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“Legends of Tomorrow's season finale enters its last week of production today.”

What on earth is happening in the finale if J.R.R TOLKIEN is going to be in it


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today is my last day of being lazy. tomorrow marks the first day of my year of dedication to productivity. i will do something every day! whether it be homework, exercising, or running errands, i will do something productive every day! if anyone wants to join in, use the tag #lastdayoflazychallenge !! i can’t wait to see your posts! let’s do this!!! ✨

im planning out my week and getting ready to start this thing strong!!! 


If there was a boy and a girl… and they were in love with each other, really, properly in love, and they could prove it, then they would be given a few years together, before they began their donations.

  • Most Reylo fans: Yeah, if Rey and Kylo Ren are related, I'll stop shipping them.
  • Me *A hardcore mythology, Arthurian legend, and Game of Thrones nerd*: I don't give a damn if they are related. I'm still shipping that shit!
The Forgotten Part 1

Genre: Werewolf au!, angst, fluff, smut

Word Count: 1K

Notes: I based this off one of my non-fanfic stories, so basically I rearranged a LOT of things to make this make sense just a little bit. If you want to read the normal story, I’ll be happy to give you a link to wattpad or whatever.

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I was one of the forgotten. Nobody saw my struggles. No one saw the chaos I saw through my young eyes. But then again, no one bothered to look within the depths of the shadows. That’s where I lived my conflicted life-darkness.

People thought of me as the devil’s spawn, yet they knew nothing of my world.  I was already deemed dumb and stupid. Basically, any word that was the opposite of intelligent meant me; even though, I was at the top of my class. Teachers didn’t bother to ask me to answer any questions (I was glad though), while students pushed me around to spy on others since I was the “wallflower”. Because of that, I met friends who soon became enemies. Rumors spread about me being a liar, a cheater, and a dunce.

“Why’d you tell Angelica I cheated on her? You little piece of-” My best friend bellowed.

“She hired me to do it! I didn’t want to!” I squeaked.

“Well then tell Angelica this while you’re snitching on people!”

I came out with two black eyes and a lost friend were my payments most days. I healed quickly but the pain of lonliness still lingered. Those were the days I sat in restroom crying for the help no one  seemed to acknowledge.

“Someone please help me!” I would cry.

Silence and even more silence echoed through the stalls, shrinking my shoulders into the rough floor. I called those the “Dreamless Days”, no dreams brightened my colorless nightmare. Life to me meant nothing more than the pit in my stomach. Life was death, and there was no escaping it. You’re probably wondering where my parents were through my turmoil. Dead- they were dead. I was an orphan, living and caring for myself until someone found out. I was completely and utterly alone in a dangerous world. My days went by three at a time, and my loneliness… years.

Life didn’t let up until ninth grade year.

It was the beginning of the freshman year, and everyone was buzzing with life about their summer vacation, except me who did nothing but pay bills and read.  Adults didn’t just have the hard life.

The teacher came in, and with a deep voice said, “Good morning class!” He was well-built and taller than any male in here.  The blonde hair on his forehead made him seem closer to my age than the other teachers.   The glasses set on his nose were of the intelligent kind and made their master seemed like minded.

There was mumbling of voices greeting him.

“All right, let’s introduce ourselves. I am Mr.Kim, your English teacher. What’s your name?” He said, pointing at me, sadly.

Quietly, I told him, “Y/N”

Mr. Kim raised his eyebrows, “I can’t hear you, sweetie.”

A touch louder, “ Y/N”

“Y/N who?”

I was miffed, “Y/N Y/L/N” He was getting on my nerves.

“Hmm, you just transferred here, Miss Y/N?”

“No, I’ve been here for Kindergarten through ninth,” I grumped, sucking on my teeth.

He  looked as if he wanted to ask me even more questions, but decided against it and went around the classroom, where dozens of students had puzzled looks upon their dull faces. I let out a sigh of relief.

Pretty much the rest of the day went and ended that way. Teachers actually asked me questions. My darkness was slowly crumbling, letting a little light into my world. But everything good does not stay forever, because as soon as I reached the hallway, the darkness crusted my half-empty heart.

“Hi!” Someone yelled behind me, causing me to jump.

I turned around to face a handsome guy who was in most of my classes.  His name was Kim Taehyung. Honestly, his very presence seemed to tear away at the darkness. Just a little bit. His chestnut brown hair went well with his caramel skin.  Dark eyes stared at me until I answered.  "Um…Hi!“ I stammered.

He  smiled at me, and looped arms as if we’ve been friends forever. “So what’s your name again?”

“Y/N,” I snapped, unlooping my arms. I took most of my classes with her, and she barely knows my name! “What do you want?”

“I’m sorry but I have  the worst memory ever!” he laughed. His  brown curls bounced as he laughed, distracting me a bit. Not only that, but his eyes lit up too.  He has a weird box smile that made him even more unique.

“It’s okay, I shouldn’t have snapped so easily,” I started to walk away so I could get home. I made it out the doors into the parking lot, only to be stopped again.

Taehyung wheezed out, “Let me…walk you home, please!”

No. “ Sure!”

