yay making new friends

N O W  O P E N  T O  N E W  M E M B E R S

who is the sassiest ex-angel in the apocalypse? we only got a 44 minute glimpse into this world but a certain addict still lives on in our hearts. if you find yourself in need of more endverse and specifically more endverse!cas, come join us.


  • must be following this endverse!cas trashcan
  • must love 2014!cas or endverse with all your soul
  • must reblog this post (like to bookmark)
  • no survey yay!
  • must have ask/submit open so you can be contacted

C U R R E N T  M E M B E R S

  • reblog if you’re still interested in staying in the network
  • this is just a formality since some people are gone now/no longer into spn

I F  A C C E P T E D

  • track the network tag #2014casnet
  • spot on the network page
  • add a link to the network page on your blog
  • a place to for everything endverse!cas ever from art to fic to recs to discussion
  • what do you think: were dean and cas together in endverse?
  • probably discussion about down to agincourt, lbr
  • basically an organized way for people to share their love or thoughts or secret theories about endverse, and make new friends, yay!

Enjolras could you be ANY MORE obvious? :’^)


Minnesota, WI

“Armour let it through, borne the arboretic truth you kept posing. Sat down in the suit, fixed on up it wasn’t you by finished closing. Ramble in the roots, had the marvel, moved the proof be kneeled fine’s glowing. Storing up the clues, it had it’s sullen blue bruised through by showing.”

hello fellow studiers!

I’m new to this study community, hence the very low quality photo taken with below par editing skills.

I’ll be making a lot more notes for my course this year and thought it would be fun to put them up for other people to see, but also to push me to study more!

I hope I can make lots of new friends on here too! yay!!


anonymous asked:

I actually don't want to follow blogs who post nsfw stuff. Like even if someone posts something slightly sexual (like pictures not texts) I directly unfollow them. But you seem super nice and we're mutuals?? So I just kept following you asghdsb, But I hope it's okay if i unfollow you one day. (Also I hope that was really you, if it isn't, this is awkward)

Yeah that could be me x) its okay if you unfollow me if i post too much nsfw. I was actually thinking about making an nsfw blog but i kinda hate side blogs(i always forget to check ehich accout i post on) and i dont like having to log in and out of seperate accounts everytime. I tag the posts with ‘nsfw’ so people can blacklist it but sometimes one slips through.

Also Yay mutuals! Feel free to IM me anytime! I love making new friends :3

**please don’t delete the text**


     ✩ hello everyone - the lazy gals are very pleased to announce that we are looking for new members!!!

    ✩ over the past eight months, us eleven girls have gotten to know one another thru the mini snippets {of our lives} and daily entries we share. i think i can safely say {on behalf of all the girls} that we are definitely thick as thieves at present!

    ✩ having said that, we are looking to expanding our little family and making new friends!! yay


     ✩ mbf me, jeridi, annelle, izzy, ashley, maddi, giulia, airah, kristen, alycia and vinia (we’re all gonna be bffs anyway!)

     ✩ reblog this post at least once (likes = bookmarking)

     ✩ be an active indie blog

     ✩ must post an entry at least thrice a week (we really wanna keep the network active!)


     ✩ a place to talk to about absolutely anything! you can tell us all about your day, feelings, you can even vent to us - give advice and all that kind of stuff hehe

     ✩ eleven fab new bffs (it’s us! shh)

     ✩ cute badge for your blog


     ✩ tag a post with #lazydiariesv2 saying a lil something about yourself and why you want to join the network

     ✩ send us sweet messages! (for us to know bits and pieces of you beforehand)


    ✩ choosing about ten people (or it depends on the number of notes)

    ✩ photo credit


River makes a new friend.

She doesn’t know why this mirror bun looks a bit different, but that’s okay!  Many a bunny kiss was given to her new friend.  We’ll just have to add ‘entertainment center’ to the list of reflective surfaces we need to de-bunny-hork.

——-Delete the text and I will find you and cut up all your clothes and steal all of your food——-

Hello lovelies! I hereby present to you my second faves page! Woohoo!! Since I changed blog styles I felt like making a new page to showcase my favourite blogs. I didn’t label it my updated faves because I have a new url (previously aquariax). I’ll be choosing 10-20 blogs, depending on how many notes this gets, and they will be presented on this page!


  • Please be following me (no chance of getting picked if you’re not)
  • Reblog this post


  • A spot on my faves page (still under construction)
  • A link to your blog in my faves tab 
  • Unlimited promos to x,xxx followers, but please be reasonable.
  • Help with voting/html/anything else
  • A follow back from me, and new followers
  • A new friend! Yay!

