yay making lots of things today

yall im so emo i wanted to go donate blood so i could get an honor chord but im too light so they were like no you can’t donate blood and now im sad nd i want to cry :-( i was telling all my friends i was going to, but i told them i wondered if they wouldn’t let me bc of my weight and they were like nah u good but!!! here we are. i still have all my blood. no t-shirt. no sticker. no help was given. 

also,  i saw a bitch that really dislikes me while i was leaving so that was fantastic. 


P: I started to get to know Seren even more after calling each other as well.. The things he likes… The thing that make him smile. We both knew that we loved the “stars”. 

 P: We enjoyed sharing things about stars… Seren with his knowledge about stars and me with… Bringing star things I like… But one day I brought something that changed everything… It all started with star crackers I brought…  

P: Hey Seren! I brought something interesting today? 

 S: Yay⭐️ what is it? 

 P: it is star crackers⭐️ They’re super yummy and I got a lot for us!! Let me take them out~ Ah!! Sorry they’re all broken… It must be when I tripped over coming here… 


 🌟 I’m back to finish the Inktober starchild comic! Sorry for the lateness ;-; (26/31) 

Sorry for the spelling errors and my bad handwriting~  (1-2-3/4-5/6-7/8/9/10/11-12/13-14/15/16/17-18/19/20-21/23/24/25-26).INKTOBER I Star Child.

Sheith catfish episode- Keith gets Nev and Max in because , well like everyone else on the show, he. doesn’t believe the guy he’s talking to online is real. He’s hot, he’s funny, he’s got a smoking body and he’s understanding; all charms catfish prove mean FAKE everytime. They matched on tinder; Keith was drunk and thought he’d set one up for a laugh, and Shiro was feeling pretty lonely so just wanted to see who was out there. They hit it off immediately, but Shiro refused to video chat. He’d make up excuses whenever asked , and sometimes just avoid the topic all together. So Nev & Max are dead certain Shiro is fake , and take Keith to meet him.

Shiro is obviously real and it turns out the only thing fake was him photoshopping away his scar on his face - hence why he didn’t want to vid chat. Sheith commences and Nev & Max are happy for them both! Yay!


Korra Week Day 1: Alone

There’s been a lot of talk lately about how Korra has PTSD and how alone she must feel but then I remembered that no one is ever really alone. There are those watching over you even though you may not see them.

also i originally wasn’t gonna do a korra week thing but it literally just happened that i finished this today and it fit the theme so yay me

hello ^^ i decided to do a follow forever since a lot of fun things have happend lately :3 first off i recently hit a new follower mile stone! thank you soo much~ it has also been almost a year since i found my exo angels and got thrown into this fandom (what a ride) and today is my birthday too so yay :’) (and let’s say it’s because it’s my lov’s birthday soon too while we’re at it) wow that was a lot

this year with exo has become such a wonderful one, much thanks to all you lovely people that make my dash so awesome. i’m not gonna ramble much more but thank you all for being here and making this space such a nice place to spend my time at ♡ ♡ ♡

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Diabolik Lovers More, Blood ~Kou Mukami After Story~

Hello, cuties! ヾ(・ω・o) I don’t know if someone has translated this yet, but I needed it in my blog, soooo… here it is! It might be a bit tiring to read cause it’s a bit long, but… Here you have it in case someone is interested! I found it adorable, but lately I find anything Kou-related way too cute sob

On with the translation! (and I haven’t checked anything so beware, mistakes might eat you)

Kou: Yui, come here!

Yui: Coming!

Kou: This lake is so beautiful… The water is superclear!

Kou: And look! The sky is being reflected in the surface so you can see a really beautiful blue!

Kou: Let’s take a picture!