He bounced on his heels, and looped arms again. My heart beat two pumps faster.

“Let’s go!”

It’s easy to forget your parents are dead. I go into the house everyday, calling out for them, only to find air. I forgot it that day when Taehyung and I were stopped by Mr. Kim.

“Miss Y/N and Mr. Kim, may I offer you two a ride?” He asked us.

“Sure… ” I replied. I could trust him, since he was my teacher to take me home right? We hopped into the car, and I told him my address. He tried to make simple conversation which I easily ignored, but Taehyung, on the other hand, talked nonstop about who knows what.

“…And then she told me he liked me, but was still going out with another guy, who happened to be my friend, so I shut him down and told my friend about it then he broke up with him…”

I rolled my eyes, and nodded along with the music Mr. Kim  was playing. He, too, had gotten tired of Taehyung’s blubbering. I just met him and I wanted to punch him in the face.

“…And three weeks later, he dated her again. Talk about forgive and forget…” He wailed in my ear, causing me to wince in pain.

After ten minutes of Taehyung’s constant wailing in my ear, we finally pulled into the driveway of my home.

“Are your parents here yet?” Mr. Kim asked me, looking through the rearview mirror.

‘Uh…no…they work late,“ Good enough excuse for dead parents.

“Well then let me walk you in to make sure everything is alright,” He told, and then got out of the car.

“Yay! Let’s go!”  Taehyung screamed happily.

I groaned. They couldn’t find out I lived alone.  I placed my key into the slot with shaky hands and unlocked the door. The house was darker except for the light of the sun when we opened the door.  I had cleaned the house yesterday, so there was nothing dirty except for a few dishes from breakfast.  

“Nice house! How do your parents keep it so clean? My house is always a dirty mess even after we clean it up. Mostly due to the fact that after I clean up I end up having to look for something I can’t find and mess my room over again. A constant cycle!” Taehyung rushed, not pausing for any breaths or punctuation.

I heard Mr.Kim mumble under his breath.

“So do you want anything to drink?” I asked, not that they were about to get anything anyway. They were , however, about to get out of here.

“Water will be fine,” Taehyung told me.

Mr. Kim ignored my question and asked me, “ When will your parents be arriving?”

“It varies from day to day sometimes they come home at nine or twelve o'clock!”  I immediately cried.

“Well then I will stay with you until they turn up,” He said, and then took off his suit jacket and shoes.

Taehyung cried, “I’m staying too! Let me call home”

“That won’t be necessary Taehyung! As a matter of fact, Mr. Kim, why don’t you take Taehyung home?” I panicked.

“He  can stay as long as he wants, ” He said. He kicked his legs up onto the table as if he was at home.

“Yay! Let me go!” He skipped off, but paused. “Where’s your phone?”
I told him, and I pulled out my books to do my homework. I only hoped they would leave.

“Do you live alone Y/N?” Mr.Kim  interrogated.

“Uh…n-n-no!” The pencil screeched to a halt at the sudden question

He looked at me questioningly, and shook his head. “Why are you lying?”


“So you are living alone!” He interrupted.

I couldn’t take it anymore, so I confessed.

“I’ve been living alone for the past 4 years in the darkness. My parents died in a car accident….” I told him the whole story, crying with each word. I had been keeping this in for too long; I was surprised at all of the tears had I left.

Meanwhile, Taehyung had came in for the second half, and, amazingly, had kept quiet.  Mr. Kim changed facial expressions from time to time. When I was done, I felt a weight lifted off of my shoulder.

“Why did you keep that a secret?” Taehyung whispered.

“I don’t know! My pride or dignity!”

“Don’t worry. I’m actually surprised you have kept this up for this long,” Mr.Kim said wide- eyed.


Taehyung and Mr. Kim nodded.

“Namjoon, can we keep her?” Taehyung asked Mr. Kim.

I looked back and forth between them. Keep me? “Wha-”

“A new pack member?” Pack member?

“What are you saying?”

“Y/N-pack you things.”


Obligatory Pandora Hearts/Gravity Falls crossover: Mabel, Dipper and Bill as an alternate Rainsworth trio.

Mabel: Equus

“Powers: Equus has the ability to manipulate darkness to create portals to various locations/dimensions. Equus is also able to reside in a person’s shadow, allowing its contractor to hear and see the movements of its target.”

Dipper: March Hare

“Powers: Creating the appearance of death. March Hare gives its contractor the option of playing dead, stopping their pulse but not healing their wounds. The March Hare has been referred to as ‘useless.’”

Bill: Mad Hatter (of course)

“Powers: Mad Hatter has the power to negate and terminate anything related to the Abyss. It is known as one of the most powerful chains, though its abilities can put a massive strain on its contractor’s body.”

Daddy's little girl | PJM

Genre: Angstish, fluff (at end)

Word count: 818

(Anon: hiii can i request a jimin angst yet fluffy ending where you feel left out because jimin and your daughter are so close that it feels like you’re not needed? 💕💕 have a good day bub 🌻 )

—————————————–————— “Daddy! Look!” I heard my daughter’s little high pitch squeals coming from the other room. I turned my head towards the direction of the sound. Minha was on the couch, posing for Jimin, them both laughing.