Higher Chance:

  • Talk to me! I don’t bite and love making new friends!!! c:
  • Be active!
  • Reblog this 17378483837 times!
  • Have a similar blog, but all blogstyles considered
  • Tag a post with #brouhnx or #brouhnxfaves explaining why you think I should choose you.
  • Follow my instagram @eszterszab0, then message me with you username!


  • The banner was made by me
  • I will be choosing when I’m happy with the notes
  • You can check my updates tab for updates about the date I’ll be choosing!
  • Please don’t let this flop because that would be really awkward and embarrassing and no one wants that to happen…
  • If it flops can we please never mention it again and forget that it ever happened. Thank you x

Good luck my darlings! May the odds be ever in your favour!

**do not delete text, won’t show up on your blog!**

Hi guys! So, I’ve been thinking about this for a little while, and I’ve decided to go for it - I’m making a promo group! Yay! :D So, this is basically a group, or network, where we get to know each other better, do promos together, gain new followers and just have a good time! :) So this group is basically about gaining new followers, and making new friends. YAY! :D If you want to join this group/network, read below! :)


  • mbf the admin, Celine 
  • reblogs only, likes will not count
  • all blogstyles are welcome
  • followercount does NOT matter! (this is about gaining new followers after all, right? ;) )

For a higher chance;

  • be nice to your followers and people in general - this is probably the most important thing. If I see you sending hate or being rude, you will not be chosen!
  • tag a post with #celinepromo telling me a little bit about yourself, and why I should choose you
  • Submit me your followercount
  • have a nice and clean blog :)

Perks of being chosen;

  • a follow back from me, if not already
  • lots of new followers
  • lots of new friends

So if you are interested in joining this group, you know what to do! I’ll be choosing new members from time to time, and message each person I choose individually!

I will also probably choose some more admins if necessary! :)

So happy reblogging, and good luck! <3

Welcome to the Waves Network, a place for us to share our love for this wonderful DeanCas fanfic.

This is also my first network so if you have any questions or concerns or i’m doing something wrong just send me a message  :D


  • must be following me
  • reblog this post, you may like this but it won’t count
  • must reach at least 30 notes, or i will kill this post
  • have your ask/submit open
  • must be reading or have read Waves (obviously)
  • Supernatural must be one of your main fandoms

What I’m looking for:

  • a Destiel shipper 
  • a clean theme 
  • a good tagging system
  • an awesome url

 If you get accepted:

  • +follow from me 
  • i will send you a message with more instructions
  • you must follow everyone in the network
  • you must have a link to the network page somewhere on your blog
  • track the #wavesnetwork tag for updates
 What you’ll get:

  • a place to talk about how much you love this fic and how gross Dean and Cas are. the’re so in love. this is hurting me
  • a promo when you get accepted
  • a link in the network page (i’m currently working on it)
  • hopefully more followers
  • you’ll get to make new friends! yay!
  • help with anything you need!
  • you can tag all your edits/html/selfies/fics/polls for everyone to reblog
  • my love and friendship

 Additional info:

  • I will announce the first 5-10 members on January 16th
  • 2-3 will be accepted every Thursday after that
  • I’m thinking about maybe 20 members, but it all depends on the notes this gets
  • If you have any questions just ask

anonymous asked:

can you do one where you're dating one of the boys and introduce him to your (guy) friends who are really protective over you :) X

idk if you want a blurb or pref so ill do a blurb


so with calum your guy friend would be really protective bc calum gets really touchy with you and he makes jokes that your guy friend doesn’t always like and calum would try his hardest to warm up to your guy friend and eventually calum and your friend would become friends bc cal is awesome so why not

luke would be so intimidated bc he’s a shy little shit and you’d have to keep telling your friend to back off bc luke would get nervous around him bc luke knows how close you too are and he wants to leave a good first impression

michael at first would be like who the fuck is this guy and why is he judging me so hard and he’d have his arm around you the whole time bc michael would be protective and then you’d tell him that he’s just your friend and michael would relax a bit and then michael would make a new friend yay

ashton would be so protective bc your best friend is a guy and he doesn’t want to lose you so he’d be making you laugh the whole time and he’d be so cute and he’d keep his eyes on you the whole time and your guy friend would eventually like ashton for doing that bc he knows that ashton’s a good guy and that he loves you and wont let anything happen to you aw

this sucked im sorry

request here