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Hanzo you are so funny. >_> 

Anyways, everyone’s drawing Jesse being all sweet and romantic but I’d like to counter your adorable romantic McCree’s with my own headcanon a McCree who hates all holidays – especially christmas and valentine’s day. 

“ Y’see I never had a family, and well I didn’t think I’d live love enough to share my life with anyone… Funny how things work out eh?” 

Also I’ve had this colour palette in my folder forever and I just named it “ hopelessly “ how tragic and yet sweet..? :/ 


i remember watching this episode for the first time thinking it’d be really good because of the fact that it started with true american but then it ended with my heart being ripped out so, what’s good, new girl writers? wanna repair my heart in these upcoming episodes?


Sarcastic, dark hairded mages are Vaxus’ weakness. 

Don’t mind me. There is just a chemistry between Morrigan and Vaxus in-game and I can’t help but to low-key ship them. And every time I think about them there is greatly disapproving Dorian in the background.

The Flash hour of the crossover, titled “Duet,” will be directed by Dermott Downs, and will feature musical performances from Grant Gustin, Melissa Benoist, Jesse L. Martin, Victor Garber (who currently stars on Legends of Tomorrow), Carlos Valdes, Jeremy Jordan, and John Barrowman (the Arrow alum also stars on Legends). Supergirl‘s David Harewood and Chris Wood will also have non-singing guest star appearances.


Yay for Grant, Jesse, and Carlos.

But… TomCav, Felton, Candice, Keiynan, and Danielle won’t be singing at all? I know Danielle didn’t want to do it, so that’s understandable, but… wtf?

New Adventures

True Fluff Series
Word Count: 600
Summary: The reader reaches out to Jess to help with Dean’s Christmas gift.
A/N: A little Jess and Sam fluff for you, too! 

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Washington House Party 2.0
  • Washington House Party 2.0

After wandering off during one of Josh’s house parties, you return back to the room where everyone is situated. You hang back before things started to get a little heated.


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Yay Nick and Jess A-plot! A little bummed they threw schmidt in there just cause they haven't really had a story line that is just the two of them but it doesnt seem like a filler episode so thats good!

I’m fine with Schmidt being there, especially when I think it could be Reagan instead of him. Schmidt was also there in Parking Spot, remember?


Jess Mariano’s life is a mess but he just keeps going.

Ten Minutes Ago (Part 8)

Pairing: Dean x Reader (Cinderella Au)

Words: 3,070

Summary: The 3rd Ball goes magnificently, with lots of surprises from Dean. But when it’s time for Y/n to leave, he also has a lot of tricks up his sleeve.

Warnings: None, I think

Tags: @a-girl-who-loves-disney @sadanddeadwinchester (If you want to be tagged in future updates just message or tag me and I will be happy to oblige)

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“Ladies and gentlemen,” Benny began from the top of the staircase. Dean looked up in anticipation, excusing himself from the man he was talking to. “Please welcome the guest of honor, Princess Ella.”

An unbelievably huge smile stretched across Dean’s face at those words. He was pretty sure that Ella wasn’t a princess, but if the people at the ball thought she was, that could be better for her, so he had asked Benny to add that to the introduction. The doors opened agonizingly slowly, revealing a absolutely beautiful woman in a large blue dress and a tiara.

Dean couldn’t move, just watched, transfixed, as the woman smiled at the crowd and then began her walk down. Delicate glass slippers peeked out from under her bulging skirt, clinking softly against the floor. Glass slippers that Dean was counting on tonight.  

Halfway down, at the landing, the woman sunk into a deep curtsy, her dress billowing around her. At this point, Dean was ready to move. He jolted from his still stance and descended from his point on the other side of the room. The crowd parted for them to meet easily, just like the first night.

Dean travelled swiftly across the expanse and met the woman when she reached the bottom stair. Lifting a hand, he held it for her to take and led her down that final step, raising her hand in his and kissing it softly, never taking his eyes off of hers.

“Ella.” Dean sighed, bowing as she curtsied once again.

“Happy birthday, Your Highness. Thank you for featuring me at your ball.” Ella replied courteously, obviously putting up a show for everyone watching.

Dean’s smiled grew wider if that was possible. “It is my honor. Please, dance with me?” Ella nodded quietly and Dean led her to the center of the dance floor, the guests backing up to give them room. “Are you having deja vu because I am.” The prince joked and Ella gave a small giggle.

“Yes, I suppose so. Are we dancing to the same song because then it will really be deja vu, just in a different dress.” She responded as they got into position, Dean’s hand wrapping securely and easily around her waist and clasping their hands together.