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@weltraumheldin replied to your chat: Me: *woke up from a nap and still can’t focus on…

You always can wear make-up! We don’t Need a reason too. We also can wear it just for cooking some dinner for ourself. Who cares? No one as long as we feel good :)) And yay, for stranger Things! <3 I love Dustin. Still need to catch up on the new season :)

I AGREE!!! I always wear at least some BB Cream on even when I’m not going anywhere but I did put some extra effort today with eyeliners and all lol 

I have been planning to catch up but I’ve been caught up with a lot of things that I haven’t found the time. I just caught up with The Flash and Teen Wolf so I figured I might as well add Riverdale to the list :))

Look at my boy 😭 I fall in love with him more and more everyday ❤

I get my IUD out today!! Yay!!! I’ll be started on the pill until January or Rocky gets more of his Kingston training done, whatever comes first. He currently makes $21.65/hr but without asbestos and other certifications he can’t do a lot of jobs his hiring company does so work is spotty. Seriously hoping the classes are 1-3 days and not week long things like his first one. I hated having him gone for so long :(

I might but the Clearblue digital tests with weeks estimator just for motivation to work out and be patient. They are so freaking cool and it’s stupid they aren’t sold more in the US. I’ll be getting it from the UK branch of Amazon, couple more bucks than store price but I hate buying stuff off of EBay. Plus when the time comes I know Rocky isn’t a squinter so a digital test will be much better to surprise him with 😂

Anonymous: AUTHOR CHAAAN!!! Could you do a scenario were the guys are playing with s/o truth or dare ?? THANXS *\(^o^)/*

(Yahoo~! I’m back! Hope you guys like this! So sorry it’s feels so rushed! It was really late at night and I couldn’t sleep when I wrote it! Anyway, enjoy!)



You and Kanato were lying down in his room. He craned his neck at you curiously. “(Y/N)? Laito told me about this slumber party he went to yesterday. I would like to try one of the activities they had there.”

“Really?” You asked suspiciously. You wondered what kind of games Laito told to the innocent boy. “Okay. What do you suggest?” He thought over his options. When he picked his favorite, he smiled softly. “I’d like to try strip poker. Laito says that even if you lose, you get a strip of candy!”

You frantically shook your head. “Let’s try something simpler,” you gently told him, “what about Truth or Dare? Would you like to do that instead?”

“Tsk,” he looked annoyed but he relented eventually, “okay. But it’s only because I don’t know how to play poker!”

You smiled at him. “Great! You’ll go first,” you told him, “truth or dare?”

“Truth,” the purple haired boy said, “Teddy says that we don’t want to do anything stupid. So please ask a sensible question from us.”

Your eyes moved heavenwards in thought. Kanato was very unpredictable, you didn’t want him to get angry over what you asked but you also didn’t want this to be boring. Suddenly, you remembered the question that you’ve been dying to ask for a while.

You grinned at him. “Kanato, who do you love more,” you looked serious, “Teddy or me?”

He stared at you weirdly. “(Y/N) wants to make me choose?” He mumbled to himself. “Of course, I love Teddy.” Though the bear was an inanimate object, you’re heart still clenched at his words. “But,” he put his finger under your chin to make you look into his eyes, “if (Y/N) really wants me to make a real decision… (Y/N) is the only person I have ever loved.”

You blushed and turned away. Coughing, you told him, “I’d like to have a dare, please.” You didn’t want him to see you flustered. “Oh? My (Y/N) is so brave!” He exclaimed like a child, “if so, Teddy and I want you to sneak into Reiji’s lab and drink a potion.”

He giggled as you expressed your horror. “Eh?!” You retorted, “I can’t do that! What if I get killed, or worse, punished?!” It seems that he would have none of your excuses.

“(Y/N),” he gently held your hand and kissed your fingers, while doing so, he was innocently gazing into your eyes, “please do it for me!” He gave you a puppy dog face. You almost died from the cuteness. “Fine! As long as you go to my funeral!” You winked and walked towards the lab with Kanato not far behind.

Quietly, you peeked inside the room. No one was there. Gingerly, you grabbed the nearest bottle with purple fluids and left without missing a heartbeat. “I got it,” you showed Kanato your findings. Worriedly, you played with the flask. You sighed resolutely, “well, a dare is a dare!” You drank the whole bottle in one shot.

Thankfully, there wasn’t any pain. You bit your lip in relief. However, after just standing there for a while, you felt that your chest was lighter and something weird was in your pants. Loudly, you heard Kanato screech. You looked down at him, immediately noticing that your were several inches taller than him.

