Bobby only he would yell and scream at you if you tried to hold him back. He’d then give you the death glare and tell you that he’s completely done with you.

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Donghyuk honestly feel pretty betrayed. He loved you and gave you everything and this is how you repay him? Looking at couple rings with some dude behind is back. Is that why you cancelled plans with him to look for couple rings with him? Donghyuk wouldn’t know how to feel so he would just sulk in his room alone. Of course he still want to hear your side of what is going on.

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Junhoe wouldn’t believe it. He would think to himself “There’s no guy better then me, who could she possibly be with?” But on the outside I can see him being extremely surprised and really mad. He gave you all his heart and your just crushed it.

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Change would be rally sad. You were his first girlfriend and you just destroyed your relationship of 4 years by just looking for couple rings. Of course,Chanwoo didn’t believe it at first. But why would his hyungs lie to him. Chanwoo still trusted you and wanted to hear your side of the story.

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