“No, I had something a little different planned.” Dean nodded to the conductor and a unrecognizable melody began playing. Dean began to dance, and, to Ella’s obvious surprise, sing. “Do I love you because you’re beautiful, or are you beautiful because I love you?”

Ella blushed beautifully as they moved, and Dean smiled, continuing. “Am I making the leave I see in you, a girl too lovely to be really true?” Ella gasped with realization and Dean’s eyes widened. ’She knows this song too?’ “Do I want you because you’re wonderful or are you wonderful because I want you? Are you the sweet invention of a lover’s dream or are you really as beautiful as you seem?”

Ella seemed to catch up with the lyrics and as the female part of the song started, she took over easily, wowing the guest around them. “Am I making the leave I see in you? A man too perfect to be really true. Do I want you because you’re wonderful or are you wonderful because I want you?”

The song was ending a Dean slowed them down to sing the last part with her. “Are you the sweet invention of a lovers dream or are you really as wonderful as you seem?” They came to a stop and bowed to each other as the guest applauded their song. Ella glanced around and blushed, nodding to the people who began to dance as another song started.

Dean, however, could not give them one glance, his eyes solely for Ella, or whatever her name is. He didn’t know what he would do if she got away again. Fighting with himself for a few seconds, he tore his gaze away to steal a glance to his brother by the door. Sam nodded once and Dean knew that the plan was underway.

Dean looked back to his girl, catching her eyes and suddenly, a burst of familiarity washed over him. He felt like he had seen her before, even before that first day in the woods. He had seen those eyes before. Why hadn’t he noticed it sooner.  

But just as quickly as it had come, the memories were gone, escaping him and leaving him grasping the air to remember where he had seen her eyes before. When the search proved futile, he regained his composure and proceeded with his original plan.

“Ella.” Dean called and his love looked back to him, smiling grandly. “Come with me.” He held out a hand and she took it immediately. “There is one more person I want you to meet.”

Ella’s eyes widened as they began walking to the throne, King John sitting there in his full uniform. John smiled wearily down at them, not completely reaching his eyes but Dean knew his father was trying.

Ella began to shake and Dean glanced back, seeing the close to terrified look in her eyes. He stopped and turned to grab her shoulders. “Hey, hey, Ella, look at me.” Some other girls to their side were snickering jealously as Ella stared up at the king, clearly scared of facing him. Dean placed one hand on her cheek and she finally moved her gaze to his eyes, relaxing noticeably.

“Good, sweetheart, there’s nothing to be frightened of. I just really wanted you to meet my father, and he’s excited to meet you as well.” Dean put his forehead to hers and heard the girls watching, sigh. “Please, love, you are so important to me. I want my father to know who I’m going-“ Dean took a deep breath. “Who I’ve been spending so much time with. Please, only for a few minutes.”

Ella searched his eyes for a few more seconds and then nodded slowly. Dean smiled and lifted his head, grabbing her hand again to maintain the warmth that coasted through his body every time they touched.

When they finally reached the king, Ella was still tense but had calmed down considerably, which Dean was grateful for. “Father,” Dean greeted and John smiled, rising from his throne to meet them fully. “This is Ella, as she likes to be called. Ella, this is my father, King John.”

“It is a honor to meet you, Your Majesty.” Ella sank into a deep curtsy and didn’t rise until John responded.

“Likewise. It is a great deal to me to meet the girl my son loves.” John laughed slightly and both Dean and Ella’s eyes widened. Dean glared at his father while Ella’s eyes remained respectfully averted. “Oops, guess I wasn’t supposed to say that…”

John laughed nervously now but Dean could see that he was scrutinizing her. “Wait.” Ella’s eyes flitted up for a second at the king’s words. “Do I know you?”

Dean felt his heart begin to race, glancing frantically between his father and his girl. His father must have seen the familiarity too. “I don’t believe so, Your Majesty.” Ella shook her head.

“Look at me for a second.” Ella obediently raised her eyes to meet his and John gasped shortly, then seemed to recover. Dean was bewildered, did his father know his mystery girl? Dean caught his father’s eyes flit to the tiara on Ella’s head and saw him settle down. “No, you can’t be who I’m thinking of…”

Ella looked a little nervous. No, a lot nervous, again not looking at the king and now not even at Dean. “Well, I have more plans for Ella tonight, if you will excuse us, father.”

John recovered quickly and smiled again, taking Ella’s hand and kissing it lightly. “It was a pleasure to meet you, Princess Ella.” He said and as Dean began to walk her back down, he glanced back up to see the normal stern look on his father’s face. Well, he had tried.

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