I sighed and looked away. Minha is almost 4 now, and of those 4 years you could see a clear biased opinion she had on her parents. She would always cling onto Jimin, asks him for everything, spends all the time she has with him…and for me, I don’t even think she would count me as a mother…I’m just there I guess.

When minha was born, she would always motion towards Jimin. She asked Jimin for everything, she went to jimin when she was happy, when she was sad, when she was hurt… It’s like, she doesn’t even see me as a mother, more like her personal chef and cleaner.

“Going out?” Jimin asked as he turned around, minha was in his arms. I looked at them two, right now would be the time that, as a mother, I should smile…I should be happy that my husband and my daughter have having a good time together…but this happens all the time…

“Do you need anything?” I asked him as I started to slip my shoes on.

“No…do you need anything minha?” Jimin said, looking back down at our daughter.

“No daddy” she said as she giggled playing with Jimin’s hair.

“See you two later then” I say, quickly leaving the house before my smile was too hard to hold. Right before I could close the door fully, it yanked open, appearing Jimin in the doorway, Minha was right behind him.

“Where are you going exactly?” He asked, leaning against the door frame.

"I don’t know…the park probably..:I just need some fresh air” I replied, rubbing the back of my neck.

“We will come with you” Jimin said as he gestured for Minha to step out of the doorway, with him following behind.

“YAY LETS GO!” Minha said, starting to run down the pavement, making her way towards the park.

“You little monkey!” Jimin exclaimed, running after her.

“You two be care-” I tried to say, until I realized that they were already so far ahead of me. Do they even need me here anymore? Like…Jimin can perfectly take care of Minha himself, I’m basically just taking up space in the house. I sighed, walking towards the park, watching Jimin and Minha turn to enter the park, a block ahead from where I am.

A few minutes past. I finally made it to the entrance of the park. I tried my best to look for Jimin and Minha, but I had no luck. I started to walk, hoping that I will stumble upon them. Until I heard a familiar voice.

“MOMMY!” Minha’s high pitched voice rang over the other people’s voices that surrounded me. I looked back to find a small hill, On the top of it was a small tree, which held my husband under it, and the the hill was my daughter running towards me.

“Come join me and daddy until the giant tree! Daddy told me to find you, and I actually did!” She shouted at me, making me kneel down, awaiting for her to come close enough to me.

“Minha, do you love mommy?” I asked her as she stood infront of me. To my happiness, as she heard my words, she immediately nodded. I smiled.

“Would you like to give mommy a kiss?” I said, tapping my cheek, making Minha giggle. She forcibly hugged me and kissed me on the cheek.

“I love you mommy! I love daddy too but he can get real boring at times” she said, making me laugh. I leaned away from her to study her. She had jimin’s eyes, my nose and lips, and she had both of our squishy cheeks. She was so cute, and I was happy to be her mother.

“Y/n! Minha! What are you doing down there?! I’m waiting!!” Jimin shouted from the top of the hill, waving to make sure he caught our attention.

“Lead the way Minha” I said as I stood up. Minha suddenly grabbed my hand, and started to pull me towards Jimin.

As we got to the top of the hill, we all sat below the tree.

“Minha, do you love daddy?” Jimin asked minha as she stuffed a popsicle that Jimin had bought into her mouth. Without hesitation, Minha quickly nodded at his question.

“How about mommy?” He asked, and again, she nodded without hesitation.

“I love mommy and daddy both” she said, devouring the popsicle. With her response, me and Jimin looked at each other and smiled at each other. Jimin patted minha’s hair as I wiped her face of the chocolate that came from the popsicle. I guess they do need me.

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  • Zwei: Give me the chicken! Come on best owner in the world! Can't you hear me whine? I'm standing on my paws for you! YES! Ruby gave me chicken.
  • Zwei: Oooooh being brushed feels good! Pamper me more Weiss! Yes, I'm a good doggy! I'm a very good dog! Yes I want a treat!
  • Zwei: CAT! CAT! CAT! CAT! CAT! Awww Blake ran away from me. Maybe if I roll around on her bed, she'll love me back? Yes! Perfect!
  • Zwei: Yang, grrrrr, let go of the rope! Gimmie! It's my toy! Great, now I'm dangling in the air but I'm still not letting this toy go! Yay! You let go! I win! Wait, do you want it back? Ok, lets go again! I love play time!
  • Zwei: Jaune's shoes are the best chew toys! Oh, I think he's looking for them again. Time to pretend I found his shoes. He always pets me for it!
  • Zwei: Nora! Nora! Nora! If I keep staring at you I know you'll give me bits of food from your plate. Mmmm beef! Let me lick your fingers! Do you have anymore? I'll stare at you again until you give me more. Please?
  • Zwei: Throw the stick! YES! I'm running after it! Are you watching, Pyrrah? I got it! It's heavy but I'm bringing back your big stick. Throw the giant Frisbee you have next!
  • Zwei: Naps are always best with Ren, it's always so quiet and he scratches me behind my ears while he reads. He doesn't even mind that I drool on his fancy clothes!
  • Zwei: I love all my owners!