You examined inside your shirt. “Where are my…?” You jumped in shock when you peeked in your pants. “What the hell is that?!” You were hyperventilating at this point. “Am I…” You looked at Kanato desperately, “a boy?”




“Bitch-chan~!” Laito wailed, “why don’t you stop working and play with me for a second, nfu~”

“Why don’t you stop being a perv for a second, hmm?” You pushed his groping figure off of you and bit the tip of your pencil. Actually, you were all done with your homework. You just wanted to see him beg for your attention.

The fedora wearing boy pouted. “Playing hard to get, are we?” He hugged you from the back. “Ne, Bitch-chan! Let’s play a simple game! What about we play the classic Truth or Dare?” You were somewhat surprised. When he said ‘play’, you expected something dirty.

“Oh,” you remarked, “well, if that’s the case, then why not?” You shrugged and agreed to join him. “If you do anything rated SPG, I swear I’ll castrate you!” You warned him. “Ah~, now why would I do that?” He smirked.

Laito asked you, “what do you choose? A saucy truth or a juicy dare?” You gave an unladylike snort. “Gimme the best dare you’ve got, perv!” You proclaimed bravely. “This will be fun!” He giggled.

“I dare Bitch-chan to lace Ayato-kun’s Takoyaki with laxatives!” Laito smiled and your mouth opened. “Hah?! You’re evil,” you told him, “wasn’t he throwing up earlier? You have no pity.”

He handed you the concoction. “Here you go,” he pushed you to the kitchen and shoved you some hot pieces of Takoyaki. You were sure he planned all of this beforehand. You neatly placed the laxatives in the food. He turned to you, “No, no, no, Bitch-chan!” He tutted, “don’t put too much! It will end up looking like semen on root beer!”

“And you know this how…?”

“Don’t question my wisdom.”

You both finished up and proceeded to find the eldest of the triplets. Finally, you saw him. “Hey, Ayato!” He looked over to you haughtily. “Aha! If it isn’t Laito’s breastless girl. What do you want?

"I brought you Takoyaki!” You shrugged off his insult and kindly handed his favorite meal. “I hope you like it!” He greedily devoured the dish without even scrutinizing what you gave him. You deviously smirked as you watched him clutch his stomach.

He held onto the wall for support. “Da hell?!” He ran away to his room. You found it gross that you smelled something weird when he sprinted off so quickly.

“I did it!” You jumped. “Now you gotta do my dare, perv? Or do you wanna do a truth like the little pussy you are?” You taunted him. He giggled. “Of course I’ll do a dare~! What harm can my Bitch-chan do, anyway?”

“You will rue the day you patronized me, perv!” You laughed maniacally. “I dare you…” You made him anticipate what you’ll make him do. “To let me burn fedora-chan!”

He stared at you. “Um, Bitch-chan, let’s talk about this-” you hopped and tore off the hat from his head. “Too late!” You turned and looked through the manor, trying to find his childish brother.

“Kanato!” You cried. “It’s terrible! It’s terrible!” He glared at you as you crashed into him. “Teddy thinks you’re irritating. What do you want?” You dramatically told him, “It was your fiendish perverted brother! He called you, and I quote, 'an annoying little virgin who can’t sing!’.” You nodded. When he didn’t look convinced, you whispered in his ear, “he even called Teddy your convenient sex toy!”

“That pervert,” he spat, “I’ll kill him!” Before he ran, you tapped his shoulder. “Yeah, you go do that. But do you know what will kill him on the inside?” He replied in negative. You smirked and showed him Laito’s fedora. “Burn it.” The two of you shared knowing grins.

Laito finally caught up with you. It was too late. You were sadistically laughing as purple flames engulfed his precious hat. The embers burnt your lover as he tried to rescue it. He knelt before it, tears running down his face. You patted his naked head.

“It’s alright,” you placated, “I’m sure we can find another one at the dump. You never know! Anything looks better,” you looked at the burning fedora in blatant disgust, “than that thing.”



“Can we please play Truth or Dare?” You begged. “No,” he hastily replied. “C'mon! Please? It won’t be for long!” You pouted adorably and he blushed. “Fine,” he huffed, “let’s play this stupid game. Truth or Dare?”

