yay im done with


If Heechul is really dating someone, he says he will “have a conscience” and only break the news earliest one week after his discharge so as to be responsible to the fans who have waited for him for 2 years.


dil proposes! (about time, tbh)



this was a lot more difficult than i imagined it to be… 

I was tagged by the fantastic @olivieblake to create a moodboard using photos on my phone. a summary: i love comfort. but feel free to click through the photos for my captions!

i am tagging @dearings, @jungkoojk, @dorkylittledan, @winktaes, @bu1u, @yoongay,@hobiandsuga, @hoeseokings, @theycallme-btstrash, @rapmunstar, @yoongi-owns-this-ass and my jin-anon (whoever you are★)! all of you should do this cus i love moodboards ~