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matt + senses

He dwells in eternal night- but the blackness is filled with sounds and scents, tastes and textures other men cannot perceive. For though attorney Matt Murdock is blind, his other four senses function with superhuman sharpness - his uncanny radar sense guides him over every obstacle!

Helloooo~ Here’s Day 3 of Frans Week- an AU!

The AU I chose was Echotale, because it was the AU that originally got me into this fandom in the first place (without it I wouldn’t have met such awesome people and made such good friends- so thank you @yoralim for you’re beautiful art and heart-felt stories!

Sweet baby jesus I’m so behind on Frans Week, I’ll get caught up soon for you guys tho, I promise!

Echotale! Frisk and Echo!G is by @yoralim

Original Gaster!Sans is by Borurou

money lasts forever

i’m the phoniest alive // fahc gavin fanmix


i. Gold Chain - Black Coast ft REMMI ii. Smoke and Mirrors - Gotye iii. Scream My Name - Tove Lo iv. Everybody Loves Me - OneRepublic v. Afterlife - Xylø vi. Drop The Game - Flume & Chet Faker vii. I Really Want You To Hate Me - Meg Myers viii. Gold - Kiiara ix. Gooey - Glass Animals x. Hit And Run - LOLO xi. Soap - Melanie Martinez xii. Born To Be Wild - J2 ft Blu Holliday


Watch as Cry enacts his revenge on Pewds for using his intros. It’s completely evil and high effort.


Amsterdam Pride 2016, Human Rights Concert
[This Is My Life: 1 2, Rise Like a Phoenix]

This gif hunt includes 100+ textless/small/medium gifs of Park Jinyoung (AKA JR. from Got7). I’ve done a gif hunt of him before with another 350+ gifs so combined there are 450+ gifs. None of these gifs are mine so if you see your own gifs here and want me to take them down, feel free to message me. Please like or reblog this if you run a rph blog or plan on using it for rp purposes.

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i dyed my hair rainbow again *yay* \(-w-)//

i will be uploading a tutorial of how to do this on my youtube later this week for those who are interested ^-^