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Jaime talked Brienne into wearing ugly christmas sweaters but the mistle toe is too much. (kinda-update to this 3 year old drawing)


“People fall out of the world sometimes, but they always leave traces. Little things we can’t quite account for. Faces in photographs. Luggage. Half-eaten meals. Rings. Nothing is ever forgotten—not completely. And if something can be remembered, it can come back.”

This is a really REALLY late birthday gift for my dear friend @hereforbiclara — I’m sorry this took forever, but I hope you like it :)

- I was afraid I’d lost you.
- As one might lose a pocket watch or some other valuable possession?

Palette Meme

Anon asked: Pregnant Rose in #14


To my followers,

I don’t know how 2013 was for you, but about me i didn’t get many things, I probably didn’t let anyone proud and also didn’t anything great, I lost contact with a lot of friends and did things that I regret, but you know what? At least I have you. Even when things don’t look good I know I can count on you, and you really should know that you can count on me too. All I want is 2014 to be a wonderful year for me and for you, that we can achieve our objectives and above all be happy. I am grateful to every one of my followers who are with me so far, everyone here is very important to me so thank you for making my 2013 experience better and I really hope that we continue together in 2014. Thanks for everything.

Happy new new new new new year!!!

All Of Me

GRESTER! Yes i wrote a Grester fanfic because i was listening to some of his music and it gave me an idea! This is also a songfic for All Of Me - John Legend (but Chesters cover) I also suggest listening to it here (X) whilst you read this. 

Grace comes home to a singing Chester and a lovely meal prepared by the man himself. Let me know what you think and send me prompts.

Chester had been rushing around all day, desperately trying to finishing preparing a three course dinner that he was making for Grace. He hoped that it would be ready for when she stepped through the door. 

He was beginning to run out of time and had around ten minutes before she was to step through the door, she had just text to say that she was just leaving Hannahs. 

Chester quickly plated up the starter that he made, bacon wrapped asparagus and prawn cocktails. Then he poured two glasses of red wine and then lit the candles that were also on the table. 

Hearing the car pull up outside he raced to switch the lights of and ran over to his piano, one lamp in the corner so that he could see to play. 

He began to play…

What would I do without your smart mouth?
Drawing me in, and you kicking me out
You’ve got my head spinning, no kidding, I can’t pin you down

Grace walked in smiling and picked up the red rose that was sitting on the table by the front door. Kicking off her shoes she followed the sound of her boyfriends voice until she locked eyes with him. 

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