You squealed. “Yay! I’ll go with a Truth today! Make sure you ask something dirty, hm?” You winked simply to make him uncomfortable. It worked, he was getting red in the face again.

“Truth?” He averted his eyes. “Um, w-what’s your favorite color?” He pathetically asked. “Lame,” you raised your eyebrow, “you can do a lot better, Subaru!” You cheered him on like a child.

“Okay, okay!” The albino thought frantically. Subaru didn’t want you to think that he sucked at these kinds of things. He said the first wild thing that came into his mind. “I got one!” He yelled excitedly. “(Y/N), what’s the color of your underwear?” After he asked, he went dead silent. He couldn’t believe he said that to you.

You gave a fake gasp. “Subaru! You pervert!” You shook your head in disappointment. “You and Laito really are siblings after all!” When he looked ready to apologize, you giggled. “Don’t be embarrassed, silly! I told you I wanted something dirty, right?”

With one last grin at him, you looked down and pulled on your pants. Slowly, as though to tease your lover, you peeked inside. You didn’t answer immediately. Seductively, you leaned in on his ear. You purred in a sultry voice, “what if I’m not wearing panties? Do I lose the game?” You asked innocently.

“Hah?!” Subaru jumped away. You laughed at his crimson face. “Jesus, Subaru! Relax! I’m wearing something, don’t worry.” You pulled him back to you. After a moment of silence, you decided to fluster him more. Once again, you whispered wantonly, “it’s colored red, by the way.” You bit his ear teasingly.

“Alright, alright! I get it!” He turned away. “I wanna do a dare, got it?” The albino wanted to get away as soon as possible.

You rolled your eyes. “At least you’re eager,” you laughed. You contemplated a dare. You snapped your fingers in triumph.

Grinning wickedly, you grabbed your phone and texted someone. When you got a reply, you told Subaru what you wanted him to do. “I want you to use these pick up lines on the nearest girl we can find! Understood?” You shoved your mobile into his face.

He read what he was going to say. “W-what?! I can’t say those things! You’re my girlfriend! Aren’t you supposed to stop me from saying stuff like that?” Subaru stared at you incredulously. “Stop stereotyping and get on with wooing!” You tutted.

You pushed him to a blond haired girl around your age. You gave him your phone and hid behind a tree to watch.

Subaru looked like he was on the verge of passing out. He tapped the girl’s shoulder. “Damn girl! Your ass is bigger than my future!” He nauseatingly smirked. The girl gasped and slapped him before turning away. He turned to you. You didn’t let him go until he told all the lick up lines you had.

The albino approached another girl. “My mom thinks I’m gay, can you help me prove her wrong?” You laughed loudly along with the girl he was talking to. The girl got a pen from her purse and wrote her number on his arm.

You gave him a thumbs up in support as he reached the final girl. He scowled at you before telling the girl, “I like your butt. Can I wear it as a hat?” What the two of you didn’t expect though, was a really big man confronting Subaru in his dare.

“Excuse me,” the deep baritone voice of the man growled, “but that’s my girl you’re talking to,” he menacingly spat.

You laughed as Subaru gulped. You immediately sprinted to him and grabbed his clenched fist. “Run!” You shouted and the two of you quickly escaped from the intimidatingly huge man.

I’ve gained a lot of weight the last few months from being back on steroids. Also doing things like having cookie dough for breakfast. But I lost 15 during the move! Yay! Feeling ok with myself today!

I’m not ready to actually put a lot of work into getting back in shape. I’m not here to make declarations. I like cookie dough for breakfast. Just enjoying fitting into these jeans… even if I can barely breathe.


This is a tutorial for making gifs with the use of KMPlayer and Photoshop. I use Photoshop CS5. There are other ways to make gifs, but this is by far the fastest and easiest way I have found to make them. We’re going to start with the assumption that you already have the caps for making the gif, but if you do not, go ahead and view the KMPlayer tutorial for gathering caps for gifs.

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I feel partially like death, but then also like I ran a marathon with zero training. No, wait – those two things are basically the same. So, yes – death all around. Today is a chicken noodle souple with lots of medicine day. Yay. Hopefully I make it out of this one alive, ‘cause I’m not feeling all too swell. It’s time to bring out the Peter Pan DVDs~